is rohingya an ethnic minority of myanmar

“The advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief, and freedom from fear and want, has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people.” – Preamble to the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” 1948 I I s s R R o o h h i i n n g g y y a a a a n n e e t t h h n n i i c c m m i i n n o o r r i i t t y y o o f f M M y y a a n n m m a a r r ? ? W Wh h o o t t h h r r e e a a t t e e n n t t h h e e s s e e c c u u r r i i t t y y o o f f t t h h e e w w o o r r l l d d ? ? T T h h e e C C a a s s e e S S t t u u d d y y o o f f R R i i o o t t b b e e t t w w e e e e n n t t h h e e B B e e n n g g a a l l i i I I m m m m i i g g r r a a n n t t s s a a n n d d R R a a k k h h i i n n e e N N a a t t i i v v e e s s i i n n 2 2 0 0 1 1 2 2 Ven.Panyacekka E-publication and distribution, Copyright@2012, Bangkok, June 29 th , 2012. First Edition

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Page 1: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar

“The advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief, and

freedom from fear and want, has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common

people.” – Preamble to the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” 1948

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E-publication and distribution, Copyright@2012, Bangkok, June 29th

, 2012.

First Edition

Page 2: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


Objective of Paper- This work is intended to those who are kindly in belief on Bengalis to

be an ethnic minority living in long historical background in Myanamar to in short investigate

whether or not Bengalis are the Rohingyas living in Myanmar many thousand years ago and

they are temporal immigrants from Chittagong.


In blind, some of powerful countries and United Nations try to force the

Myanmar government to grant the Bangalis as the Rohingya ethnic group in Myanmar,

taking a look at the terrible population of Bangalis in Rakhine State. It is a baseless effort

and likely a threat to the powerless and such an approach to issue of Bengalis in Myanmar

by the UN also is unfair. It is undeniable that as a piece of social context, every society

dealing with distinct people with multi-culture from different countries is an impact of

globalization not rejected. It is also acceptable that the Bengalis originally deriving from the

neighboring country can live the life of citizenship in any of rich and poor countries but it is

hard to approve that the immigrants due to the increased population should be granted as the

ethnic group living together long time on ward from the initiative of the country. The UN

regarded as the judge of Human right and Peace is in need to review the background of

Bengalis in historical way. In the fact that the History of Bengali immigrants is taken

account, it is not proper to neglect the long history of Native people. That is why, important

to settle down the case of Bengalis in Rahine Stake, hosting in the world, the judge needs to

know how the Bengalis arrived to Rakhine State, what are their native land as original and

who the original natives have existed in ancient time. To be able to perceive the right

approaches to issue of Bengalis in Mynamar and that of wrong, I will take out a small piece

of historical evidence about Bengali immigrants and Rakhine natives. There are varieties of

scholar researches on Bengalis case in Rakhine. The scholars’ researches done are very

broad and it is unable to go through within a few minute. This work is by purpose focused on

everyone to understand the brief history of Bengalis and root cause of recent violence

occurring in Rakhine State and this work will introduce to the readers the main idea to

consider of whether or not Bengalis so called by entire Myanmar people should be proved of

Rohingya ethnics in Rakhine State in Myanmar.

Page 3: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar



According to historical background of Bengalis and the Native Rakhines, it is

seen that as the name so called Rohingyas is not an original name of Bengalis so are they not

included in ethnic minority groups having already been in Mynamar since many years ago as

estimated by the Bengali educators. Bengalis are illegal immigrants mostly from Chittagong

District of Bangladesh and Rohingya was merely a name created by a small group of Bengali

educators who too moved from Chittagong to Rakhine State round about 1949s ( pp-49).

Mr.R.B Smart( 1917, pp-80-101) did even not use the name, Rhingya in his book, ―Burma

Gazetteer, Akyab District, Volume A‖ published in 1917 but he presented the Bengalis by

name of Mahomendans, not Rohingya. He recorded ―Mahomedans, who in 1872 numbered

58255, had by the year 1911 risen to 178647. Many are men who came down for the

working reason only from Chittagong and included in census returns but are not properly

speaking, the inhabitant of country‖. In reign of King Min Khamunm, Son of King Min

Rajagri,(1612-22 AD), the traders from Iraq and Bangladesh had came and had trading in

Rakhine kingdom ( pp-199). In the beginning years 0f 1826 of the British colonial domains to

