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This was the keynote presentation at the Argyle Atlanta CIO Conference.


  • 1. Innovation, Agility, and a Fight for Survival: A Love Story Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. Vice Chancellor and CIO Board of Regents University System of Georgia

2. Virtual Library3,300 mile Private CloudDistance EducationEnterprise Security and ePrivacyEnterprise FinancialsCollaborationStudent InformationEnterprise BISoftware StoreLearning ManagementLibrary Operations 3. Agenda Fight For Survival Innovation and Agility A Love Story 4. This space for rent by Chinese National Army. Please contact Dr. Curt Carver as we can read all his email anyway.PREMISE 1: GROWING THREAT 5. Emerging Threats (on a scale of 1 to 10) 10 United States, United Kingdom, Russia 7China3Iran 6. Can You Defend Against 100,000 Professionally Trained Hackers? 7. Consider Mandiant Report on AG1 Believed to be Peoples Liberation Army Unit 61398. State sponsored, state funded, state secret. Since 2006, they have compromised 141 companies spanning 20 major industries. Maintained access for an average of 356 days. Longest measured access was 1,764 days. 8. PREMISE 2: WHAT IS THE TRUTH? 9. First Rule of the Internet Agreement does not scale 10. Effect of the WWW on the Normal Curve of Behavior? 11. It is the best of times, for morons and geniuses alike. 12. Quick Recap We live in a world of growing threats where a battle for the truth rages conducted by morons and geniuses alike, operating from safe havens created by a flattening of the norms of human behavior which threaten the very existence of mankind. [run-on but very depressing sentence continues] 13. INNOVATION AND AGILITY 14. Innovation and Agility There is a need for constant innovation. If you are not moving forward, you are falling behind, rapidly. You are not really innovating unless you are failing occasionally. There is a need for constantly increasing agility or, Do money-making things faster for less, forever. 15. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 16. With Education You are Seeing Consolidation MOOCs, flipped classrooms, adaptive everything Cloud Services BYOD, BYOI, BYON Analytics Globalization 17. Key Decisions Needed Now Rather than focus solely on preventing security attacks, how can I improve my response? How do I sense and respond quickly to a rapidly changing environment? How do I build an innovative organizational culture that fails gracefully? How do I lose control safely? 18. Why a Love Story? Threats create opportunities. Change creates opportunities. CIOs sense these changes and threats first and must embrace their role as CIOs and CSOs. 19. Questions, Comments, a Conversation Dr. Curtis A. Carver Jr. Vice Chancellor and CIO Board of Regents University System of Georgia