inacol research in review webinar: blended and online learning clearinghouse

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Information about the K-12 blended and online learning research clearinghouse.


  • 1. Research Clearinghouse for K-12 Blended & Online Learning Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute: Joe Freidhoff, Director Kristen DeBruler, Researcher Justin Bruno, Research Associate October 2013

2. Overview 1.) Background and evolution of Clearinghouse project 2.) Current use and functionalities 3.) Ideas for future 3. About MVLRI Established in 2012 under operation of Michigan Virtual University Charged with producing original research and reports to inform K-12 knowledge and policy regarding online and blended learning 4. Clearinghouse Initiative Result of rewriting of Michigan Public Act 60, known as the State School Aid Act Legislation requires its provision to house research reports, academic studies, evaluations, and other information related to online learning 5. iNACOL & NGLC Partnerships iNACOLs K-12 online research database supported by Next Generation Learning Challenges had considerable overlap Avoid duplication collaborate to manage and offer the site housing resources 6. Clearinghouse Evolution Early contributor UFs Virtual School Clearinghouse Focus on virtual schooling and VS evaluation Directed by Dr. Rick Ferdig, sponsored by AT&T Foundation Shared hundreds of references for this project Many references identified by MVLRI and iNACOL staff 7. Clearinghouse Evolution, Cont. Current contributor Center on Online Learning and Students with Disabilities Now houses 493 references to impactful research in the field of online and blended learning 8. Using the Clearinghouse Recommended browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Search functionality includes a number of search criteria (title, author, keywords, etc.) across 4 separate fields Using an asterisk * after your search term is strongly recommended. Acts as wildcard and returns more results 9. Topic Keywords Hyperlinked on the home page to create easy, one-click searches by keyword 10. Date Added Keywords One of the most useful search functions is the Date Added keyword search Allows you to see the most recently added references to keep abreast of research in the field 11. Project Contributor Keyword This keyword search organizes records by the project contributor 12. Search Results Options From the results screen after your search, users can click the Details link to get more detailed information on the record 13. Navigating Search Results Users can click the to navigate forward or backward through search results 14. Creating a Bibliography To create a bibliography, place a check next to your selected records from the results, and click the Bibliography button from the top of the page 15. Creating a Bibliography, Cont. Users then have the option of saving or printing the bibliography, in APA 6th edition citation style 16. Exporting Records Users can export selected records in either RIS or XML format for the purposes of adding to their own reference library. Simply check the box next to your selected records, choose your file type from the drop down menu, and click Export 17. Getting Started Guide For further assistance, please refer to our Getting Started guide at: started.pdf 18. Clearinghouse Future MVLRI and iNACOL seek project contributors Contributors: organizations wishing to provide research references and promote the Clearinghouse to their audiences MOU outlining contribution and promotion expectations Project contributor guidelines are located at torguide.pdf 19. Clearinghouse Future, Cont. Vision: crowd-sourced, community driven by involvement from the field Maintaining balance of growth while ensuring quality references Sustainability: value-add opportunities? Linking to paywalled articles from contributors 20. Ideas for the Future Keyword tagging Selecting a featured keyword for each month Interested individuals could survey a certain set of resources for one specific keyword Identify resources already in your EndNote library housed in the Clearinghouse, submit your own keywords 21. Ideas for the Future Seeking individuals to help tag resources with appropriate keywords Many references currently housed are not exhaustively tagged Interested individuals can contact Kathryn Kennedy at [email protected] 22. Questions? Ideas? Please use the chat box to submit any questions for the presenters, thoughts, ideas, etc.