incredibly [differently] abled artists

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7 IncredibleDifferently Abled Artists

Sheela paints the world right with her left foot by depicting human emotions like empathy, love and bonding in her paintings

After losing her hands and almost one foot in a train accident, she came across an artist in Delhi who used to paint without hands, inspiring her to give a shot to painting with her foot

She quotes MF Hussain and Amrita Shergil as her influencersSheela Sharma

A famous name in the world of art, Shreekant lost his right arm at the age of 14 after an electric pole fell on him

With a Masters in Fine Arts, Shreekants paintings are sold at exhibitions across the country

Having done many group shows in India and abroad, it is his ability to paint, drive and do household chores with his main arm that stands out

A Limca Book of Records holder, hes all set to make his mark in The Guinness Book of World Records having sketched a record-breaking 104 kgs of sheetsShreekant Dubey

Due to a neuromuscular disease, C.V. Surendran has been confined to a wheelchair since the age of 14

He tried to explore his talent as a painter but using a brush did not work, as his only functioning hand, the right, did not have enough power. Today, Surendran uses ballpoint pens for his art. He draws complex landscapes with figures, animals, etc.

Surendran has been felicitated with the Kesari-Kiyaf Award instituted by the Kodankkandath International Art FoundationC.V. Surendran

Coffee artist Amita was asked to quit school after class 9 as the school didnt have the facility to teach a deaf child

However, Amita completed her schooling through the National Indian Open School and did a diploma in interior design

She uses coffee as a medium to paint and her paintings leave everyone amazed

Barely two years after she sold her first work of art, Amita has set up her design gallery and caters to a large metropolitan clientele

Amita Dutta

Vipul Mittal is a mute artist. He portrays life and time as illusions

He may be quiet, but his art speaks volumes

Vipul experiments a lot with colour. He employs the use of numbers in his works

Having earned a Masters in Fine Arts from College of Arts,Vipul Mittal has also displayed his art at many prestigious galleries in IndiaVipul Mittal

Shivraj SinghAfflicted with polio, Shivraj is a famous sculptor His works, abstract at times, have been featured in prestigious galleries across the country.

He has conducted a variety of workshops for children

He also draws inspiration from African tribal sculptures

Neelesh GaneshThis 23-year-old autistic artist makes paintings of music and God

His powerful paintings often leave others speechless

Neelesh has an interest in literature and wants to study it in future