internet ethics presented by: daniel wu kalven wu

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  • Internet Ethics Presented by: Daniel Wu Kalven Wu
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  • Book Format Internet Ethics edited by Duncan Langford Compilation of works written by many authors Little opinions, mostly informational Published in 2000
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  • Relation to Report Report - Laws and the Internet Copyrights Defamation John Mawhood and Daniel Tysver Presentation - Privacy and Security Related to Everyday Use Herman T. Tavani
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  • Outline What is Privacy? Privacy Theories Internet Enhanced Privacy Concerns Internet Specific Privacy Concerns
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  • Outline (cont.) What is Security? Two senses of Security Cryptography and Data Encryption Proposals for Internet Privacy and Internet Security
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  • What is Privacy? Interest that individuals have with respect to protecting personal information, personal property, and personal space Moral or Legal right ? Data Protection
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  • Privacy Theories Non-Intrusion theory Seclusion theory Control theory Limitation theory Control/Restricted Access theory
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  • Non-Intrusion Theory Article by Warren and Brandels (1890) Being let alone Being free from intrusion Problem: could be left alone but still no privacy.
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  • Seclusion Theory Being alone Physical means in a state of solitude Differentiates Privacy with Liberty Confused Privacy with Solitude Person on a Deserted Island
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  • Control Theory One has Privacy iff one has control over information about oneself Choice grant/deny access to info All or None Flaws Practical Never able to have complete control over information about onself Theoretical Can reveal every bit of information but still retain privacy
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  • Limitation Theory Limiting and restricting access of information in certain contexts Avoids confusion: Autonomy Liberty Solitude Problem: Underestimate role of control Confused with secrecy
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  • Control/Restricted Access Theory Privacy in a situation if person is protected from intrusion, interference, and information access by others Comprehensive account Situations Activity, relationship, storage/access of information
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  • Internet Enhanced Privacy Concern Privacy Issues before the Internet Dataveillance & Data Gathering Data Exchanging and Data Mining
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  • Dataveillance & Data Gathering Monitoring people s actions or communications Not unique to Internet Wiretapping Stalkers Click streams Direct Web forms Indirect Log files
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  • Data Exchanging and Data Mining Sale of data to third parties Merging and matching of electronic records Data mining Unearth patterns and relationships between data Consumer groups
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  • Internet Specific Privacy Concern Cookie Search Engine
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  • Cookie Collect data With or without user s knowledge Shopping cart Able to turn off
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  • Search Engine Retrieving personal information Information about Individual persons Persons with no knowledge of information on databases Searching on listservers, newsgroups, etc provides information about user history
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  • What is Security? ECS153 Privacy concerns is losing control of personal information to people who claim to need it Security concerns is fear of unauthorized access and manipulation of data by people who does not have a legitimate need of it
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  • Two senses of Security Concerns involving computer system vulnerability Viruses, worms, and other rogue programs Protection from unauthorized access information that either Resides in databases Communicated over the Internet
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  • Cryptography and Data Encryption Prof. Rogaway studies cryptography Plain text, ciphertext, key Private Key Roman Era: Julius Caesar Public and Private Key, Strong encryption
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  • Proposals for Internet Privacy and Internet Security Anonymizer Crowds Onion Router
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  • Final Remarks Questions ? Comments Discussion