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  1. 1. DEPLOYING NEW SERVICES IN THE OPEN UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS ELEARNING PLATFORM OUR EXPERIENCES P. Christoforou, C. Rodosthenous, M. Epiphaniou, S. Mavrotheris, C. Christodoulides Open University of Cyprus
  2. 2. The OUC at a glance 5000 students Europe/Africa Study from distance Average age 35+ 340 faculty members Work from their premises 18 Resident 24 programmes of study Undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD Greek and English language
  3. 3. Educational Model Study Distance learning methodology Face-to-face meetings OR Virtual meetings Exams and Assessment Mandatory assignments Physical presence at exams Educational Material Textbooks, articles, videos, etc.
  4. 4. eClass eLearning Platform Asynchronous Learning Synchronous Learning Assignment submission & Plagiarism detection Video Streaming
  5. 5. Introducing a new service 4 Phases Initiation Requirements Analysis Service deployment & integration Evaluation
  6. 6. Initiation Stakeholders Best practices Trends OUC Strategic plan Educational Model Feasibility Study Human Resource Economic Resource Technology Educational Methodology Relevance Integration eClass Decision Making Service Initiation Report
  7. 7. Requirements Analysis Project Team Prepare detailed specifications investigate possible solutions and products Deploy the new service Market research Technologies Cost Methods of Integration with eClass Company background Supported languages (Greek) RFI Requirement Analysis Document Integration with eClass Documentation Training Supporting material
  8. 8. Deployment and integration In-house Open Source Software Outsource Public tender Mixed Better option in-house Lack of resources Deployment of a solution integrated with eClass
  9. 9. Evaluation Usage User satisfaction Usability Pedagogy model
  10. 10. User satisfaction survey Method: Questionnaire Service: Synchronous Learning Questions core requirements sound quality, graphics and presentation, ability of the service to be used as a supplement of the face-to-face meetings, ease of usage Number of participants: 66 users Faculty members from all programmes of study Users of the service
  11. 11. User satisfaction survey Service meets expectations Users had difficulties setting up their computer
  12. 12. Future Projects Introducing new services Lecture capture Enterprise Content Management Mobile Learning and Collaboration Virtual Labs
  13. 13. More information. Christos T. Rodosthenous Email: [email protected] WWW: