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Indian Blade Runner Maj D P Singh

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Indian Blade Runner. Maj D P Singh. Op Vijay 1999, Kargil War. 527 dead and 1363 injured One among the brought dead was Maj D P Singh Declared dead on arrival, Maj Singh was being carried to mortuary A doctor saw some movement and thus he was revived Survived, but with major losses. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Indian Blade RunnerMaj D P Singh

  • Op Vijay 1999, Kargil War527 dead and 1363 injuredOne among the brought dead was Maj D P SinghDeclared dead on arrival, Maj Singh was being carried to mortuaryA doctor saw some movement and thus he was revived Survived, but with major losses

  • Amputation Embedded SharpnelsInjured Liver Hearing LossOperated BladderLaprotomy(Total Weight : 28 Kgs)Left Knee Injured Embedded SharpnelsDamaged IntestineBroken RibsWounded ThighWounded CalfBroken Elbow

  • A RebirthSpend more than an year in hospital 100s of bottles of blood and protein pumped inFrom a soldier of 65 kgs to 28 kgs of bones to regain life again

  • What he did not loose was Smile and mental GritHe learned afresh, how toStand on one feetWalk with crutchesWalk with prosthesisFinally, how to Run

  • ARMY Hosp, Delhi 1999

  • Year 2005Maj Singh went back to Kargil for a peace missionMarathon car rally K2K ( Kargil to Kanyakumari)Only Indian Army officer, who was injured in Kargil and went back there to commemorate war heroes

  • During K2K, 2005

  • Year 2009First ever in the history of IndiaAn amputee participated in marathonMaj Singh made a Limca record in ADHM

  • Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2009

  • Year 2011Maj Singh again wrote historyFirst person in India to run marathon on BladeAnother Limca record on his name

  • SCMM 2012


  • Next StepJourney of Maj D P Singh did not stop here.His vision is to pass on the same life style to all Indian AmputeesHe call them The ChallengersThus he formed a group of Challengers, The Challenging Ones

  • The Challenging Ones (TCO)Maj D P Singh wish to change the physically challenged into The ChallengerTCO is a group of Indian Amputees325 Challengers from across India on the group

  • TCO objectiveTo convert Physically challenged into The Challengers by: Providing platform for discussion Making peer support groupMotivating them towards sports and adventure



  • Challenges faced Biggest is Prosthesis fitment Availability of good prosthetic Maj Singh lost chance to go to London Olympics due to sameEvery marathon leaves Maj Singh injured for many days



  • Opportunity Hanger Inc, US has shown interest in Maj SinghAppointment with Hanger is fixed in July 2013Kevin Carol, best prosthetic in world has offered him a prosthesis

  • RequirementMaj Singh is to cater for his air fare & boarding and lodgingDuration of stay in US 25 days Place of stay: Oklahoma Date of departure: 20th July 13Visa formalities are through

  • RequestLooking for sponsor to support air fare and boarding and lodging in US, Oklahoma

  • Contact details Mail id: [email protected] Twitter handle: @MajDPSinghFB id: Maj D P Singh Phone: 09650960322 Bank Account Details:Number: 016301002194Bank Name: ICICI Bank LtdBeneficiary Name: Devender Pal SinghIFSC Code: ICIC0000163