increase your it agility and cost efficiency with hds cloud solutions webinar

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Find out how to build and use clouds to support your business objectives. Learn about new HDS cloud solutions and services that help you create clouds for infrastructure, content and information. Simplify and accelerate your transition to clouds.



2. WEBTECH EDUCATIONAL SERIESIncrease your IT agility and cost efficiency with Hitachi Data Systems (HDS)cloud solutionsFind out how to build and use clouds to support your business objectives. Learnabout new HDS cloud solutions and services that help you create clouds forinfrastructure, content and information. Simplify and accelerate your transition toclouds.In this webcast, youll learn how to Gain agility and react faster to the growing and changing needs of yourbusiness Reduce operational and capital costs through a flexible infrastructure thatsupports cloud delivery models for IT Simplify and accelerate the adoption of private, hybrid and public clouds withan integrated portfolio of HDS cloud technologies, solutions and services 3. UPCOMING WEBTECHS November and December Best Practices for Upgrading to Hitachi Device Manager v7, Nov. 16, 9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET How Healthcare Providers Can Realize Clinical, Patient and IT Investment Value, Dec. 7, 9 a.m. PT, 12 p.m. ET Please check for A link to the recordings, presentations and Q and As (available next week) Schedules and registration for upcoming WebTech sessions 4. INCREASE YOUR IT AGILITYAND COST EFFICIENCY WITHHITACHI DATA SYSTEMSCLOUD SOLUTIONSMIKLOS SANDORFIChief Strategy Officer for File, Content and CloudNovember 9, 2011 5. AGENDA Our vision Hitachi Data Systems cloud strategy and portfolio Inspire the future 6. ALL DATA HAS VALUETRANSFORMINGDATA INTO INSIGHT HOLDS THE POWER TO CHANGE EVERYTHING 7. DATA NEEDS TO BE STORED, GOVERNEDAND MANAGEDWe are experiencing an explosion of data, information,And in the beginning, that was good.applications, access points and transactionsBut then Insight and innovation are strategic andcompetitive imperatives derived fromdata and information managed for valueBy 2014, there will be By 2020, there will be1 billion42x growth inapplications data over 2009 8. THE INFRASTRUCTURE CHALLENGE Business needsDelivering better service to the business Speed Flexibility Lower costs Reliability Low risk IT response Figure out whatsbeing asked for Manual provision No organizationalcoordination Limited flexibility Reactive 9. DATA CENTER TRANSFORMATION Physical legacy Transition to virtual environment environment Reduce capital andoperational expenditures Increase flexibility to be moreresponsive to the business Improve service levelsFrom managing infrastructure technology to providing infrastructure services Silos of independent physical devicesVirtualizedManage physical devices independently AutomatedClosed, inflexible monolithic environment Cloud-readyCostly legacy systems Sustainable 10. REALIZE THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR DATA AND INFORMATION Accelerate insight and innovation with Hitachi Data Systems cloud solutionsBuilding on increasing intelligence INFRASTRUCTURECONTENTINFORMATIONCLOUD CLOUDCLOUD Provides Enables fluid Facilitates fast,dynamic contentsophisticatedinfrastructuresinsight 11. ELEMENTS OF INFRASTRUCTURE CLOUDRAPID, ON-DEMAND INFRASTRUCTUREELASTIC SCALABILITY,DEPLOYMENT AND PLATFORM ASWHETHER DELIVERED ASA SERVICEPRIVATE, HYBRID or PUBLICBUSINESS ADVANTAGES RESILIENT, METERING AND VIRTUALIZED CONVERGENCE OF SECURECHARGEBACK WITHINFRASTRUCTURE INFRASTRUCTURESYSTEMSPOLICY-BASED AUTOMATIONENABLING TECHNOLOGY 12. ELEMENTS OF CONTENT CLOUD APPROPRIATE GLOBAL CONTENT MANAGEMENTRIGHT DATA FOR THEACCESS ON ANY DEVICEAS A SERVICE RIGHT USE, ON-DEMANDBUSINESS ADVANTAGES VIRTUALIZATIONDISCOVERY AND SEARCHINTEGRATED LIFECYCLEOF CONTENTINDEPENDENT OF MANAGEMENT AND APPLICATIONS AND MEDIA CONSISTENT GOVERNANCEENABLING TECHNOLOGY 13. ELEMENTS OF INFORMATION CLOUDLIVINGINFORMATION AS ASELF-DIRECTED ANALYTICS DATA SERVICE AND REPLICATIONBUSINESS ADVANTAGES BIG DATA AND ANALYTICS INDEPENDENTANALYTICS BLENDINGANALYTICS SOLUTIONSOF APPLICATIONS ANDSTRUCTURED ANDMEDIAUNSTRUCTURED DATAENABLING TECHNOLOGY 14. THE WAY TO THE INFORMATION CLOUDSOPHISTICATED INSIGHTFLUID CONTENTDYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTUREINFRASTRUCTURECONTENTINFORMATION CLOUD CLOUDCLOUD SINGLE VIRTUALIZATION PLATFORM Infrastructure virtualization Dynamic access with data Informationlifecycle management appreciation Rapid, on-demandprovisioning and Data independence from Data recombinationdeploymentapplications and media for new business Information analytics Converged solutions Unencumbered index,and self-directionsearch and discover 15. AGENDA Our vision Hitachi Data Systems cloud strategy and portfolio Inspire the future 16. INTEGRATED PORTFOLIO ENABLESCLOUD SOLUTIONS CLOUDCLOUD DEPLOYMENT DEPLOYMENTTraditional Traditional Cloud cloudPrivate Cloud Hybrid Hybrid Private cloud Public cloud Public CloudIT deliveryIT