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“The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God” imply that our intended form of government was to function organically; like a healthy micro system within a larger macro SYSTEM. So the question becomes: What is it that I am willing to supply to my current micro system that will effectively support and enhance the efficiency of a larger macro System governed by “the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God”?

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How were government systems to function in "a more perfect union"? As you watch, ask yourself: Is it prudent for me to pursue a system of government based on "The Laws of Nature and of Nature's GOD"?


  • 1. The Laws of Nature and of Natures God imply thatour intended form of government was to functionorganically; like a healthy micro system within a largermacro SYSTEM.So the question becomes:What is it that I am willing to supply to my currentmicro system that will effectively support and enhancethe efficiency of a larger macro System governed bythe Laws of Nature and of Natures God?

2. Domicile.Our place ofpermanentresidence.Fund ofknowledge.Frame of reference.Freehold.Including;food, clothingand shelter.Mental agitation.Communication.Meaningful work.Thepursuit ofhappinessLiberty Life 3. Deal with wholes and everythingwithin the context of that whole.Recognize and values the interdependence andinterconnectedness of everyone and everything in it.Focus on recurring, or circular patterns rather thancauses and effects when assessing its problems.Look at problematic behavior(s) as a normal part of asystem in motion rather than an isolated part that isto be removed.Realize that, like with a mobile or a wind chime, a smallchange anywhere in its organization will effectchanges in the whole system. 4. S Systems are the means wherein and whereby -Y You responsibly pursue Your own Happiness as youS Share yourT Talents in a self responsible manner that brings aboutE Excellence* in your communitys economy andM Meaning to your own Life as youS Secure the blessings of Liberty to yourself and yourposterity. 5. EXCELLENCY, n. [L. excellentia.] The state of possessing food qualities in an unusualor eminent degree; the state of excelling in any thing.1. An valuabale quality; any thing highly laudable, meritorious or virtuous, in persons, orvaluable and esteemed, in things. Purity of heart, uprightness ofmind, sincerity, virtue, piety, are excellencies of character; symmetry of parts, strength andbeauty are excellencies of body; an accurate knowledge of an art is an excellence in theartisan; soundness and durability are excellencies in timber; fertility, in land; elegance, inwriting. In short, whatever contributes to exalt man, or to render him esteemed andhappy, or to bless society, is in him an excellence.2. Dignity; high rank in the scale of beings. Angels are beings of more excellence than men;men are beings of more excellence than brutes.3. A title of honor formerly given to kings and emperors, now given toembassadors, governors, and other persons, below the rank of kings, but elevated above thecommon classes of men.From: Websters 1828 Dictionary*Excellence - EXCELLENCE 6. To Change a Populated System:Understand - and acknowledge - that people withina system may be rigidly attached to a sub-systemthat has a different function than the largersystem. (Mobilizing Healthy Communities - Diagnosing Systems.)Strengthen its peoples ownership of their ownnatural resources both seen and unseen. (Mobilizing HealthyCommunities to embrace "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.)Develop practical rituals or rites of passage that encourageinterdependence and interconnectedness within each of the systemssub-systems and, within the larger system. ("The Ambulance Down in the Valley".)De-triangulate from inorganic fictional entities that limit and(sometimes) prohibit the type of self-sufficiency that secures toyourself and your posterity the blessings of Liberty. (Structuring Questions toResolve Conflict.)Identify exceptions and handle them with wisdom and compassion.(Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Transition.) 7. Learn more at: 8. Integrity TrainingResources and Tips for MobilizingHealthy CommunitiesMobilizing Healthy Communities FileDuring this 30 minute power point presentation participants will learn how todiagnose systems, recognize common blockages to their groupscohesion, and be provided a template whereby they will be able to formulateworkable strategies for change within themselves, their groupand, ultimately, in their community and nation.Sample Form: First Amendment Assembly Procedure FileIf used by members of your group, this sample form has the potential to focusparticipants thoughts and words. In so doing the group is not only assisted inmaking the most of their time and efforts but, they are more likely to agreeon an accurately stated problem and develop relevant strategies for itsresolution.Structuring Questions to Resolve Conflict FileThis 27 minute power point presentation is an adjunct to "Mobilizing HealthyCommunities". The presentation gives the viewer a list of probing questionsthat are designed to assist them in structuring questions in a straightforward way that will ferret out the substance of a matter deemed by acommunity to be in need of a plan of action specifically designed toalter, reform or abolish the mechanics of an unhealthy and failing system.Within this presentation are tips on how best to resolve interpersonal conflictif, and when, it arises. The questions are downloadable. See "Questions"below.Questions AssignmentMobilizing Healthy Communities to embrace "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit ofHappiness". FileThis 47 minute presentation is designed to acquaint participants with 18th and 19thCentury concepts as they were defined by the words used in our nationsfounding documents. Definitions for the selected words were compiled fromWebsters 1828 Dictionary for the specific purpose of assisting theparticipant in accessing - and, achieving - their vocational goal(s). Pleasenote; the first slide in this presentation will need to be manually moved ("pgdn" on your keyboard) to the second. The rest of the slides seem to be insync with the narration.Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Transition FileIn this 1 hr. 10 min. presentation options for resolving conflict are presented from apsychological, social, scriptural and judicial perspective. A pattern suitablefor systemic change is offered.The Path - Self Knowledge - Developing Cohesive Groups FileIn this 15 minute exercise the participant will be asked to participate in animaginary walk. After the walk, the participant will be asked by thenarrator to honestly critique himself or herself. The participant will beasked how they responded to new information, obstacles, problemsand personal challenges along the path.When listened to in a group setting, this presentation provides acommon experience for group members. Such an experience, whenshared, is helpful in expediting the development of cohesive workinggroups. In sharing their experience along the path, each participant willrecognize a path that is unique to them, yet, in some ways, similar toothers. Some will recognize for the first time, that not everyone seesand experiences things and events in the same way that they did.Although "The Path" contains power point slides referencingScripture, the audio (without the slides) is equally suitable for itsintended use."The Ambulance Down in the Valley" FileThis has been updated to a 14 minute, two slide presentation. In the first slide Italk about the "normal distribution curve", and how our "intellect"affects our emotions and our decision making processes. In the secondslide, I recite a poem by an anonymous author that was popular in thelate 1980s and early 1990s. There were sequels to this poem. I choseAlan D. Goldbergs sequel for this narration. As you listen consider(among other things); the styles of leadership (shown as a back-dropon this slide) as they have evolved since the early 1990s, and how thepoems metaphor is related to "job creation" and a presumed need fornon-governmental charities and other agencies. As a correction to mynarrative, the American Counselor is not a "Journal".Dialogue - Communicating Opinions and Beliefs FileThis +/-11 minute presentation contains a short comparison between resilientand resistant behaviors and outlines the ground rules, and dos anddonts, for effective communication; specifically "dialogue".AM I A FAIR FIGHTER? QuizThis 15 question, True or False quiz has two functions; it is designed to assistthe participant in evaluating his or her "self", and, in groups, it is ofvalue in expediting cohesion.HOW WELL DO I LISTEN? QuizJust as some people have "blind spots" in their "field of vision", others havesilent spots in their field of hearing. Do you know if you have silentspots in your field of hearing?This 10 question True or False quiz has two functions; it is designedto assist the participant in evaluating his or her "self", and, ingroups, expedites cohesion.