iphoneography: what you need to take great pictures (part two)

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What You Need to Take Great Pictures

(Part Two)By: Cashforiphones.com


Now that you know what the camera of the iPhone 4S can do, it’s time to take a look at the best iPhone camera accessories you can get. They’re guaranteed to take your photography creativity to the next level.


• The OWLE Bubo is an aluminum iPhone camera mount and stabilizer. It has a two – handed grip, and interchangeable 37 mm wide – angle macro lens. It also has four tripod mount points, an extended microphone and an accessory mount.

• You can get this accessory for 170 dollars.


• The Ollolclip is a three – in – one camera lens. You get a fish – eye, wide – angle and macro lens in one compact package. The Olloclip attaches itself to the side of your iPhone, but the downside is that it’s not compatible with any cases or screen protectors.

• This is great for starters, because it sells for only 70 dollars.

SLR Mount by Photojojo

• This accessory makes your iPhone look like a real camera. In fact, using it in public would probably make you look silly. You might as well get a real DSLR camera!

• Thanks to Photojojo, you can turn your iPhone into a pseudo – DLSR camera by buying their SLR Mount. You can attach Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lenses to it.

• If you’re already an experienced photographer, then you should consider getting this accessory. The SLR Mount is available for 249 dollars.

Factron Quattro

• While most iPhone camera accessories aren’t compatible with a protective case, the Factron Quattro blends them into one package.

• It features a protective case made from duralumin, an aluminum alloy used in aircrafts. It has a camera mount that can fit several interchangeable lenses. These include close – up, wide – angle, fish – eye, other variations of those three.

• The case even has calfskin leather at the back to make sure it grips to whatever surface you place your iPhone into.

• This is great if you’re looking for an iPhoneography accessory that also protects the device. You can get this for 257 dollars.

6X Fixed Optical – Zoom Lens by USB Fever

If you’re a concertgoer, then this is the perfect lens for you. The lens has a fixed 6X zoom, so it’s useful for taking pictures far away. This is great if you find the zoom of the camera lacking.It also comes with a clear case where you can attach the lens and a neck strap too.You can get this accessory for only 20 dollars.

Glif by Studio Neat

• If you already have a tripod, then this simple accessory is for you.

• The Glif is made of rubberized plastic and it has a thread that can fit into most standard tripod mounts. It also functions as a tabletop stand for some hands – free viewing when watching videos or reading stuff.

• You can get it for only 20 dollars from their website.


• While there are plenty of other iPhone camera accessories out there, this is the best list. It features different products with different uses and prices.

• Note that all of these products are for the iPhone 4, but they can be used for the iPhone 4S. That being said, you should sell your iPhone 4 right now so you can use these accessories on your 4S. You’ll be a photographer in no time at all.

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