Rakhine State, the British government took the Bengalis from Chittagong for working in

firming in Rakhine State and they mostly lived in Mayu region. However, they also did not

receive the name of Rohingya but Bengalians and they also preferred the name of

Chittagonians (pp-45-46). In 1978, while checking in those with no citizen card by way of the

Nagar Min military operation, many of Bengalis ran into the Bengladesh. Among the

returners to Bangladesh, about 18000 Bengalis were accepted by the Myanmar government

and settled in Muangdaw and Bhuthidaung Township of Rakhine State. For that project, the

Government spent the estimate amount of 1513890 Kyats. This evidence illustrated that there

had been no Rohingya ethnic living for many thousand years in Rakhine State but it is

possible to be acceptable that Bengalis’ population arises year by year more and more. When

the Bengalis population explores a big amount of numbers, they must need the extensive land

for them so they planned since many couple of years to insist on the Government to grant

first them as Rohingyas ethnic group . Such my thinking is proved by the terrorism of

Bengalis terrorists in 8th

Jine, 2012 in Maungdaw and Bhithidaung Township. It scattered to

other township. The Bengalis terrorists clashed initially the houses of the natives, killed the

natives and took properties of them. Anyhow, the name of Rohingya has never there been in

the list of ethnic groups of Myanmar according to historical landscape. Some scholars may

argue that it is impossible to avoid the Bengalis history they have, written by the Bengali

Page 4: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


scholars; it is yes but their history is a new product of deceitful document created after 1948s.

The spoke-man of Myanmar government also officially argued in his press conference that

there is not Rohingya ethnic in Myanmar and they could not be approval of.

How it be the Rohingyas

The news of sectarian violence in western Burma, Rakhine State hosts all over the

world and is interested. There was a big contrast about the right press of events in Rakhine

between the local media and foreign media. The Bengalis first burnt the house to house of

and village to village of Buddhists in Maungdaw township but the local news agency had the

late news of real events broadcasted but to let the world know the fact of news was depended

on sole one news agency, ―Eleven Media Group‖ while the Bengalis broadcasting the world

that they were beaten by the Myanmar government and Rakhine Buddhists with reason why

they are distinct religionists and Rohingyas. Therefore, the world convinced the first news

initially clouded in the internet, which was that the Rohingyas are killed by the Buddhists in

Rakhine State. During the violence time, while the Buddhists are collecting the right news on

riot in Rakhine to urge the wrong news transmitted by the Bengalis, the Bengalis have

already submitted the fabricant report to the UN, cheating to the world that they are killed

and their houses are burnt down by the Myanmar Government and Buddhists; they are being

persecuted for many years. However, it is known that according to 7 Day News reporter,

there was still loss of about five hundred people of the Buddhist locals in terrorism in

Maungdaw township; it is proved by the report of 32 people of Buddhists killed by Bengalis

and 411 people of Buddhists dead in burning houses. (

However, the real news were dissolved under the deceitful news of Bengalis and some of

foreign news agencies and a biased person such as – Benedict Roger attempts to forbid the

fact about Bengalis Rakhine riot. Benedict Roger’s writing is seen in favor of Bengalis by his

article ―A Friend’ appeal to Burma‖. He makes the readers deluded, starting his article with

opening speech “Some people may call me biased, and to that charge I plead guilty. But I

am biased not in favour of one community over another, in favour of one race or religion

over another, in favour of one particular political party over another. Instead, I am biased

in favour of the universal values of human rights, including religious freedom‖. He speaks

a lot as to how the human right is for every community or society sort, how the Bengalis so

called Rohingyas are persecuted by the Maynmar Government for many years and why the

Page 5: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


Myanmar Government in conclusion of his article should grant the Bengalis as the ethnic

minority of Myanmar with so many comments (http: // /edop/comm.entary

/7349-a-friends-appeal-to-burma .ht ml). He neglects the more important point that how the

Bengalis first attacked the natives, how their activities threaten the family and personal

security, how intolerant to them as for Government as well as the locals and how crucial they

are to the locals. He writes his article in hear-saying, not in documentary. Finally, it is seen in

his article that he reaches his conclusion that the Bengalis are upright and innocent persons

persecuted by the locals and the government but he did not think the point that only Bengalis

are not the Human but also the Rakhine People. As a result of his conclusion, it is impossible

to say that he is not a biased person to Bengalis so called Rohingya because he never contains

any of real fact on Rakhine natives who were in reality being killed by the Bengali Terrorists.

