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OpenSolaris Overview Marty Duey Angelo Rajadurai Hugo Rivero

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  • 1. OpenSolaris Overview Marty Duey Angelo Rajadurai Hugo Rivero
  • 2. Agenda What is OpenSolaris? Solaris Features New features in OpenSolaris Demos of new features Desktop improvements ZFS timeslider Package manager improvements Multimedia Conclusion pg 2
  • 3. What is OpenSolaris? Operating system distribution, based on source code of Solaris Supported releases every 6 months 2008.05, 2008.11,... Development builds available every other week Open Source Free to use, deploy and redistribute pg 3
  • 4. Solaris Features Because of a common origin, OpenSolaris inherits Solaris 10 features, such as: ZFS: Dtrace: Zones: Service Management Facility (SMF): Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) And many more. See pg 4
  • 5. DTrace Ability to dynamically instrument a live running system Unlimited probes Low overhead for enabled probes No overhead for disabled probes Java integration getting better every release 1.4.2 & 1.5 JVMPI & JVMTI 6.0 Native support 7.0 Embedding Java Probes into code DTracetoolkit pre-built kit pg 5
  • 6. ZFS st Complete redesign of filesystem with 21 century assumptions Does to Disk what OS does for memory End to end data integrity Exciting features snapshot, cloning, software RAID, integrated support for SSD and many many more Unlimited expandability 128 bit file system pg 6
  • 7. ZFS working for you Timeslider Go back in time (OS X Time Machine done right) beadm Rollback Clone Snapshot Sun Unified Storage pg 7
  • 8. Zones Innovative virtualization One kernel multiple Virtual instances Ability to assign specific resources to zones Near instant startup and shutdown Can easily run 10s of Zones easily Coming soon Crossbow ability to split ups network bandwidth pg 8
  • 9. OpenSolaris Software Distribution Base packages distributed in a LiveCD Slim, 690MB download, includes OS Kernel, GNOME, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc Additional packages available in software repositories New Image Packaging System (IPS) Packages include metadata with dependency information Update Manager notifies when newer package versions become available pg 9
  • 10. OpenSolaris Repositories Community Sun Extras Release Dev Contrib Support Pending
  • 11. OpenSolaris Features Environment more familiar to developers GNU, other open source utilities now in default path Network-based software delivery (IPS) Network Auto Magic (NWAM) ZFS as root file system Boot environment manager (beadm) Redesigned Graphical Installer CIFS Server pg 11
  • 12. New Features in 2008.11 (Desktop) Gnome 2.24 + Compiz updates Suspend and resume to RAM Available for some models (Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell, Sun) More drivers (audio, SD card, ...) New applications Firefox 3.0.3 OpenOffice 3.0 Many others... pg 12
  • 13. New Features in 2008.11 (Server) Automated Installer Distribution Constructor Improved Web Stack Common Multiprotocol SCSI target (COMSTAR) Enhanced repository model Intel Nehalem support pg 13
  • 14. Activity in Software Repositories Hundreds of Open Source packages are available through the repositories More than 2900 unique packages, as of 12/10 Cluster packages allow one-click install of full development environments Web Stack (amp-dev): Apache, MySQL, PHP, Python, Squid, memcached, netbeans, etc. Ruby (ruby-dev) Sun Studio (ss-dev) HPC (hpc-dev) pg 14
  • 15. OpenSolaris Distro Constructor Create custom bootable images with your collection of software and settings Simple xml based software list Custom post install scripts Creates iso and usb images #distro_const build slim_cd.xml slim_cd.xml
  • 16. OpenSolaris Feature Demo pg 16
  • 17. Conclusion OpenSolaris gives you access to the latest innovation in Solaris Lots of new features for developers and deployers Easy to take it for a test drive Standalone installation LiveCD or VirtualBox Very active community effort at Communities, Projects, Forums pg 17
  • 18. Resources Learn / Use / Shared / get Projects, Forums, Source Code browser What's new in 2008.11: How-to guide for VirtualBox: pg 18
  • 19. Thank you!