interview with employee: barbie shea - hairstylist by:brandon shea

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Interview with employee: barbra shea

Interview with employee: barbie shea - HairstylistBy:brandon shea

Q1. What is your past work experience?

A1. My first job was when I was eighteen. I was a ski instructor at White Hills Ski Resort in Clarenville. After that I worked as a bartender at a couple of different clubs on George Street while I attended university and college. I have been a hairstylist for the past fifteen years. Q2. What courses did you take in high school that are relevant to your career?

A2. Thats a hard question. I would say all of the courses I took in school helped with my career, but specifically I use chemistry every day in coloring and other chemical services. My English courses help with communication. Math is used in cutting, theres a lot of geometry in that. I took biology and I definitely use knowledge from that course in my day to day work as well.Q3. Did your job require post secondary education?

A3. Yes my job did require a collage education. I attended hair school for ten months and then completed and apprenticeship program. Hairstyling is a red seal skilled trade.Q4. What is work environment like?

A4. Fun! My work is a lot of fun. I work at a busy upscale salon and spa with about 35 co-workers. There are stylists, aestheticians, massage therapists, nail technicians, and receptionists. Its a pretty laid back and creative environment. I have a large clientele who I like to hang out with and make them happy. I get to travel many places for hair shows which help with inspiration and creativity in the salon.Q5. What safety procedures are practiced in your workplace?

A5. Our safety practices are mainly cleanliness and sanitation of our instruments. Also we are cautious on using chemicals on peoples scalps. Patch testing is often done on people with allergies or sensitivities.Q6. Is the job you actually do the one you a saw yourself doing?

A6. Yes, 100% I could always see myself being a hairstylist from a very young age.Q7. How have your job opportunities impacted your life?

A7. They have impacted my life in a very positive way. I was very lucky to have been given an opportunity at the salon Im at right now right out of hair school. Ive been mentored by very talented and educated stylists. I have also been a mentor to a new genoration of stylists. Working there has enriched my life in many ways.Q8. How did you perform academically?

A8. I did very well academically. I was an honours student I high school. I attended university for a couple of years and enjoyed that, but my true passion was hairstyling and I did very well in hair school to.Q9. How does vacation time fit into your job?

A9. For the first ten years I got two weeks paid vacation time. For the past five years I get three weeks paid vacation. However I am luck to work for a boss that doesnt mind if I take a little more time unpaid as long as my clients have lots of notice. I usually take about 4-5 weeks per year. Q10. Did your hobbies influence your career choice?

A10. For sure Ive always loved styling hair. My favourite toy as a child was a Barbie maniquin head. I could spend hours playing with her hair. As I grew up I started styling my friends hair and I was cutting hair long before I even knew how to.Q11. Have your life decissions influenced your career?

A11. Im sure that my life decisions have effect my career but I cant think of any specifics right now.Q12. Have you ever had to travel for your work?

A12. Yes, I travel a lot for work, Ive gone to hair shows in London England, Las Vegas, Los Angles, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Halifax. These experiences have really enriched my career.Q13. Have you ever been injured at work?

A13. No, besides cutting my fingers on new scissors Ive never been injured.Q14. Have you ever been laid off?

A14. No Ive never been laid off, I always had a stable career and there is always a market for hairdressers.Q15. What hours to you work?

A15. I work 38 hour a week from Tuesday to Friday. I work 3 ten hour shifts and then an 8 hour shift. Three of those shifts include evening hours.Q16. What is your average annual salary?

A16. That is a personal quesiton that most people shouldnt ask, but I make a very good salary that Im happy with. Hairstylists dont often start out making a lot of money but once you establish the clientele you do very well financially.Q17. What extracurricular activities did you do in high school?

A17. In high school I played volleyball, basketball and softball as well as cheerleading but skiing was my favorite. I also volunteered at the local hospital.Q18. What is the average age of retirement in your profession?

A18. Im not sure what the average is, but hairstyling is definitely a young persons profession. It is uncommon to see many hair dresser over 55. I think the majority retire in their forty's.

Q19. Have you ever regretted your career choice?

A19. No I have not, it has made me really happy over the years. I find it very fulfilling to look and feel good and I have very little stress at work.Q20. What aspects of your job do you find challenging?

A20. Some challenges that people in my profession face are usually physical ones. There are a lot of repetive movements and you have to stand. This can cause various medical problems. Ive been lucky not to have any so far. Another challenge is working with the public every day. You have to be a certain type of personality to enjoy that.