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  • Impacting Lives Globally

    More than just RadiologyTeleradiology Solutions

    [email protected] | S O L U T I O N STeleradi logy

    Accredited byMinistry of Health Singapore

    National Teleradiology provider in the USA(KLAS ® 2011)

  • IntroductionWith over a decade of experience and 100 partner hospitals in the US, Teleradiology Solutions provides 365 teleradiology coverage.Founded by two Yale trained physicians it was ranked the No. 1 Teleradiology provider in the USA as well as Best in KLAS and is among the first teleradiology companies in the United States to be Joint Commission accredited.

    No wonder our customers heave a sigh of relief when we step in to partner with them for their

    teleradiology needs.

    Their glowing testimonials are further proof of the fact that we are helping their radiologists reclaim

    their life !

    It begins and ends with Quality

    1. We ensure that your patients get nothing but the best with respect to radiology reporting.

    2. Over a decade of experience in teleradiology, yet a boutique experience.

    3. Rated Number 1 in KLAS survey 2011.

    4. Joint Commission accredited since 2005.

    5. Strong QA process; ACR peer review rigorously followed.

    6. Strong technology. Teleradiology workflow platform to support services – RADSpaTM which won

    the Frost and Sullivan Award for the best RIS-PACS and the KPMG award for Best Innovation

    in Healthcare.

    7. Flexibility and responsiveness to your individual needs.

    8. Strong client credentials and references.

    9. Privately owned and physician-led: no corporate pressures, non predatory.

    10. We partner with you to enable your healthcare business to grow!

    Top 10 reasons to choose us:

  • Highlights of our Service

    Comprehensive Teleradiology Coverage Committed Turnaround time (TAT)Provide reports for emergency radiology at a rapidpace with short turnaround times.

    Cost E�ective pricing-We have very affordable pricing with absolutely no hidden costs.

    Security-We are HIPAA compliant and have strong security mechanisms in place to protect data security and information.

    Team-An academic, quality focused group of American board certified radiologists trained at top Universities with multistate licenses. We have a strong in house team for credentialing, QA, technical and operations support that works 24/7 365 days.

    Highly Personalized, Responsive Services-All critical results are followed up by a call from the interpreting radiologist to the referring physician .We have a strong line of communication to stay in touch with referring physicians and to discuss findings, as well as discuss imaging protocols with technologists.

    Emergency NighthawkOur expertise in teleradiology includes reporting of all modalities i.e. MRI, CT, CT angiography, UltrasoundXray, Nuclear Medicine. Our cost effective and reliable out of hours reporting can lessen the pressure that normally comes with emergencies and radiology needs that have to be met at all hours. Our reports are ofhigh quality, comprehensive, detailed and delivered at a rapid Turn around time with a focus on acute care triage decisions that allows for optimal patient care and shorter Emergency room stays.

    You're a whole level above any-thing I've previously experienced in Teleradiology.

    - Dr. Diehl, PA, USA

  • Our Quality AssuranceWe follow a stringent QA protocol which comprises

    • American College of Radiology Peer Review Process.• Dual review of studies.• Tracking of all errors.• Discrepancy notifications to all radiologists of their errors.• Monthly QA audit with statistics.• Periodic QA conferences with radiologists.• Disclosure of QA data to clients.

    We appreciate the excellent care that Teleradiology Solutions has provided for our patients.

    - Dr. Matalon, PA, USA

  • Subspecialty Outpatient ReportingTeleradiology Solutions works in partnership with its clients across the full range of radiology disciplines. With a team of highly skilled and experienced specialist American Board Certified Radiologists, we raise the bar in outpatient radiology reporting of all imaging modalities .

    We strongly believe that sub-specialist reporting can help achieve maximum diagnostic benefits from radiolo-gy examination. A General radiologist may have trouble with reporting of studies such as cardiovascular CT and musculoskeletal MRI. We therefore support subspecialist clinical departments/groups as well as general radiologists seeking support in a select niche within their general radiologic practice. This means that patients and clinicians always benefit from the experience and expertise of Neuro, Body or MSK specialist radiologists, rather than generalists and most importantly this does not involve any additional costs for our clients.

    Some of the highlights of oursub specialty reporting are :• Fellowship trained American Board Certified Radiologists (ABR).

    • Accurate and clinically relevant final reports on Musculoskeletal radiology,

    Thoracic, Nuclear, Cardiovascular, Neuroradiology.

    • Keener clinical insight into subspecialty radiology issues and management strategies.

    • Enhanced understanding of the technologies available.

    • Appropriate recommendations for follow-up/further evaluation.

    • Improved patient care.

    I thank my stars every morning when I read your group's reports, that we are working with you guys.

    - Dr. Fey, CT, USA


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    Copyright © 2015 Teleradiology Solutions

    About Teleradiolgy Solutions

    For more information, visit us at

    Teleradiology Solutions Value

    Radiologists par excellence - Exceptionally high quality Radiologists trained at top universities (e.g.Harvard,

    Yale, Cornell, Baylor, Johns Hopkins, Stanford). Academically inclined group with over 200 publications and

    presentations by the group and an active e-learning program and regular teaching sessions.

    Joint Commission Accreditation - Over ten years of JC accredited status ( since 2005 ).

    Quality - Very high accuracy/client over-read agreement (99.79% client agreement).

    ACR RadPeer participation - Peer Review eliminates errors and maintains high reporting standards.

    For information on our services or to receive a freecompetitively priced teleradiology service proposalEmail us at [email protected]

    Expedited Hospital Credentialing - We have a

    credentialing team that will work directly with your

    Medical Staff Office for fast startup and hassle free


    A group with a soul - TRS profits are used to support

    reads for economically disadvantaged patients in Africa

    and Asia.

    Accredited byMinistry of Health Singapore

    National Teleradiology provider in the USA(KLAS ® 2011) | |