introvert uprising: when the silent strike back (sxsw panel picker submission)

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SXSW 2014 Panel Picker Presentation: Are you tired of hearing "What's wrong with you?" from well-meaning co-workers? Do you feel like your peers just talk and talk just to hear themselves speak? Have you been accused of being anti-social or a loner? You're not alone. 57% of the world are introverts, and it's time we make ourselves heard. Being an introvert isn't something to be cured, it's a way of life. Join three very different industry professionals (and one professionally-trained clinical counselor) to hear how we deal with the trials and tribulations of living and working at the far end of the introversion scale. Oh and hey extroverts, stop assuming everyone is like you. Voting ends September 6th. Get your pick in now!


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