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Centre Point School, Amravati Bypass Road, Nagpur


  • 1. Presented By-Centre Point School,Amravati Road Bypass, Nagpur.

2. LOVE YOURENVIRONMENT,LOVE YOURSELF!(An Eco friendly School) 3. Get, Set, Go........Children started bringing their contribution for theorphanage in reusable boxes, paper bags and cloth bags, hencereducing the use of plastic.Before After 4. SAY 'NO' TO PLASTIC.....The children were spreading awareness by makingslogans to say 'no' to plastic bags. The childrenalso pasted these slogans in the corridors of theschool. 5. STOPPING THE WASTAGE OFELECTRICITYThe children are given responsibility to switch off the fansand lights when they are moving out of the class. Even if theyfind some other classrooms with fans and lights on, they makeit a point to switch them off. 6. CAR POOLINGThe teachers also started car pooling with their friends to savefuel and to reduce pollution. 7. Gifting plant saplings tothe guestsWhenever any guest is invited to judge a competition or for any otherpurpose,They are gifted plant sapling instead of any other present. 8. General cleaners to be used instead of the toxic ones...The children were told about the effects of using toxiccleaners, then they were also told about using eco friendlyones. They spoke to the teachers, other students and themaids about the same. Then they stuck the tips of cleaningagents in the corridors. 9. SAVING PAPER AND REUSEOF OLD NAME LISTSWe have been printing worksheets on both the sides of the paper.And we are reusing the old name lists which are blank on one side. 10. GerminationThe kids were told about the importance of trees and how they support us forliving by providing oxygen. The kids decided that from now onwards on theirbirthdays, they will be planting a sapling. They even started practicing the same. 11. The children were given information about biodegradable and non bio degradablewastes. They were asked to make placards saying Biodegradable waste and Nonbiodegradable waste and put them on the dustbins. Then they went to otherclasses and spoke to them about the waste. They also told them to put the wastein the correct bin. Then they were also told about the compost pit that we have inour school. Since then the maids, have been throwing the biodegradable wasteinto the compost pit, thereby reducing the quantity of the garbage disposed by ourschool.Compost pit 12. WaterHarvestingWe also have a rain waterharvesting plant in ourschool that helps inoptimum utilization of therain water. 13. We feel we have created an awareness in our school which is nowvisible. The change is good!!!Thank You!