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We provide our service to small business as well industrial leaders. Some of our clients are Giorgio Armani, Swarovski, HSBC, Toyota, Lexus, Lenovo, Jaguar, Thomas Sabo, Hong Kong Institute of Bankers, Italian Trade Commission, Sand china and many more.


  • 1. Welcome toDT Communications is thelargest PR agency in Asia

2. About Us:DT communication is the largest PR agency in China. We are notyour regular PR firm; we undertake several other activities likeevent management, digital marketing, business to business andinternational communication to name a few. Our team of expertshas knowledge of various domains like healthcare, finance, realestate, travel, hospitality etc. With us you will get a completesolution to all your PR needs. 3. Blue Focus CommunicationGroupDT Corporate Communications ExpertsDigital Media MarketingDiantang Luxury Events CreatorsPinYin Partners Your First Step To Asia 4. Blue Focus CommunicationGroup is the Asia pacific branchof DT communications. Weoffer services to local andinternational clients. Frommedia relations and onlinemarketing to eventmanagement and crisesmanagement we can do it all foryou.Blue FocusCommunication Group 5. DT CorporateCommunicationsExperts specializes incorporatecommunication. Ourexperts will orchestrateall the external andinternal communicationon your behalf to builda positive image foryour brand.DT Corporate 6. Our company is a leadingdigital media agency inChina. At DTcommunications we use thelatest DT (internet marketinganalysis technology). It helpstake accurate and immediateinformation from the internetusers, the information is thenused for our clients benefits.Digital Media Marketing 7. Diantang is a subsidiaryof DT communications.Our team of experts hascoordinated severalluxurious events for ourclients. We integratework with style,character and charisma toprovide you with the bestservice.Diantang Luxury EventsCreators 8. PinYin Partners is amarketing communicationsupport provider. We canhelp you with making theright choices for yourbusiness as well as help youconquer new markets likeChina. We can help youlocalize your brand andimprove communicationwith the local customers.PinYin Partners YourFirst Step To Asia 9. Our services ListCorporateCommunicationsDigitalMediaMarketingEvents&ProductionForeign MarketExpertise 10. Our servicesCorporateCommunicationsDT communicationsprovides corporatecommunication service.Our team of expertswill manage all theinternal and externalcommunication tocreate a favorable pointof view about yourbrand amongst thestallholders. 11. Our servicesDigitalMediaMarketingWith the help of analysisprogram, iDT, Manualoperations we help our clientsbetter understand the latesttrends in social media. Ourteam of experts is equippedwith developed approach thatis on- strategy and on- brandto manage your social mediaprofile. 12. Our servicesEvents&ProductionWe have vast experience inplanning and coordinatingevents of every scale.Events are a great way togive exposure to your brandname. Our in-houseproduction tem will designevents for yourorganization that will makeheadlines. 13. Our servicesForeign MarketExpertiseVenturing into a newterritory can be scary. Butwith us you need not worry,we will help you ventureinto new markets in an easymanner. From helping youout with planning andinvesting to localizing yourbrand and increasingcustomer interaction we cando it all. 14. Our ClientsWe provide our service to small business as well industrialleaders. 15. Contact UsUnit B, 7/F, 78 Hung ToRoad, Kowloon, 3696 6999(852) 3007