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AP Computer Science Intro Flash Cards Mrs. Lorelei Howard

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AP Computer Science Intro Flash CardsMrs. Lorelei HowardProblem-solvingFormulating a problem, finding a solution, and expressing the solutionHigh-level languageLanguage that is easy to read and understand!Low-level languageEasy for the computer to run. (machine language or assembly)Formal languageDesigned for a specific purpose. Programming languages are considered formal.Natural LanguageLanguages people speak! Do you speak Java?PortabilityA program that can run of more than 1 kind of computerInterpretTo translate a high-level language one line at a time.compileTranslate high-level to low-level all at onceso that the program may be executed.Source codeHigh-level language program before it is compiledObject codeOutput of the compilertranslated program.executableObject code that is ready to run. Usually Byte codeJava object code. Like low-level, but it is portablestatementPart of a program that needs computation (working outcauses something to happen)Print statementCauses output to appear on the screencommentContains information about the succeeding statements (explains what is happening in the code). No effect on the actual program.methodCollection of statementsclassNamed collection of methodslibraryCollection of class and method definitionsbugError in the programsyntaxStructure of a program (like punctuating a sentence correctly)semanticsMeaning of a programparseTo look through and examine a programSyntax errorError which does not allow the program to compile.ExceptionOrRun-time ErrorProgram fails at run-timeLogic ErrorProgram does not do what it is supposed to do! (The computer only does what you tell it to do )debuggingGetting rid of syntax, run-time and logic errors.French Braces{ }Used in Java to group things together//Signifies the beginning of a comment