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  • 1. Inside Out Francisco Jimenez PowerPoint created by: Sofia

2. Francisco goes to a new school

  • Francisco probably felt

3. Sad and scared 4. Francisco meets Arthur

  • He probably felt

5. Happy and exited 6. Francisco keeps a caterpillar he sees

  • He probably felt

7. Interested 8. A teacher gives Francisco a jacket

  • He probably felt

9. Grateful and stunned 10. Francisco gets in a fight

  • He probably felt

11. Embarrassed and sad 12. Francisco got really sad

  • He probably felt

13. Sleepy and embarrassed 14. The caterpillar is in its cocoon

  • He probably felt

15. Exited and cheery 16. Francisco wins a prize for a picture he drew

  • He probably felt

17. Proud! 18. The butterfly emerged from his cocoon

  • He probably felt

19. Relived and happy 20. Francisco gives Curtis the prize winning picture

  • He probably felt

21. Forgiving