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Introduction to Social Media Social Media Tools Social Media Campaign ed for the Sonoma County Peer Outreach Coalition

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This slide set explains what social media is, as well what a social media campaign is. It explores two of the most used social media tools and related third party apps. It identifies six BASIC steps to creating a social media campaign plan. These steps are addressed throughout the presentation. The formal steps are identified at the end as a natural segway to planning. This slide set was developed as part of a presentation to the Sonoma County Peer Outreach Coalition. The goal of this presentation was to share enough information to help the group formulate its own social media campaign, and to be knowledgeable in the tools used to support the campaign. This slide set includes: *slide notes *YouTube links to the videos used *Urls to tools mentioned *A link to a sample social media campaign plan


  • 1.Introduction to Social MediaSocial Media ToolsSocial Media Campaign Prepared for the Sonoma County Peer Outreach Coalition

2. Purpose of Today To help you formulate yourown social mediacampaign, and to be knowledgeable in the toolsused to support your campaign. 3. Icebreaker Activity 4. What is Social Media? What is a Social Media Campaign?Fact or Crap Game!Measuring SuccessWebQuest of Social Media CampaignsSocial Media Landscape 5. Worlds CollideAccount Sign Up Facebook TwitterSteps to Creating a Campaign Plan Next Steps 6. What is Social Media? 7. WikipediA"a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interaction between people online. Where media means digital words, sounds & pictures which are typically shared via the internet and the value can be cultural, societal or even financial." 8. 9. "a term used to describe the type of media that is based on conversation and interactionbetween people online. Wheremedia means digital words, sounds & pictures whichare typically shared via the internet and the value can be cultural, societal or even financial." 10. What is a Campaign? 11. What is a Campaign? a campaign is a marketing effort to sell, promote, raise awareness 12. to sell, promote, raise awareness of what? 13. What is a Social Media Campaign? A social media campaign ismarketing "X" USING social media. 14. What is Your X? 15. Measuring Success When Your Best Isnt Good Enough 16. Determine Small Goals to Achieving Your XMeasure Each Goal 17. Less is More. Unless Youre Standing Next To The One With More. Then Less Just Looks Pathetic. 18. Campaign End World Hunger Small Measurable Goal Raise enough money to feed 50 families in Sonoma County in 30 days. Social Media STRATEGY Ask daily for donations on 3 sites. Ask friends to share donor link with 5 people Share video about family in need. Feature those that donate on blog daily. 19. Common Metrics (metrics is a fancy word for stats) Publish/Posting Visits to Pages Shares/Retweets Friends/Followers Unique Visits Referrals (links to you) Subscriptions Click Through Rates Activity/Likes Comments/PostsDonations Surveys/Polls * influence & perception use date ranges 20. Metric ToolsAgency Built in Tools 3rd Party AppsReportingfacebook google analyticsfollowers referral source bitlyLikesreferral statssurvey monkeyviews survey gizmotwitter appsfacebook apps 21. WebQuest! Successful CampaignsPair Up or Work Individually10-15min to complete 22. Share Back The name and purpose of the campaign.Did you like the campaign?What was the campaign's greatest strength?What was the campaigns greatest weakness? What would you do different?Ideas to steal? 23. overview of Social Media Campaign Tools 24. What Makes a Piece ofTechnology Social? 25. OMG! Its awesome! Heres my content! Actually it Sucks!Thanks!two way communication two way communication 26. Goals Audience Manageable 27. 28. Facebook: 25% of 400 million: 100millionMySpace: 42% of 110 million: 46.2 millionBebo: 50% of 12.8 million: 6.4 millionTwitter: 20% of 15 million: 3 million 29. What Will You Use?SocialPublishDiscuss ShareMicroblog LifestreamNetwork Select tools based upon what you want to accomplish & your audience.Tools HELP you reach your goals, & ultimately X. 30. BREAK 31. 32. Private vs Professional. 33. Signup Accounts 34. Follow 35. Ways to Attract Fans/LikesInvites Facebook AdsListen & RespondLike Other Pages Relationships & PartnershipsContests / 500th fan Add links website/blogs/newsletter Add FB address in email/cards 36. Promote Your Page- Like Button - Activity Feed - Like Box - Live Stream 37. Popular Apps WARNING: Dont just randomly add apps. Links Page Maps Video/YouTube Fan Appz Twitter My Top Fanz Photo/FlickrSlideShare Use Selective Twitter My Countdown FDMLDivShare 38. Page Examples / girleffect ONE AFSPnational Unicef SierraClub 39. Use same username with other sites Large Logo 200 X 600 3 Posts a Day is Good Ask Fans to Suggest New Members Ask Questions Final TipsHave More Than 1 Admin Have non-admins post/comment Add Google Analytics to Page Use Facebook insights Conduct Polls (get temperature/measure) Post photos, videos, links 40. 41. Find Organizational Partnerships Learn Social Media Find Resources ShareWhy ?Learn Content Stay CurrentForm Relationships 42. 43. Twitter Communication Tweet: #tagReply: @usernameMention: via @usernameRetweet: RT @usernameDirect Message: DM @username 44. Tweet mix of professional w/personal Use hashtags TipsRetweetothersThank when RT 45. Use search tool (review tweets, bios) followFollow based on current following/followersReuse content Tips Customize background/profile 46. Bubble TweetTweetDeck Twit Pic TwitterBitly HootSuite ApplicationsTwitalyzer TwhirlTwtpoll Twinfluence 47. LISTEN Comment Leave Links 48. GOODBADresource affirmation me meHow ru? me me mesupport me 49. Because Making It Look Good Now Is More Important Than Providing Adequate Support Later 50. Step 1Define Your X PlanStep 2Identify Your Audience Step 3Set Small Measurable Goals to Achieve XStep 4Strategize Identify approaches/tools Step 5Implement PlanStep 6Assess/Adapt 51. Much Work Remains To Be Done Before We Can Announce Our Total Failure To Make Any Progress 52. Next Steps? 53. Final Questions