interactive animated spreadsheets: a powerful tool for simulations

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Interactive Animated Spreadsheets: A Powerful Tool for Simulations. Scott A. Sinex Prince George’s Community College. Presented at 194 th 2YC3 Conference at Montgomery College, Rockville, MD on 11-12 November 2011. Why spreadsheets?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Interactive Animated Spreadsheets: A Powerful Tool for SimulationsScott A. SinexPrince Georges Community CollegePresented at 194th 2YC3 Conference at Montgomery College, Rockville, MD on 11-12 November 2011

  • Why spreadsheets?Easy access for students and teachers and useful for them to know

    Easy for instructors to develop see Developers Guide to Excelets

    Creates an engaging pedagogy in math and the sciences

  • more why?Addresses topics conceptually, while camouflaging mathematicsStudents have to think: predict - test - analyze and explain

    Allows for mathematical modeling and studying errorsMore science processMore multivariable approachMathematics resurfaces!!!!

    Seriously lacking in our textbooks!!!

  • The big pictureMultiple representationsA multivariable approach

  • For todayExplore the almost endless possibilities

    Examine how to use in the classroom to get students investigating and thinking

    This afternoon build a multivariable simulation of Boyles Law

  • and now

  • Lets examinePeriodic trendsVibrations in solidsKinetics and chemical equilibriumRadioactive dating

    Investigate - Burning a Virtual Candle

  • does the size of an atom vary on the periodic table?Simple data bases for students to discover relationships

  • What about periodic trends?

    NaNa+ why so high?

  • Are bond lengths constant? animations add value

  • Enzyme Kinetics

    Investigate multivariable models

  • Discover the common ion effectby adding HCldecreasing nitriteincreasing undissociated HNO2

  • Radiometric Dating - How old is a rock sample?Multiple representations!1 + D/P = ektsymbolic

  • How does a burning candle behave? we collect the data by clicking the up arrow on the spinner.

  • adding error to the dataScatter is added to the data by increasing random error.=E6+$K$7*RANDBETWEEN(-10,10)/10+$G$10The circled scroll bar controls the size of random variation.

  • Burning candleThe activity including notes to the instructors

    The Excelet

  • More infoScott Sinex

    Google: excelets

    My thanks to NSF

    Thanks for attending

    *2YC3 Conference at Montgomery College **2YC3 Conference at Montgomery College