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Infographic Facts-Health:Approximately 30% of the UK population have high blood pressure.The results showed that vegans had a 60% lower chance of developing diabetes than non-vegans.

Animals:Over 900 million chickens were slaughtered in the UK during 2013Between 2 to 6 million lambs die each year at birth or a few days old.Over 12 million sheep are slaughtered in the UK each year.Most lambs are slaughtered within the first year of their lives, between four to six months of age.Across Europe 75% of fish stocks are rated as being over-exploited

Environment:If you eat meat, your greenhouse gas emissions can be twice that of those eating only vegan food.Livestock and their byproducts actually account for 51 percent of annual worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.30% of the earths entire surface is used to graze and rear animals.33% of global arable land is used to grow crops to feed animals.1lb beef = 200 sq m of rainforest destroyed.

Nutrition:Some iron-rich foods are other dark green leafy veg, dark chocolate,sweet potatoes, peas, tofu, dried fruit raisins, dates, figs, prunes and apricots, molasses, beans, artichokes, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds.50% of the general adult population have insufficient levels of vitamin D, and that 16% have severe deficiency during winter and spring.

Protein sources:Lentil FlourPer 100g28g

Pumpkin Seeds Per 100g24g

Peanut ButterPer 100g23g

TahiniPer 100g22g

AlmondsPer 100g21g

PistachiosPer 100g21g

Flax SeedsPer 100g18g

CashewsPer 100g18g

OatsPer 100g17g

Soy BeansPer 100g17g

Chia SeedsPer 100g16g

TofuPer 100g15g

HazelnutPer 100g15g

WalnutPer 100g15g

Whole Wheat BreadPer 100g11g

LentilsPer 100g9g

Chickpeas Per 100g9g

Red BeansPer 100g9g

PecansPer 100g9g

Lima BeansPer 100g8g

Macadamia NutsPer 100g8g

PeasPer 100g5g

QuinoaPer 100g4g

SpinachPer 100g3g

PotatoPer 100g2g

Fact fileVegan Friendly Restaurants:

Yo! Sushi Zizzi Loving Hut Handmade Burger Co. Carluccios Wetherspoon La Tasca Leon Pret-A-Manger Prezzo ShakeAway Toby Cavery Las Iguanas Loungers ChiMiChanga Pizza Express Ask Italian Bagel Nash Caffe Nero Chiquito Frankie & Bennys Giraffe Subway Wagamama Beefeater Costa Nandos The Slug and Lettuce Starbucks Strada Yatess Burger King Caf Rouge Dominos Pizza KFC McDonalds Millies cookies Pizza Hut T.G.I Fridays West Cornwall Pasty

Wetherspoons Vegan menu:Zizzi Vegan menu:

Las Iguanas Vegan menu:

Handmade Burger Co. Vegan menu:

The lounges Vegan menu:

Chiquito Vegan menu:Bella Italia Vegan menu:

PIZZA:Zizzi offer a vegan classic margherita which can have a variety of toppings added to it for 80p ranging from green chillies, fire roasted peppers and butternut squash and many more.PASTA:Zizzi also offer vegan spaghetti pomdoro which can also have additions at 80p each. Bella Italia also offer 2 pasta dishes, Pomodoro and their new Lenticchie pasta dishBURGERS:Handmade burger Co. offers 4 vegan burgers such as Cajun Vegetable and Bean, Thai Vegetable and Veg-Mex.

MEXICAN:Las Igunas offers vegan tacos containing coconut squash, pink pickled onion, crispy onion and chilli. They also offer Vegan fajitas and veggie chilli (suitable for vegans)NACHOS:Wetherspoons offer nachos without the cheese and sour cream to suit vegan customers.