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IT 6710 Presenation Makeover Cathy Halterbaum Relationship Marketing


  • 1.Relationship Marketing 101
    Talking to a Prospect..

2. Relationship Marketing
Dont make a presentation..
..have a conversation!
3. YOU have the products and the business opportunity to solve a problem or need that your prospect has.
4. How do you get them to look?
5. Heres the key to being successful in relationship marketing.
6. You are a solutions provider....NOT a sales person.
7. If you are tying to SELL people on looking at your business, you will have a poor success rate.
People are being sold things all day long!
8. People dont need more things..they need real solutions to problems or needs.
It is your job to find people that might be interested in your solution to their problem or need.
9. How do you do that?
10. You need to speak to them in a way that relates to their personality. If you don't, you will not connect.
11. Personality Colors
One way to connect is to use the concept of personality colors.
Personality color is a way of easily recognizing a person's personality type and allows you to speak to them in their language.
12. So, what really matters is the color of your prospect and how to figure it out.
13. Here are the four Personality Colors (Types)in the general population
Yellow35% of the population
Blue15% of the population
Green35% of the population
15% of the population
14. Characteristics of the Personality Types
They love to help people.
They will do more for others than themselves.
They are the kindest and most pleasant people.
They are professional huggers. They make great leaders. They have integrity.
They are team players.
They won't impose their opinions on others.
15. Characteristics of the Personality Types
They like to party and have fun, travel and adventure.
They like trying new things. They love meeting new people. To them, there is no such thing as a stranger.
They will bring the most people to a meeting.
They are always talking, never listen. They hardly ever follow-up with people. They are too busy meeting new people. They are big picture people. They are action people.
16. Characteristics of the Personality Types
They are all about information and data. They are the accountants, engineers, bookkeepers, and computer programmers. They take a lot of time to make decisions. They want to be right. They are not good people people. They avoid talking to people. They are great leaders. They know all the information. They will be with you for a long time.
17. Characteristics of the Personality Types
They like to be in charge. They like to tell people what to do. They are great organizers. They are all about the money. They are bottom-line people. They don't always listen. They already have all the right answers. Every red you meet, they think they are a yellow. They love competition. They love recognition. They will make the most money in network marketing. They will do things their way.
18. When inviting a prospect to a meeting or presentation..
.consider their personality type.
19. For the yellow you would emphasize the opportunity to help, care and nurture others.
20. For the blue you would emphasize the fun, the parties, the chance to meet lots of people, and to talk a lot.
21. For the green you need to provide lots of information and since they don't like meeting people, you would show them your business presentation over the Internet.
22. For the red you would emphasize the opportunity to make lots of money, be in charge, organize people, get plenty of recognition, and have lots of competition.
23. How do you determine a persons personality type?
24. When you meet a yellow.
Open and direct
Casual clothing
Warm handshake
Honest answers, but no details
Soft, slow voice
dependable, caring, team players
Easy going
Shows concern for others
Will want to talk about you more than themselves
25. When you meet a blue.
see the "Big Picture" instantly
Open and direct
Talk, talk, talk
Bright colored clothing
Firm and fast handshake
Friendly, fun-loving
May seem self-centered
Easy going
voice is loud and fast
Convincing and enthusiastic
26. When you meet a green.
Clothes meticulously ironed and creased down the middle
has to be perfect
talks slowly
dress formally and conservatively
have to be probed for personal information
not open and not direct
Love facts and figures
accurate and persistent with great follow through
27. When you meet a red.
love competition
great organizers
very intense
dress for success
like to be in charge
bottom-line people
focused and goal-oriented
are all about the money
love recognition
Self-contained and direct
28. Now that you can recognize personality types, you can tailor your approach to finding a solution to their problem or need. It is all about being relatable.
You want to get them to at least take a look at either the product or the opportunity or both.
29. Whats the next step?
30. flexible.
Keep it simple..
31. With practice you will very soon be able to pinpoint the personality type of the person..
..who sent you an email..
..the person you are speaking with on the phone..
..or the complete stranger walking through the mall ahead of you.
32. When you know the likes and dislikes of the four personality types, it gives you a slight edge and helps you know how to effectively relate and interact with each type.
33. You can quickly grab and hold a person's complete attention when you can relate to them by asking questions based on their personality type.
An instant bond develops.
34. Remember...people join people, they do NOT join companies!
35. When talking to a yellow personality remember..
36. To talk to a yellow, be a yellow. Take the excitement out of your voice and slow down. They see excitement as hype" and will tune you out when you start talking about the $10,000 a month.
