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Market Applications And Practices INTERNET Afshan Hirji -50 Rajendra Hiwale -51 Rameez Iraqi -52 Adhithi Iyer -53 Aditya Iyer -54 Dinesh Jadhav -55

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this is a detail presentation on Snapchat as well as a comparative analysis with Instagram and WeChat


  • 1. Market Applications And PracticesINTERNETAfshan Hirji -50Rajendra Hiwale -51Rameez Iraqi -52Adhithi Iyer -53Aditya Iyer -54Dinesh Jadhav -55

2. InternetInternet Marketing 2/17/20142 Global Network Who owns the Internet? Internet & World WideWeb Communication 3. Worldwide UsersInternet Marketing 2/17/20143 4. Internet trends in IndiaInternet Marketing 2/17/20144 In a span of four years (2008-2012) Indiaadded 88 Million internet users reaching tototal of 137 Million internet, growing 26% In 2013, there are 67 million smartphonesubscribers, which is 6% of the totalsubscribers in India, growing at the rate of52% . More than 50% of Indians share almosteverything or most things online incomparison to 15 % in US and 24%Globally 5. Challenges & Problems faced byinternet marketingInternet Marketing 2/17/20145 Creating Content Converting leads to sales Reliability And Security Issues Technical skills Keeping pace with market and technologicalchange Abiding by laws and legislations Ensuring maximum access 6. Contribution to GDPInternet Marketing 2/17/20146 Internet services and devices industry has potential to increaseits contribution to up to 3.3 per cent to India's Gross domesticproduct by 2015, a report by McKinsey & Company. "The Internet currently contributes a modest 1.6 per cent toIndia's GDP in line with most aspiring countries. This could grow to 2.8-3.3 per cent by 2015, if India achieves itspotential for growth in the number of Internet users and Internettechnology related consumption and investment over this period 7. Internet Marketing 2/17/20147 8. SearchEngineOptimization(SEO)InternetmarketingBlogMarketingAffiliateMarketingPay PerClickViralMarketingSearchEngineMarketing 9. SNAPCHATMay 2009 | Co-founders Bobby Murphy andEvan Spiegel meet at StanfordFebruary 2011 | Version 1.0 of the SnapchatPrototype is testedJune 2011 | Version 2.0 (official) of Snapchat istestedSeptember 2011 | Initial Launch of Snapchat AppJune 2012 | Over 100 million photos have beenshared over SnapchatSeptember 26, 2012 | Snapchat celebrates its 1-year birthdayOctober, 2012 | Snapchat releases version forAndroid platformDevelopersEvan Spiegel David KravitzBobby Murphy Daniel Smith Photos shared throughSnapchat are known asSNAPS. Time limit for view of snapsthen that snap will be hiddenand deleted from server. Began under the name ofPicaboo Apps mascot is "GhostfaceChillah 10. Internet Marketing 2/17/201412 11. Internet Marketing 2/17/201413 12. Brand MilestonesInternet Marketing 2/17/201414 Dosomething.Org Taps Snapchat For Teen-Centric ValentinesCampaign Snapchat to Celebrate 1 Billionth Snap Shared with MassiveGroup Snap in Times Square Snapchat Named Best Mobile App | Crunchies Awards 2013 13. SDemographicBehaviouralPsychographicTYouthVenturecapital firms.PChangingtrendsDPhenomenalPrivacyFancy textSmart filtersInternet Marketing 2/17/201415 14. Internet Marketing 2/17/201416 15. Internet Marketing 2/17/201417StrengthsOpportunitiesWeaknessThreatsUnique approachFunctionalitySimplisticControversiesInability to retainmessagesMonetize the appAbsent OnWindows ,BlackBerryTeenage segmentAdditionalfeaturesLegalramificationsPress coverageand public opinion 16. BRAND STRATEGIES :Logo : Change in LogoTagline : Real-Time Picture ChattingInternet Marketing 2/17/201418Distribution Of SnapChat :Available on Android , iOS , Absent onWindows and BlackBerry 17. Promotional StrategiesInternet Marketing 2/17/2014191. Contests2. Discounts 18. 3. Send InsiderMarketing4: Preview A NewProductInternet Marketing 2/17/201420 19. 5. Event6. Gain FollowersWith A GiveawayInternet Marketing 2/17/201421 20. 7: Take People BehindThe ScenesInternet Marketing 2/17/201422 21. Pricing StrategiesAPPLICATION :Free of Cost! COMPANY : Snapchat CEO Reveals RejectedFaceBook's $3 Billion Offer Google reportedly offers Snapchat with $4billion deal.Internet Marketing 2/17/201423 22. Competition AnalysisInternet Marketing 2/17/201424DIRECTCOMPETITION : 1.Poke 2. Instagram 3.Flickr 23. Internet Marketing 2/17/201425 24. INDIRECT COMPETITIONWhatsapp MessengerBlackBerry MessengerWeChatLineHikeViberSkypeInternet Marketing 2/17/201426 25. Instagram Instagram is a photo sharing app that connect users. Instant photo uploads with real time comments and feedbacks. Launched in October 2010. 150 million users worldwide. 3 million photos uploaded daily. 26. Swot analysis of InstagramStrenght Instant action Connecting people through hashtag Free application Easy to use applicationweakness No revenue . Occasional bugs and crashesOpportunities Purchased by Social Gientfacebook Inc. Most popular photo app in themarket Development of mobile webThreatsCompetition getting more and moreseriousRising interest in videos thanpictures 27. WeChatInternet Marketing 2/17/201429 It is a mobile text and voice messaging application. Launched in October 2010 by Tencent namingWeixin. Rebranded as WeChat in April 2012 forinternational market. Had 300 million users by January 2013. 28. Who uses WeChat?AGE GROUP0-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50+Internet Marketing 2/17/20143016%40%28%12%4% 29. Swot analysis of WeChatStrength Allows to sendvideos,voice notes,pictures. Profile Picture Facility No need to add friends Available for allplatformsWeakness Not diversified Weak distribution ofnetwork 30. Opportunities Advanced technology Recognized application Modernization of people Increased demand forsmartphonesThreats Competition Product substitution Similar applications forfree too. 31. Business Plan for IndiaInternet Marketing 2/17/201433Objectives Establishing the brand Penetrating the big Indian youth marketSegmentation Mainly targeting the teens and the 20's users Psychographic SegmentationPositioning Creating a brand image of SnapChat through CelebrityEndorsements 32. Internet Marketing 2/17/201434 33. 4PsInternet Marketing 2/17/201435Product Direct addition of a friend list Profile Picture and with a Status Facility. Conversation (self destructive in nature) features More Security Options to curb Sexting IssuesPlace Metropolitan Cities, Followed by Other Major Cities Rural India 34. Internet Marketing 2/17/201436Promotions Social Media Forums Celebrity Endorsements Free Recharge offers And Discount Coupons Web Banners on WebsitesPrice Free of Cost 35. Internet Marketing 2/17/201437