However, due to spreading the cheating news on the riot in Rakhine State of Myanmar to the

world by the components of Bengali terrorists, the world also with no special quire of the real

events, proved their betraying news which mostly demonstrates the Bengalis so called

Rohingyas were made genocide by the Rakhine Buddhists and the Myanmar army. In reality,

the brutal murders creating genocides to the entire of Rakhine People were only the Bengali

immigrant terrorists. That fact is clear if we read regular information pressed in the local

news and international news last updated. Whatever we say, it is sense of our soul that if any

kind of violence occurs, the massive amount of mastery such as- loss of lives, shelters, wealth

of innocents as well as loss of the budgets of government, is possessed by the citizens. It

should be looked for the better way to lead to the peace in any of socialization in the global if

we want to live the rest of our lives in the harmony world.

The Situation of Violent areas in Rakhine State

If we think the root causes of why the huge terrorism of terrorists came out in

Rakhine, there are, we see, two kinds of bases- 1) the aggressive and incautious attacks of

Bengalis in Maungdaw and the Rakhine avengers in Taunggoke, and 2) the negligence of

Thein Sein government because if the authority sent the security force in time to the places

where the consequence violence might result- especially in the places where there is a bigger

amount of Bengalis then Buddhists immediately after the violence had occurred in

Taunggoke in 3rd

of July, 2012. Typically, because of the poor preparation for protection to

the local Rakhine people less population in Maungdaw in Rakhine State and because of being

lack of effective and constructive detains of government, the terrorism became bigger and

Page 6: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


scattered to other towns – Sittwe, Yathedaung and any other cities. According to report, the

school aged Buddhist girl, Ma Thidar Htway, was raped and killed cutting her head by the

three Bengali young men and they took the jewels ornamented in her in May 29th

, 2012. As

soon as the case happened, the local authority could not promise the local Buddhist people to

sentence the murders. Therefore, the Buddhists got anger to the Muslim because they think

the local authority took bribe from murders and neglected the case. It usually happens that the

authority neglects the same case, taking bribe from defense people. The local Buddhist

people demonstrated in front of the police station to give them the murders but the local

authority said ―Everything has ceased and so appeal to them without much intention‖. In as a

result July 2nd

, the people received the secret message from the Buddhist people in Thandway

town that the eight of Muslim leaders will go to Yangon from Thandway for bribing to the

central court in July 3rd

so they in July 3rd

, 2012, stop the public bus, Romathissa, driven from

Thandway but the driver did not stop. Then, the Buddhists more suspected of that there must

be the Bengalis so they passed the bus by motorcycle and blocked the road and checked the

bus. They saw the eight of Muslim as informed to them before. The Buddhists people

asserted the eight of Muslim not to go to Yangon but they replied to them, ―They can

overcome everything if they have money‖. Such a kind of speech felt the Buddhists so angry.

Therefore, the mobs of Buddhists killed not only eight Muslims but also two of a car owner

and a driver. However, there identified in the some presses, only eight Muslims were killed

by Buddhists in Taunggoke but they omitted the news of two Buddhist killed as well. The

government did not think there could be accident violence in Maungdaw but some of Rahine

Buddhists in social wed site such as – predicted there

will be the huge riot between Rahine and Muslim in Rakhine just as in 2001. As they

predicted, the Bengalis so called Rohingya began to attack to the innocent Rahine Buddhist

people in June 8th

, 2012. At same day night, the government announced that the condition in

Maungdaw, the west of Rakhine State, already became stable and the government planned to

control the region for peace but till the same night, the Bengalis so called Rohingya continued

to burn the villages of Buddhists, kill the innocent Buddhist people and steal the properties

from the empty house due to the running away of the Buddhist people to avoid being killed

by the Bengalis. After the condition was the worse, the government imposed the martial law

in Maungdaw and sent to the security force to there, not enough to the whole township. The

security force was but standing looking at the terrorists and did not arrest immediately the

crimes. Therefore, the Bengalis understood the security force did not dare to shoot or arrest to

them so they broadened their terrorism activities to the villages and continued to the violence

Page 7: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


to the Sittwe in June 10th

, 2012. As we saw the activities of security force and government

soldiers, they did not try to cease the riot but stood looking at the violence instead of arresting

by law the crimes. Their activities seemed purposely creating themselves the violence.