Youll notice it is very easy to get along with a Yellow straight away. Theyll show concern for you and try to talk about the things youre interested in. Theyll talk more in terms of we and our, rather than I or my.
37. Examples of some ways to approach the Yellow personality type:
38. Example 1:
Mary and Sue, as you know, in this economy everyone is struggling and seems to be looking for ways to secure their financial future. I have been looking for something to do on the side that wont take me away from my family like an office job. I need to make more money....and I found a way!
39. Example 2:
Jill, I decided thatI need to diversify my income, I have been looking for something that has flexible hours, that would not interfere with
my current work or take me away from my family, but would provide me with a strong income potential, and I have found it! Now I need some help. If I could show you a way to make extra money too, would you be willing to learn more and possibly join me as a business partner?
40. Example 3:
Amy, are you looking to make more money and develop better financial security for your family without leaving for an office every day? I have something I would like to show you that could work for both of us.would you be willing to listen?
41. When talking to a blue personality remember..
42. Get excited when you talk to the blue, talk about the vacation and the family but make it the fun stuff. They dislike being alone, not having fun and a lot of facts and figures.
They cant help but talk, talk, talk. Theyll give you all the juicy details that you didnt even ask for. Theyll exaggerate.
Blues are also very easy to get along with. They are friendly people. Just dont bore them.
43. Examples of some ways to approach the Blue personality type:
44. Example 1:
Susie, I have just discovered a new business with great products that I believe is going to give me the opportunity to meet a lot of fun people,and be financially rewarding....and I am really excited about it!
45. Example 2:
Janie, I just got into a business with some real movers and shakers that are going to take the health and wellness sector to another level. You have a great sense for business and people so could I get you to listen to a friend of mine who I am working with to see if you see the potential that I see in this thing?
46. Example 3:
Tom, I heard you took the family to Florida on vacation this year! I bet that was a blast. We have not been able to take a family vacation in over 2 years.but that is about to change.I just got into a business with some real savvy business people that are going to take the health and wellness sector to another level. Can you come to a meeting this Thursday night and meet some great people who have also taken advantage of this opportunity?
47. When talking to a green personality remember..
48. Never be late or miss an appointment with a green, don't speak too fast or too slow and enunciate all your words correctly.
Give them all the information, answer all their questions, be upfront and give them more web-sites to visit.
Never push or rush a green, let them figure it all out at their own pace and they'll call you when they have it all analyzed or need more information.
49. Examples of some ways to approach the Green personality type:
50. Example 1:
Dave, every 5 to 7 years a new company brings the right success formula to the market place and breaks all previous records in their industry. Our company is doing that right now because of the convergence of so many unique trends that you can capitalize on. Would you be willing to take a look at my website, send me an email or give me a call and let me know what you think.
51. Example 2:
I have decided to leverage my time with an innovative young company that is positioned to take full advantage of the shift in the economy and the power of social marketing and the Internet. Jay, if you could make some serious additional income from home a few hours a week without jeopardizing your current job would you be willing to take a look? Here is my business card with my website.
52. Example 3:
John, I have started to work with an innovative young company that is positioned to take full advantage of the growing Internet and wellness market. If you could make some serious additional income working from home setting your own hours, would you be at least willing to take a look? I have the URL to the business where you can find information on the company founders and the potential of this company. Please call me after you have done your research.I would love to hear what you think.
53. When talking to a red personality, remember..
54. Reds are focused and goal-oriented, very intense and will go after the money no matter what it takes!
When you meet with a red theyll be asking you the questions and controlling the conversation. And theyll want quick, straight to the point answers.
Emphasize team building and how they could build their own team. Show them company-wide competition for prizes such as trips to warm places.
55. Examples of some ways to approach the Red personality type:
56. Example 1:
Jennifer, we have an organization of seasoned entrepreneurs who know how to build successful businesses. We are looking for individuals who can take a company national and then international. Would you be interested in a key leadership position?
57. Example 2:
I wanted to ask both of you if the timing is right for you to learn about an expanding business that you can capitalize on? If I can show you a way to diversify your income without side stepping your current job, would I have your attention and interest?
58. Example 3:
Joe, have you been following the trends in Direct Sales or Network Marketing? Donald Trump just started a network marketing business. The experts say the best time to get involved with a good company is within the first 5 years. Guess what I have come across?
59. Now you know the basics of relationship marketing, how to recognize the four different personality types and the best way to approach each type of prospect with the Qivana business opportunity.
60. Now you can identify their personality color
..speak their language.
.be relatable..
61. build your business!