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  • Incense

    Franchise Business Opportunity

    The Global Premium Brand Industry

    Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

  • +Why Franchise Business?

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    Be your own BOSS Associate with Premium Brand Low Marketing Time Simple Management Less Recruitment Faster Expansion Better Market Penetration Independent Establishment Flexible Local Marketing Low Profit Sharing Cutting Edge Concept Ironed Network with proven designs Overcome competition in the MarketMinimize Risk involved International Potential


  • INCENSE takes complete responsibility for Marketing and Brand activities INCENSE takes complete responsibility for Vendor Networking INCENSE ensures an accord (SLA) for complete Design and Prints INCENSE ensures an accord (SLA) for customized solution INCENSE ensures that our delivery of products are on time INCENSE ensures high demand for superior designs INCENSE ensures 99.9% On-Time delivery threshold INCENSE ensures Returns on quality preferences INCENSE ensures customized designs as per requirement INCENSE ensures designs on current trends and future placements

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Why INCENSE Franchise?

    The demand for modern furniture is increasing in the residential as well as commercialfield due to the introduction of new materials in furniture manufacturing and also due tosocial economic development is taking place. Furniture showroom is a viable profitablebusiness if done properly on commercial basis.

  • Large Business Expansion Opportunity Avail High Returns over Investment (ROI) A trusted brand with strong designing clientele Excellent quality to retain clients and add up new onesWell defined Business Plan and Model for growth in business Ensures operation with smooth process and reliability in Products Initial Business training and management aid for walkthrough assistance Support in Business Promotion and Planning Minimum Franchisee deposits with outstanding returns Profit sharing among Business Entities (* refer company representatives) Large market to target and channelize products among different verticals

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Benefits for you

    A detailed structure in the business model entitles all of our franchise partners to securethere market standings by following the exact roadmap for business operations (providedby the company). Our purpose is to maintain the reputation among customers to buildtrust and retain there honest consumption of our products nationally.

  • Against this fees, our franchisee will be getting complete marketing kit including

    standees, brochure, pamphlets, posters, pens, T-Shirts, and other necessary marketing


    Against this fees, our franchisee will be associated as our renowned brand partner for

    gaining the best advantage from our advertisements and promotional activities.

    Against this fees, an operation manager is assigned by INCENSE to

    participate, communicate and travel for further development of business.

    Against this fees, complete backend activities, staff assistance, business branding

    promotions, and investment will be provided as service, in Service Level of Agreement


    Franchise Fee is set to be the balanced cost associated towards all service INCENSE will provide until the existence of

    franchise center. This cost also includes the planning process of business growth.

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Why Franchise Fee?

  • Prospective partnership with INCENSEi. Be an Entrepreneur and associate with pioneer brand.ii. Use our Market Maps for choosing the best location for showroom.iii. Use high demand of our products in the market.iv. Inaugurate your franchise showroom.v. Understand Returns Over Investment in our Business Analyze market strength of our specialized designs and execute.vii. Use our network connections and avail better opportunity to sell.viii. Coordinate your franchise marketing goals with our brand.ix. Use our brand & promotion activities for growth within your business.x. 1# company in providing resources to run franchise business.

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Our Business Proposal

  • Individuals Vendors

    Interior Designers

    Exterior Designers Architects


    Banks Corporate


    Governments Schools


    Hospitals and many.!!

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Target Audience

  • INCENSE associates with prospective partners to endeavor & spread specializedinterior and exterior designs across the world. Our Channel Partner, is solelyresponsible for running and managing franchise showroom under our brandname and excel with our professional expertise. Customizing designs, offeringconsultation, 3D walkthrough, renovation, and reengineering interior & exteriordesigns with other offerings are developed and provided by us.

    Hence, If you have a zeal with an entrepreneur skills and looking forward for apremium solution, in search of a best business opportunity to open your owninteriors showroom in market, then joining hands with INCENSE and avail long-term relationship under hood.

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Being Channel Partner

  • BrandingMarketing ExpertiseHigh Level Designs3D WalkthroughsExpert AdvicesProduct DevelopmentQuality ManagementNational ReachOnsite AvailabilityMarketing MaterialFlexible Operational Endeavours

    Entrepreneurial SpiritOperations BandwidthCenter Infrastructure ManagementLocal Market Knowledge and Relationships

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +The Matrix of Responsibility


  • 2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Why do you Invest in Franchise






    = 53.30 % - I Want to be my own boss, but don't want to start from scratch= 14.70 % - To make parallel Income= 11.90 % - I want to expand my business goals= 15.40 % - Others (no response)= 04.10 % - My Friends told me= 00.60 % - Didn't get loan, for small business

  • Franchisee should have

    Keen interest in Retail Services Passion for Creativity Zeal to work on future trends Proactive approach Reasonable financial resources

    Benefits of INCENSE Franchise

    High Success Rate Full support of Franchisor Easy Large Scale Commitments Marketing Benefits Easy to Target Customers Financial Assistance Setup Guidance and Ongoing Support

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Franchise Profile?

    Promotion Marketing Market Value Demand Global

  • 2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Products Range

    Bed Bedroom chairs and table Centre Table Dining Table Dining cabinets Wall hanging frames Sofa Set Dresser Wardrobe Cornishs Partition Paneling Console table

    Fully Upholstered Sofa Set Director Table Reception Table Work Station Doors Conference Table Office Chairs Partitions

    Home Furniture

    Office Furniture


    Show pieces Flower vases Paintings Decorating Pots Decorating Lamps

  • 2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Product Development

  • 2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Product Development

  • 2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Product Development

  • Carpet area 1200 sq. feet - 1500 sq. feet Infrastructure Setup ** Owned/Reasonable rentals Location of showroom must be mapped

    Requirement for becoming

    An INCENSE Partner

    Staff Required

    Showroom Manager 1 **

    Marketing / Sales Executive 1 **

    Peon 1 **

    ** Details are provided next on infrastructure requirements

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Requirements for Franchise?

  • Required Infrastructure Details

    Carpet area 1200 sq. feet - 1500 sq. feet.

    Decent Space for Reception

    Must follow Interior Design of Showroom Manual

    Single Desktop Workstation for Reception

    Wall Display TV or Projector

    Telephone + Internet

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Infrastructure Details

  • 1. Submission of Application.2. Application Assessment and Approval.3. Face to Face meeting.4. Proof of authenticity should be provided.5. Quality check & Directors Meeting.6. Signing an Accord and locking assigned region.7. Identify space & develop infrastructure (support will be provided from INCENSE).8. Staff hiring will be supported.9. Marketing campaign launched (online + offline).10. All operations & process set to GO, from INAUGURATION DATE.

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.

    +Franchise Enrollment Process

    Be an Entrepreneur

  • Royalty is charged @ 7% and is based on the gross fee collection.

    All copyright material and patents has always remained with INCENSE

    No other business can be integrated within INCENSE business.

    Agreement made on the chosen location for INCENSE franchise business

    shall remain unique to INCENSE only.

    Any change in business process and or guidelines provided by INCENSE is

    considered valid and legitimate only if permissions are taken in advance officially

    from the company (on letterheads / official mails).

    2013-2014 Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.


  • +Incense Interior Exterior Pvt. Ltd.Incense is an Indian MNC based out of New Delhi, India which has beenproviding interior and exterior design solution since 1998. In