Delivery CLOUDCLOUD DELIVERY DELIVERY Self Service Self-service Billing BillingMeteringMetering Converged solutions SERVICESGLOBAL COMPUTE NETWORKFRAMEWORKORCHESTRATION ConsultingFoundation File and contentC:C:/DEV/DEVARCHIVEARCHIVEBACKUPBACKUPTransitionManagement Storage infrastructure and technologies SupportSTORAGE VIRTUALIZATIONAND MANAGEMENT 17. STORAGE INFRASTRUCTURE AND TECHNOLOGIESTRANSFORM THE DATA CENTER AND MAKE I.T. MORE AGILE ProductsWHY IT Hitachi Virtual Storage PlatformMATTERS Hitachi Adaptable Modular Storage Hitachi Command Suite Best for: Virtualized core storage foundationCloud Requires Structured data High availability and reliability Capabilities Nondisruptive and online scaling 3D scaling Maximized cost efficiency Server virtualization Simplified and virtualizedmanagement Data mobility and dynamic tiering 18. FILE AND CONTENTSHARE, SEARCH, CONSOLIDATE, ARCHIVE AND MORE Products WHY IT Hitachi Content Platform MATTERS Hitachi NAS Platform, powered byBlueArc Hitachi Data Ingestor Hitachi Data Discovery Suite Best for Unstructured dataCloud Requires Capabilities Data independence from applications Automated tiering and migration Intelligent object store Standard connectors into cloud Cloud on-ramp Data lifecycle management Search and discovery Security and compliance Archiving Encryption (data at rest) 19. CONVERGED SOLUTIONSSIMPLIFY AND ACCELERATE YOUR CLOUD ADOPTION Products WHY IT Hitachi storageMATTERSSOFTWARECOMPUTE Hitachi Compute Systems Network (partners) Best forSTORAGENETWORK Converged infrastructure Infrastructure cloud Cloud Requires Capabilities Secure segregation of users Integrated servers, storage, Predictable, repeatable,networking and systems reliable resultsmanagement Scale to support users Scale up and scale out High performance 20. INFRASTRUCTURE CLOUDADOPT AT YOUR OWN PACE IT services blended into a unifiedframeworkFuture architecturesand designsSystemsMaturitymanagementcurve integration Orderable SKU with validatedbundles BOM andintegrationdeploymentguidesLegacyLevel of cloud Reference Hardware ManagementServicesdeliveryarchitectureintegrationintegration integration Hitachi solutions HitachiHitachi Data built onConverged Hitachi UnifiedHitachi privateSystemsMicrosoftPlatform for compute examples cloud services Private Cloud Microsoft platform Fast TrackExchange 2010 21. FLEXIBLE OFFERINGS AND PACKAGESCLOUD AT YOUR OWN PACE HDS CLOUD STACK Hitachi Data Systems services(optional) Fully managed private cloud HDS services Pay-per-use model Augments staff Management portal (optional) Self-service Self-servicemanagement portal Billing and metering Reporting Cloud solution packages SolutionExisting Bundled solution for quick packagesinfrastructuredeployment Leverage existing technology forinvestment protection 22. HITACHI CLOUD SERVICES Private cloud located atYour data centercustomer site Remotely managed by Hitachidata services Private cloud Offered as pay-per-use Private cloud services FILE ARCHIVE Private file tiering UPDATE PRIMARY FILE File serving NEW SHAREPOINT Microsoft SharePoint archiving NEW 23. TACKLING UNSTRUCTURED DATA CHALLENGESUSE CASE-DRIVEN APPROACHTraditional delivery OVERVIEW File or Microsoft SharePoint data is movedFILESHAREPOINT Backups SHARESinto a central cloud environment Users maintain online access to content Files are accessed using a placeholder, orstub file Includes self-service management portal Delivered as CAPEX or OPEX BENEFITS Reduces cost and complexity Simplifies management Reduces backup time and volume Supports on-demand capacity requestsCloud Enables chargeback based on utilization 24. NEXT FRONTIER OF INFORMATION CLOUDHARNESSING CONTENT EXPLOSION FOR ACTIONABLE INFORMATION Challenge Tremendous data volumes Goal Create actionable information by sharing, comparing, analyzing andvisualizing data more holistically Hitachi Data Systems storage and compute strategy for big data - Storage and analytics platform in one - Store and process both structured and unstructured data in parallel, at scale 25. WHERE IS THE INFORMATION CLOUD HEADED?EXTREME INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND RIPPLE ANALYTICS Make use of informationripples Basis of recombination Interaction points represent new information Super-connected cloud world means farther rippling and more interaction Advanced intelligence Evolved analytics and information management Beginnings of living data 26. CLOUD AT YOUR OWN PACE Start with low-risk adoption Gain experience and document success metrics Coordinate best practices and resources Move into cloud at your own pace Deliver up thevalue chain Business- criticalBusiness appsapps and dataand dataFile tiering,backup andarchiveRequired control and SLAs 27. BUILDING A FOUNDATION FOR THE FUTUREENABLE LOW-RISK CLOUD AT YOUR OWN PACE Supports multiple-use cases fromthe same cloud infrastructureHybrid Storage as a service (such as archive, file, backup, disaster recovery) Private Public Infrastructure as a serviceSAAS Platform as a service Software as a serviceIAASPAAS Leverages existing investments STAAS Doesnt create addi