However, the Bengali leaders did not think the point of whether the Myanmar government

made the Rakhine Buddhists and Bengalis quarrel each other. In 2001, the Bengalis and

Rakhine living in Sittwe fought to each other but the arm force did not solve the problem.

They set the fighters free about one and half day. After the loss of lives of Bengalis and

Rakhne, the next day the government imposed the martial law and arrested the innocents who

walked to job and market. It is the procedure of government frequently used to break the

unity of Bengalis and Rakhine.

However, the riot between Rakhine and Bengalis starting in June 8th

,2012 led to

huge terrorism. The brutal attack of Bengalis to innocent Buddhist people was so ugly in

sight of not only the Rakhine Buddhists but also the entire people of Myanamr except

Bengalis. Their attack strategy was so crucial. A witness who kept away from violence said

on phone in June 19th

, 2012 that in some villages from Maungdaw township, the old people

and children who cannot run away were burnt and dead; some of old Buddhist people and

children were sized and thrown into the fire set on by the Bengalis. According to interview

with a little girl named ―Lae Lae Than‖ from a village of Maungdaw township, she said, ―her

father was killed by the Bengalis and mother was seriously wounded to be taken to a hospital

of Yangon‖ and another lady teacher said in interview said that the Bengalis came and

surrounded her village, burnt and killed so she with some of her friends ran away and hided

in mountain but she saw the whole village fired‖. Therefore, the reporter of Eleven Media

Group confirmed that there were about 500 Buddhist people in Maungdaw and its township

lost in violence but the government officially announced that there are 78 people only dead

and 2 security police and 3158 homes were totally destroyed in Rakhine Violence

( It could

be approved because several villages were set fire on and 10 Buddhist people in Kudaung

village and 5 Byinephyu village were killed. The government did not collect the family

catalogue that was dead in Maungdaw immediately and Sittwe but less counted. Why? Some

said the government did not enlarge the violence; if so, they in time need to control the

crimes by being arrested. Why did not do it?

Page 8: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


By a mere look at the increased population, it is not a fair proof to

conclude that the Bengalis so called Rohingyas are a single group evolving in Myanmar

nationality group who had already been with original people since many years ago. For

Buddhists, it is a custom to build their family status in monogamy way but opposed to them,

the Muslim religionists practice the polygamy way in their family style. The polygamy social

system is the way to explore the big amounts of population within a few decades. For

example, Bangladesh population rate is 75 millions in its independent year- 1971 but in 2009

the Bangladesh population rate increased 150 million, more than doubled. This evidence

identifies that the Muslim religionists’ population can quickly upraises within a few decade.

They explores the population in polygamy way. Their population rate in Rakhine terribly

became high within a few decades after the British left from Myanmar.

A look at the generation of Bengalis in Rakhine

As mentioned in introduction, in the time of Men Rajagri in 1612-22 AD, the

Bengali traders had visited to Rakhine for their business but there was no any proof to

proclaim that they even lived their whole lives in Rahine and according to Rakhine Historical

record, the King Men Sawmon had also allowed the Bengalis to live in the outside area of

Mrauk U. In 1660s, Mongolian arrowed armed force had lived in region of Rambray. It may

be said that it is the first entering of Bengalis to Rakhine State. The Maung Thein recorded in

his book ― Indo Burma Conflict‖ that British occupied the Burma with help of Ka La soldiers

and they let the India readers and Bengalis traders to invest and live in Burma. In 1830s, the

British entered the India traders from Madrid to Burma to render the work of firming because

English had no enough funds for haring the Myanmar workers. The same thing was seen in

Historical record of Rakhine. It proved the British must bring the Bengalis to work for land in

Rakhine. The Historian ― Charney‖ recorded, ― Mostly from 1879 onwards, the Bengalis’

entering into Rakhne was increased and the Bengalis, the descendents from claves

families, resided in Kyauktaw and Mrauk U Township; the road was crowded with

newcomer Bengaliss and they were seen in many of places‖(10). The British brought the

Bengali workers from Bangladesh for sloughing. According to making list of family units by

the government, in 1871, there is about 58255 Bengalis population, in 1901 there about

178647 increased but they were ranked as the Indian descendents by authority in 1921.

In 1942, the British made a group of Benglalis in Maungdaw township as a

volunteer corps to fight back the Japanese army. However in reality the Bengali volunteer

Page 9: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


corps about 17000 with arms led by Mohamak, an educator from Chittagong, instead of

fighting the Japanese, killed the Rakhine People and destroyed the Rakhine people’s villages.

