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  • Hot TopicsIntroduction to Dataware housing (What/Why/How Dataware housing)Slowly Changing Dimensions (SCD1, SCD2, SCD3)MetadataDimentinal TableTypes Of Dim TablesFact TableTypes of Fact TablesOLTP (OnLine Transaction Processing)OLAP (Online Analysis And Processing)OLTP Vs OLAPAdvantages of OLAPDifferent Methodologies of DWHPowerCenter Components and User Interface

  • Hot TopicsInformatica PowerCenter ArchitectureInformatica PowerCenter Client ToolsStart Using of the Designer, Workflow Manager and Workflow Monitor

  • Source QualifierSource Qualifier TransformationSQL override in source qualifier transformationSource qualifier transformation joins conceptSource qualifier transformation on Relational DatabasesSource qualifier transformation on File systemsSource qualifier transformation filter conceptsDifference Between SQL Override, Other OptionsSource Qualifier Transformation Performance TunningPre SQL and Post in Source Qualifier Transformation

  • Expression, Filter, File Lists and Workflow SchedulerExpression EditorFilter TransformationFile ListsWorkflow SchedulerLab Load the Customer Staging Table and Real time issues

  • Joins, Features and Techniques Joiner TransformationShortcutsLab A Load Sales Transaction Staging TableLab B Features and Techniques I and Real time issues

  • Lookups and Reusable TransformationsLookup TransformationReusable TransformationsLab A Load Employee Staging TableLab B Load Date Staging Table and Real time issues

  • DebuggerDebugging MappingsLab Using the Debugger

  • Sequence GeneratorSequence Generator TransformationLab Load Date Dimension Table and Real time issues

  • Lookup Caching, More Features and TechniquesLookup CachingLab A Load Promotions Dimension TableLab B Features and Techniques IIReview and more Lab Activities and Real time issues

  • Router, update Strategy and OverridesRouter TransformationUpdate Strategy TransformationExpression Default ValuesSource Qualifier OverrideTarget OverrideSession Task Mapping OverridesLab Load Employee Dimension Table and Real time issues

  • Dynamic Lookup and Error LoggingDynamic LookupError LoggingLab Load Customer Dimension Table

  • Unconnected Lookup, Parameters and VariablesUnconnected Lookup TransformationSystem VariablesMapping Parameters and VariablesLab Load Sales Fact Table

  • Sorter, Aggregator and Self-JoinSorter TransformationAggregator TransformationActive and Passive TransformationsData ConcatenationSelf-JoinLab Reload the Employee Staging Table and Real time issues

    SCD type1 Hands-On LAB

    SCD type2 Hands-On LAB

    SCD type3 Hands-On LAB

  • MappletsMappletsLab Load Product Daily Aggregate TableReview and more Lab Activities and Real time issues

  • Workflow Variables and TasksLink ConditionsWorkflow VariablesAssignment TaskDecision TaskEmail TaskLab Load Product Weekly Aggregate Table

  • More Tasks and ReusabilityEvent Raise TaskEvent Wait TaskCommand TaskReusable TasksReusable Session TaskReusable Session Configuration

  • Worklets and More TasksWorkletsTimer TaskControl Task


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