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Top Ten Tips for Interviews - UWA Careers Centre


  • 1. CAREERS CENTREReal help. Real advice. Real careers Top 10 Tips for Successful Interviews

2. 1. Be prepared

  • The most important part of the interview happens before it even starts

3. 2. Do your research

    • Know what the employer wants
    • Learn about the organisation
    • Find out what the job entails


  • List your skills and qualities
  • Prepare examples that demonstrate them

3. Know your product 5.

  • Identify what the employer is looking for:
  • Good communication skills; problem solving and team work abilities; initiative; leadership ability; self motivation; organisational skills
  • Prepare answers that demonstrate each one using examples from your:
    • Academic experience
    • Work experience
    • Extra-curricular experience

4. Anticipate questions and prepare answers 6. 5. Prepare questions to ask What are the typical career pathways for graduates? How is your organisation dealing with the current issue of.? What are the performance expectations of graduates over the first 12 months? What are the opportunities for professional development? 7. 6. Make a great impression

    • Prepare your clothes the night before
    • Avoid strong perfumes
    • Remove flashy jewellery
    • Switch off mobile phones
    • Shake hands with the interviewers
    • Smile and maintain good eye contact

8. 7. Manage your nerves

  • Be prepared
  • Arrive early
  • Steady your breathing
  • Review your strengths
  • Dont fidget!

9. 8. Talk positively

  • It shows confidence and competence
  • It isnt boasting if you offer evidence
  • Practice with friends
  • Be yourself!

10. 9. Practice, Practice, Practice!

  • Attend an Interview Workshop!Book via CareerHub
  • theres more help in the Useful Links and
  • Career & Job Resource sections of CareerHub

11. 10. Review your performance

  • Each interview is a learning experience
  • What did you do well?
  • What can you improve on?