The Akyabs commissioner, Smart, reported to the concerns that the Bengalis’ activities

embarrassed the force and they killed many of Rakhine local peoples (according to record,

there were over 200 village totally vanished)(11). When the British planned to give the

independence to the Burma, the Bengalis attempted to join with the Pakistan. They in 1946

sent the representatives of Islam organization ―Jami-atul Ulema-e Islam‖ to Krachi and

discussed with the leaders of British to join the Bhuthidawng and Maungdaw with Pakistan to

make self-control (12). However, the government rejected the proposal. Although there were

about over 200 Rakhine villages in Maungdaw, after the World War II, there were only six

village left, destroyed by Benglis force. 1946, the Islam Liberation Organization was founded

by a Bengali named Zaffer Kawal who came from Chittagong and in 1948 it was changed to

a party of ― Mujahid‖. Since 2 years advance, the Mujahid rebelled and in June 9th

,1948, the

―Mujahid Organization‖ proposing the following report, insisted on the Administration of

Maungdaw township.

1. The west area of Naff River and east part of it must be demarcated as the land of


2. The Muslim in Myanmar must be ranked as the Myanmar ethic group.

3. The Party of Mujahid must be recognized as a official political party.

4. The Auradu landuage must be specified as the official language of Muslim in Rakhine

and in the schools, it is used as a medium language.

5. The victims in Kyauktaw and Mrauk U must be placed in their original land by the


6. The Muslim detainees must be all released.

7. The members of Mujahid must be given the general amnesty (13).

Here an important weak point of Bengalis I would like to point out is that till 1947, there was

nobody of Bengalis used the name of Rohingyas referring to them but Chittagonians, the

immigrants form Chiitagong(San Tha Aung, pp-8, 62/3/4). In the village of Alaythankyaw,

celebrating the Arakan Muslim Conferrence, they asserted the Government to constitute the

north of Rakhine as a the separate free land of Muslim but there was also no Name of

Rohingya they used- 25; why appear now? The representative, Mr. Abdul Gaffar, of

Bhuthidaung first used the name of Rohingya in his article ― the student muslims‖ in the

Gadian Press in Newdehli. And the Bengalis representatives from Bhuthidaung and

Page 10: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


Maungdaw proposed in assemble to give the land of Rohngyas (14). According to Act of

Citizenship in 1984, the Muslims who entered into Myanmar before 1824 were specified as

Citizens but ranted as Bengalis, not Rohingyas (15). From the time onward when Thailand

Government arrested the boat with Bengalis illegally entering into the Thai territory in 2009,

the name of Rohingya was more focused by the world- especially by the UN. They, then,

falsely confessed the Thai authority that they are Rohingya coming from Myanmar. In fact,

they at that time were coming from Bangladesh to Thailand ( March 5,2009).

Some of powerful countries including UN, want the Myanmar to grant the

Rohingya as an ethnic group of Myanmar. However, the name of Rohingya that had never

used referring to one of Myanmar native nationality group and that had not registered to

Myanmar government before is far to be a legal name but a fraudulent name only. That is

why, Dr. Aye Kyaw (July 17th

, 2007) described in his report ― Rohingya and Rakhaing‖ thus

― later 1824, Indian, Bengalis, Chinese and Jews entered into Myanmar for trading but

they are not natives and original ethnic people. Rohingya is a name that appeared in

1948 later after independence of Burma from British and a new created name‖. Michael

W Charney also said that the merchants from Calcutta, Duches and Europeans entered into

Arakan and traded for exchange of gold and the things made of gold in early 17 century and

Bengalis were sold by Duches to Arakan as slves for working in field. It is said in Burma

Gazetteer that in reign of Arakan kings, after conquest to Bangladesh, the Bengalis were

brought to Arakan as slaves. It is possible that there was a world culture that a country

conquers to another country, they used to take the citizens of another country for slaves.

