iserv technical repeater manual base: 8660 repeater: 4024


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iServ Technical Repeater Manual Base: 8660 Repeater: 4024 Slide 2 Install a Repeater Firmware has to be done on all devices:(Follow Firmware Procedure) Handset Base Station Repeater Login onto Base Repeater Tab. DECT sync Mode-Manually RPN-Select RPN Where Repeater will be installed. DECT Sync Source-Point RPN (Base Station) closest to repeater. If Multi Cell is used, check the Multi cell tab for RPN details. Click Save. Open Repeater Tab again. Slide 3 Select desired repeater. Click register. Repeater will have flashing green LED. Once registered, LED will be solid Green. DB level will be provided. DO NOT exceed -80db on the repeaters. Repeater has been setup successfully. Registering a Repeater Slide 4 Repeater Firmware Procedure Place the Repeater Upgrade file in root directory. Install the dongle drivers. Check Comport in Device Manager. Go to Root file: Open FL7.cfg with Notepad. Edit the Comport. Save & Exit. Open CMD prompt and type the following: Fl.bat rota (Press the TAB button, this will auto complete the file name). C:\Repeater Upgrade>fl.bat Rota.spi_v0026.hex Insert the Dongle into the Dongle kit and Repeater. Press and HOLD the Dongle Button. Insert the Power cable into the Dongle Kit. Release the Dongle button. Press enter on the CMD Prompt. Wait for Success. FIRMWARE COMPLETE. Slide 5 Firmware Locations Samsung Dealer: ware/I-Serv%20IP%20DECT/ ware/I-Serv%20IP%20DECT/ Username: Dealer Username Password: Dealer Password NON Samsung Dealer: Username: iserv Password: iserv Slide 6 Repeater Upgrade Kit Slide 7 Repeater Upgrade Video Press Play