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We interview the spanish illustrator Mapache Salado and we ask him a few questions about his work.


  • Interview to Mapache Salado by Lord Horror & Lady B! 1

    Mapache Salado

    lvaro Lope Morales Quevedo is also known as Mapache Salado (Salted Racoon) because as the taste as the animal defines him. He is 18 years old, living in Granada (Andalusia), he uses as work tools any kind of paper shit, whenever its old or brand new, pen and pencils. Althought he have tried other techniques, his favorite brush is the pen. Nowadays he is working as freelance illustrator for personal comissions and he has made an exposition. Even when he hasnt studied art at school he is looking forward to study illustration. Im sure that hell surprise us greatly.

    What do you like more of your working process?Drawing the eyes and lips, I think that those are the main concepts of my drawings, I try to make them warm and strong. Althought sometimes I make them separate from the warmth and adapt a mute shape, invaded by the coldness.

    If you could make a film, what esthetic would it reflect?

    I would love to make a movie that seems like my drawings, with yellowish whites, big monsters


  • Interview to Mapache Salado by Lord Horror & Lady B! 2

    gently. Basicly it would be comic aesthetic with a savage realism tone.En definitiva seria unaestticadecmiccon un tono salvaje de realismo.

    Who would you dedicate an i"ustration if it has to be the last.

    I would dedicate it to all the peopla that has had a part in my life, I would make a global illustration but at the same time very intimate that would arrive to their hearts for the last time.

    With wich music do you work better?Music with a magic touch and quiet, but sometimes I listen to very noisy music, they help me to have a concept of the drawing Im making. I depend on my mood and the meaning of the illustration, so I choose the kind of music that I need in that moment.

    Wich are your favorite plastic artists?

    Gustav Klimt and Alfons Mucha, for me they are incredible in their own ways and since I was a little kid Ive always felt passionate for their work. We can say that they are my art parents.

    Is there any book or film that influenceed your work?

    I am very influenced by Little Alice and his world of wonders and all the books by Nietzsche. Alice, a world where everything is possible and in the other hand, the logic depression of a tormented man..

  • Interview to Mapache Salado by Lord Horror & Lady B! 3

    Wich artist would you like to work for?

    I would love to work for any artis, I really wouldnt complain if I could work things my way , but digging in my mind, I would like to work for Silverstrein, a group that I love. I would like to work for some editorial like Glenat or Plandeta De Agostini.

    Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years %om now?

    I would like to be exhibing my work at a big place, working as an illustrator for any person, working my own way and having a life very attached to drawing. gustara verme exponiendo mis obras en un gran local, trabajar de ilustrador para cualquier persona, haciendo trabajos por libre y teniendo una vida muy cercana al dibujo. I know perfectly that in ten years I will hace a pen in my hands an that Ill never stop drawing. I wish that I can live from my illustrations and my art, but this life is like a russian roulette.

    Wich advice would you give to those who are starting in i"ustration?

    My advice for those who are starting in this world is quite simple, enjoy your work, never stop dreaming about reaching your goals, everything comes with eort and hope. The world of illustration is just another fish in the fishbowl and you have to feel it and live it. I am an inexperienced young fella that is putting in some seeds that some day will give big fruits thanks to my eort and constance. I thank this blog to giving me this oportunity, its been a pleasure.

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