However, the locals called the Bengalis as Chittagonians, not Rohingya. And according to

Rakhine History, it is said after conquest to Rakhine kingdom with the aid of Sultan, the king

Min Saw Mon allowed the Muslims to live in the areas outside the Mrauk U. In 1941, the

authority collected the family units which were used to be made list every ten years. The

authority yet marked the name of Bengalis as Chittagonians in blank of nationality, not

Rohingya and any other referred name to them. That means there was no name of Rohingyas

in Rakhine State up to 1941 and nobody used it in office and society. At that time, there were

90000 populations of Bengalis in of Bhuthidaung but it was estimated that it may be more

than that in Maungdaw regoin. Actually, it is said that a Bengali man named Abukhite said to

U San Tha Aung that the name of Rohingya started to use when the British asked the

Mujahid and his people with full arms for the help. The name of Rohingya was a new name

given by the British Government, not original if so. Dr. Aye Chan described in his paper ―

Page 11: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


who are Rohingya?‖ that the name of Rohingya is a new name which appeared in 1950 in

province of Maungdaw township regarding to the struggle of Bengali educators descendent

from Chittagong, not historical evidence for name of Rohingya. Most of Bengalis are illegal

immigrants who were allowed by the British to enter into Rahine for work when in reign of

British. Their speaking language is also same with Bengali language which is spoken by the

Chittagonians who live therein. Till that time, there had not been a name of Rohingya used by

anyone but Bengalis. In Myanmar, there are eight ethnic minority groups according to native

land- Kaya, Kayin, Kakhin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, Barma and Shan, not any other majority

ethnic group registered in Government.

Dr. Aye Chan identifies the classification of Bengalis so called Rohingya living in

Rakhine State into four kinds – 1) Chittagonians living in province of Mayu, 2) the offsprings

of Bengalis born from the Muslim slave family round about 17 century and 3) Kaman

Muslim born from the professionals of soldiers and 4) the Muslim coming with the Myanmar

soldiers in 1784 in which the Burmese conquered the Arakan Kingdom ( Dr.Aye Chan- pp-

1). Therefore, the majority of Myanmar approves that there is not any ethnic so called

Rohingya in Myanmar not only at present but also before time. However, because of that

fabrication of some news agencies based in foreign countries to become the name of

Rohingya more popular mist powerful countries and of the confirmation of UN to be a

Rohingya ethnic without any of investigation in favor to Bengalis as well as the world of

Iraq, the issue of Bengalis so called Rohingya is an important portion to be taken account

rather than that of democracy and it becomes a highline. The Bengalis are not satisfied with

that they can live in Myanmar as a citizen so they tried to occupy the Myanmar.


With above small historical evidence, it is clear that the name of Rohingya is not

an original name of Bengalis and so are not natives to be granted as one of ethnic group.

However, we could not understand the Bengalis that they themselves target only at the

Rakhine, not other country to gain the own land. They should understand that they can live as

a citizen of Myanmar in Rakhine State as allowed by Government as before. The Bengalis

after named Rohingya are paying intention to fight to the world, not only Rakhine of

Page 12: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


Myanmar but also any other country such as USA. It is because they are opponent

religionists to the Islamists.

At present time, the Rohingyas are creating the sectarian violence in Rahine

State. Firstly they attacked the native people, killed them, burn the Rakhine Villages and take

the property of Rahine People. And, they put on the cloud that they were seemed to be

attacked by the Rakhine People together with government soldiers but no news agency could

rewrite the right news versus scattering the wrong news. It was because some of Burmese

politicians such as Min Ko Nine and Mya Aye including Aung Sun Su Kyi first giving the

speech to the public appealing to the Bengalis as to fact that some Rakhine mobs killed the 8

Bengalis seemed misunderstanding to the world. First in 29th

May, 2012, however it was a

resultant event of Ma Thi Dar Htway killed by Bengalis’ rebels. The great riots began with

Bengalis sectarian violence. Under their fighting, the innocence people were death in number

of 443 who are all Arakanese but they government did not officially announce it because they

are concerned about more exploration of riot. As to that matter, the 88 generation students’

leader (KO Ko Gyi), the president of national assembly (Dr. Aye Maung) and the Chief of

Myanmar Police (U Khin Yee), NLD Party, Daw Aung San Su Kyi (http:// burmese.

arch ives/27036) and any of other private association as well as majority of Myanmar

officially denied that the Bengalis are not Myanmar ethnic nationality living for long time in

Myanmar but immigrants from Bangladesh.

However, whether or not the action of Bengalis is fair and so is that of UN who along

the violence speaks standing by the Bengali: it is no complete trace so it is still needed to

search more. Therefore, this work encourages the readers to study further evidence of

whether or not the Myanmar government should grant the Bengalis as the ethnic minority of


Page 13: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


Photo documents of Terrorism of Bengali terrorists in Rakhine State of Myanmar.

