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  • Introducing Quality ManagementDrew Judkins, inContactLarry Fur, inContactJonathan Judd, RxAmerica

  • Quality ManagementContact center quality assurance, also known as Quality Management (QM), is a process where managers, supervisors and QA specialists monitor and evaluate how well agents handle customer transactions.-DMG Consulting

  • QM ResultsSignificant improvements in call qualitySignificant improvements in customer satImprovements in overall call center performanceLower employee turnoverLower absenteeismHigher moraleSource: Ascent Group

  • HoweverThe benefits are clear, but how do you realize them?Rushing QM implementation can result in inconsistent processes and alienated staffQuality monitoring is a challenge

  • However (cont.)According to a study by The Ascent Group, the biggest hurdles include:Overcoming resistance from call center agentsFinding the time to monitor and provide feedbackCalibrating accurately Coaches and monitors who lack expertise in quality assurance

  • inContact QM Version 1Available January 2009 on inContact NGFunctionalityQA form template library (best practice)Create/manage custom QA formsPlayback and score recorded voice contactsReview completed QA formsBasic reporting

  • TerminologyQA FormQA Form TemplateQuestionGroupRecordingQuality ScoreAverage Quality Score

  • QA FormA collection of questions (or groups of questions) created for use by QA specialists to grade the quality level of an agent's handling of a contact.

  • QA Form TemplateA read-only QA form created by inContact, which is available to customers to copy and use as a template when creating custom QA forms. Example: Customer Service Best Practice

  • QuestionA single question on a QA form with a pre-determined "points possible" value (e.g. 10 points)The answer that a QA specialist selects for a question determines the "points awarded" (e.g. 8 out of 10 points)

  • GroupA group of questions on a QA form with a sub-total value calculated by summing the "points awarded" out of "points possible" for all questions within the group. Example: 40 out of 50 points

  • RecordingA record of a completed contact; be it by voice, email, or chat (v1 will be voice only)

  • Quality ScoreA percentage calculated by dividing "total points awarded" by "total points possible" for a single question, group of questions, or an entire QA form. Example: 90 out of 100 points = a quality score of 90%

  • Average Quality ScorePercentage calculated by dividing "total points awarded" by "total points possible" across multiple QA formsAverage quality score may be calculated for either an individual agent or a team of agents

  • Live DemonstrationQM V1Continue

  • Getting StartedIdentify the strategic objective of the quality monitoring programDetermine and analyze cost of qualityCorrelate quality measures with customer feedback Share information captured with other business departmentsTrain agents and involve them in improving customer satisfactionDevelop a cycle of continuous improvement

  • QA FormMeasure agent adherence to internal policies and procedures Improve consistency and quality of customer interactions across all channelsAssess business execution detect and fix broken or inefficient policies, processes or operational issues throughout the company Improve agent performance

  • QA Form Cont.Identify agent training needs Identify policies or processes that frustrate and alienate customers Maximize every customer interaction Identify business trends Improve the customer experience

  • FAQHow often should I monitor?Should I monitor experienced agents?When should I monitor? And, when should I get feedback to the agent?How does internal QA feedback differ from feedback I can get directly from the customer?

  • Customer FeedbackDo we need quality feedback from the customer and from the supervisor (or QA person?)What does this have to do with nose picking?

  • inContact QM Version 1Projected availability January 2010 on inContact NGFunctionalityQA form templates out-of-the-boxCreate/manage custom QA formsPlayback and score recorded voice contactsReview completed QA formsBasic reporting

  • QM RoadmapPremium editionBusiness workflowRecording managementCalibration processIntegration with ECHOScreen recordingSpeech analytics

  • Key TakeawaysOneTwoThreeWhen implemented properly, QM will improve call quality, agent satisfaction, and customer satisfaction.More powerful when combined with post-contact quality survey.V1 of inContact QM available starting January 2010.

  • *The benefits are clear, but the exact means of realizing those benefits remain ambiguous to many managers

    Some centers race to implement a quality monitoring program in hopes of achieving the aforementioned results, but instead find themselves struggling with inconsistent processes and alienated staff