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intervento di Roberto Moriondo e andrea Casalegno al convegno Intermedia - Torino 3 Dicembre 2007


  • 1. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License / WI-PIE 2.0 piattaforme e strumenti come motore per lo sviluppo G-locale Roberto Moriondo - Regione Piemonte Andrea Casalegno - Top-ix

2. 3. I paradigmi del web 2.0 - Elaborazione di L. Grivet, 2006 Technology User experience Social Network Open: Source, Application, Data, Content PEOPLE 4. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies - april 2006 Gartner Group 5. Open innovation Closed innovation 6. 7. Others San Paolo IMI Torino Olympic Park Broadcasters EutelsatTelespazio QuartaRete Local Government Regione Piemonte Regione Valle dAosta Provincia di Biella Comune di Novara Manufacturers CISCO Systems HP Research & University CSP Politechnic of Turin University of Turin University of Gastronomic Sciences RIX Telecom Italia Fastweb Colt Eutelia Wind BT Italia Tex97 Interoute AEMNET Kick-Off Italia Iccomm AT&T Level 3 IT-gate ReteItaly Visiant B.B.Bell Co.Impresa Res WpWeb Wi-Fi System Telcos & ISP Atos Origin CSI Piemonte TSF Sistemiuno Alto Sistemi Gametribes.TV BerlinaleEmisfera TestawebEDV Radio Flash- HMA Axcel Application & Content Providers Associations Film Commission 8. Internet Exchange DevelopmentProgram (DP) Develop and managethe network infrastructureto provideInternet Exchange services Make availablean open innovation environmentto fosternew business creation TOP-IX: TOrino e Piemonte Internet eXchange Geographically Distributed Internet Exchange for North West Italy No-profit consortium founded in 2002 50affiliated members Open to anyone who has an AS ( not onlyISPs) 9. Number & Variety Size The Long Tail of web-based micro businesses: Seed & Market niches t Development Phase SeedWeb-based micro-businesses Potential leaders of market niches 10. t SeedThe Long Tail of web-based micro businesses: Growth and Value Migration Number & Variety Size Development Phase Web-based micro-businesses Potential leaders of market niches 11. Targeting the Long Web Tail: Small investments x big number of projects Web basedStart-ups 5 50 Semiconductors, Pharma, etc. 20K 1M + - + - N Businesses/Projects / Project Same risk? Same ROI? 12. New Venture Trends 13. no business plan selectionHelp: tech, business, legal meetingswith investors Training at dedicated site 14. The Development Program (DP) Support forINNOVATIVEprojects Leverages theDistributed Platform for the Innovation fostering newBUSINESS CREATION OPEN INNOVATION,PRECOMPETITIVE environment FACILITATORfor the experimentation 15. The Development Program (DP) The open innovation environment of the Development Program: CREATES VALUE by fostering growth and development of INNOVATION PROJECTS through: PDI infrastructure exploited as risk evaluation toolOrganization of events in order to enable informal meetings between investors and potential entrepreneurs Creation of a network of investors and potential entrepreneurs 16. DP Projects CANDIDATES INVESTORS OPEN ENVIRONMENT Business $ INVESTOR Projects Technology Trial Risk Evaluation Trial Investment Business Definition Business $ 17.