Ma Thida Hyway, age of 26,

raped and killed by the three

murders of Bengalis so called

Rohingyas in Thapyechaung

village of Ranbyay Township,

Rakhine State in May 29th


The Photo of Ma

Thida Htway,

raped and killed

by the three

murders of

Muslim people in

29, May,2012.

The Three Muslim murders

who raped and killed Ma Thida

Htway- left to right;

Roky, RoRy and leader, Htet

Htet who suicides himself

before appearing in court.

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Mosque in the central of Maungdaw, where

the Bengalis gathered for terrorizing the

native Rakhine Buddhists in June 8th,2012.

The Bengalis terrorists led by the Dr. Tun

Aung Kyaw, Bengali man.

The firing of Houses of Rakhine

Buddhsits in Sittwe because of

being burnt down by the Bengalis

Terrorists. ( June 11, 2012)

Seeing a house in Sittwe after being

burnt by Gengalis.

June, 2012

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Terrorist Bengali so-called

Rohingyas from Maung Daw

are crowding to destroy the

native arakanese residents,

using their children as human


Terrorist Bengalis so-called

Rohingyas from Maung Daw are

crowding to destroy the native

arakanese residents.

( Riot Period- June,2012)

The Bengalis expressed in

news that the Myanmar

security force killed them

but hereby we can see that

the security force guards the

Bengalis to go to the

temporal refugee camp.

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Native Arakanese Girls holding

the sharpened bamboo cute, to

protect themselves form

Bengalis terrorists in June 11,


( photo-Rauters)

A woman with her daughter crying

out for her husband who was dead

killed by Bengali terrorists.


The villagers from Kudaung

village going to cemetery to bury

the dead body of a teacher killed

by Bengali Terrorist.


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Terrorist Bengali so-called Rohingyas

from Maung Daw , the west part of

Myanmar, setting fire on the road.

( June,2012)

Native arakanese blind man

holds a sharpened bamboo

stick to protect his home

from terrorist Bengali so-

called Rohingya (Photo-


( Riot Period- June, 2012)

A buddhist monk injured by the

attack of Banghli rioters in

Dhanyawaddi village of Sittway


( June,2012)

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The Rakhine People living in

Yangon, praying to the

Shwedagon Seti for the

Rakhine People killed by

Bengalis terrorists in violence

in Rakhine in June,2012.

The Rakhine victims of

Terrorism by Bengalis who

illegally entered into


(Riot period-11,6, 2012)

Aide Médicale Internationale NRS ex-

Medical Officer Dr. Khin Maung Latt

had been stabbed by a Bengali girl so-

called Rohingya who lived with them for

house service maid.

— with Aide Médicale Internationale.

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The cheating news of

Bengalis to be

broadcasted to the

world news that they

were killed by

Rakhine Buddhists.

( June, 2012)

Pressed in a newspaper of

Bangladesh ( Cheating News)

Dead bodies bomb exploration

near the bridge of Myawady, the

east of Myanmar.

Propagating the

swindling news of

Bengalis to the

world that the

Bengalis were

killed by Rakhine


Expressed in an Indonesia website : the Bengalis illegally entered into

the Indonesia.

Page 20: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


The smoking from burning the

houses from Shwebya quarter in

Sittwe, it was burnt up by the


( June,2012)

The innocent

Rakhine Buddhist

people, as the

victims staying in a

Buddhist temple in



Seeing the firing of houses in

Sittwe , being burnt by Bengali



Page 21: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar



exploration of

population in

Bangladesh is

a treat to the

Rakhine State

of Myanmar.

Especially to

the West Area.

The Rkhine Buddhists carrying out

their properties to the place escaped

from attack from Bengalis, leaving

their own houses.


Some of Rakhine victims who

abandoned their houses and

temporally live in a Buddhist

temple in Sittwe, because of

brutal attack of Bengalis. (



Page 22: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


A Rakhine Buddhist devotee carrying out the Buddha

statute from House, to be freed from Bengalis terrorists’

attack in Sittwe.

( 11,6,2012)

The firing of Houses burnt

down by the Bengali

Terrorists in Sittwe.

( June,2012)

Seeing the house

after burnt down by

the Bangelis in



Page 23: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar


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Page 25: Is Rohingya an Ethnic Minority of Myanmar



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