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  • 1. INSPIREDA place to design the future of learning

2. InspirEDa place to design the future of learningWhat is InspirED?2Revolutions is an education design lab that designs, launches and supports Future of Learning models, and catalyzes the conditions to help them thrive. InspirED is our new social learning and collaborative design platform, developed to support and enable teams of professionals to design and continually refine the new models and systems Americas students and families need.Who should use it?InspirED has been designed specifically with collaborating teams of educators in mindat the school, network, district and state levelsbut increasingly, its being leveraged by for- and not-for-profit organizations, researchers, funders, policymakers, entrepreneurs and individuals who are interested in building the Future of Learning.What can I do on InspirED?Still in its beta version, but evolving quickly based on user feedback, InspirED empowers you to:ExploreKnowledgeBaseExplore.Collaborate Join NetworksLearnTake a Learning PathBuildWith Design ToolsDesigning new solutions in education requires understanding whats already out there whats being tried, whats working, what should be replicated, and where should we strike out in new directions. InspirED provides access to 2Revolutions KnowledgeBase, a curated content library including innovative learning model profiles, relevant technology tools, information resources, topic-specific QuickStarts, and other resources all aligned to our Future of Learning taxonomy. All information assets can be searched, sorted and filtered to meet your specific research needs. Use your personalized Design Kit to flag favorites for later if you get (happily) lost reading blog posts, listening to podcasts, watching school videos and investigating the Future of Learning. 3. InspirEDa place to design the future of learningCollaborate.Participate in private networks with your colleagues to solve a problem, design a prototype innovation or develop strategies to transform your learning environment. Or join open networks to collaborate with colleagues across the United States who are working to solve similar problems. Networks and breakout groups enable users to upload, tag and organize content, hold discussions, share news and links and access collaboration tools. After all, innovation is a team sport!Learn.Either individually or in cohorts, you can access Learning Paths on high-interest Future of Learning topics, such as blended learning, competency-based learning, game-based learning and others. These interactive, multi-modal mini courses are already eligible for CE credits in some states. Additional fees apply.Build.Access 2Revs growing library of design tools to help you build a new tomorrow for your students. These tools include frameworks, readiness assessments, decision tools, technology comparisons and prototype design tools. Some tools require additional fees.Find Experts.Discover local and national experts in the expert database. This database is developed through users' recommendationsadd and apply to be an expert by filling out the short expert application and uploading a resume. The database provides a space to find and explore potential supports for your work. Additional fees required for this feature. 4. InspirEDa place to design the future of learningDetailed Platform Functionality Personalized Design Kit to store networks, learning paths and favorite resources. Build and manage networks. These networks provide space to have discussions; share, organize and tag resources; post news and links; take and build surveys; create breakout groups; add events; and manage and email network members. Create and engage in multi-genre learning paths to support anytime, anywhere professional learning. Learning paths can be customized by cohort and include as many modules and lessons needed to meet learning goals. Access 2Revolutions Design Tools & KnowlegeBase, which includes models, information resources, technology tools and Quickstarts aligned to the Future of Learning framework. Keyword and Advanced Search within the KnowledgeBase. A shared events calendar. User profiles. Daily or weekly notifications. Admin Reports that track site frequency. Recent Activity Feed and Featured Content Feed on the homepage. (Coined, Whats Happening and Show Me Something Cool.) Platform messaging to send private messages to any user across the platform. 5. InspirEDa place to design the future of learningWhat does it look like? All your questions around transformED are answered here.A shared calendar for all platform users. Your recent activity feed for all the discussions and posts happening in your networks. The KnowledgeBase is a curated center to explore models, information resources, tech tools and quickstarts. Join networks to collaborate with other South Carolina educators. Learning paths are custom-built, professional learning experiences that let you learn anytime, anywhere in a social environment. Explore readiness assessments, frameworks, technology rubrics and other 2Rev design tools to support your work. Your Design Kit provides easy access to your networks, learning paths and your favorites (called "My Stuff"). Check here for featured models, resources and tech tools.Click here to change your profile picture, set-up daily or weekly digest emails, view your networks, learning paths and events and log-out of the platform.Send and receive messages from any user on the platform. 6. InspirEDa place to design the future of learningHow can I get InspirED?Depending on what youre trying to accomplish, we offer a range of options to get started:IndividualsSchool TeamsOrganizationsCustom Solutions$20/mo $200/yr$750/yr for 10 usersMinimum $7,500/yr for

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