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• Rome is the capital city of Italy. It is a huge city. It has many famous landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Leaning tower of Pisa and many many more. The population of the city is 2,546,806 people. Romulas was the founder of Rome. He named the major city after himself.

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Roman History

• Legend tells us that Romulus and Remus were the founders of Rome. The two boys were the sons of Mars, the God of War.

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Roman History continued• When they were very young they were abandoned

by the banks of the River Tiber and left to fend for themselves. Luckily for them, they were found by a she-wolf who took pity on them and fed them with her milk.

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Roman History, continued

• Later a shepherd found the boys and took them home to look after them. He ended up raising the boys as his own children. The boys grew up to be very strong and clever and they decided to build a town on the spot where the shepherd had found them.

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Roman History, continued

• Shortly after building the town the twins had a big argument about who should be in charge. Romulus overpowered his brother Remus, who died in the fight. Romulus then became the first king of this town which he named Rome, after himself.

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The Centre of an Empire

• Rome was a city in central Italy that ruled one of the world’s greatest empires. Rome began around 1000B.C. as a village of wooden huts, but soon grew rich and powerful.

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• By 200 B.C. the Romans ruled most of Italy and started to invade neighbouring lands. They conquered a vast empire that stretched between what we now call Scotland and Turkey.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa

• The Leaning Tower of Pisa is the bell tower of the cathedral. Its construction began in August 1173 and continued for about 200 years. When the tower started leaning the architects decided to strengthen the foundations and keep it from leaning, instead of demolishing the tower.

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The Colosseum

• The Colosseum was originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. It is a giant stadium. Long ago slaves would fight and die for the amusement of the Caesar and spectators.

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The Colosseum

• The slaves would have to fight against lions, amateur fighters and expert fighters and sometimes even tigers. Most of the time the slaves would die, but some would survive till another day. It is in the east of Rome.

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The Vatican City

• Vatican City, officially State of the Vatican City, whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. At approximately 108.7 acres, it is the smallest independent nation in the world and is classified as a microstate.

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The Pope • The current pope is

Benedict XVI. Pope (from Latin: papa, Papa, father; from Greek: father) is the Bishop of Rome and the head of the Roman Catholic Church. He is believed by Catholics to fulfil this role as the successor of Saint Peter.

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The Pope

• The Pope ( Benedict XVI) lives in St. Peter’s Basilica in St. Peter’s Square. He is the ruler of the Holy Catholic Church. He has personal guards called Swiss guards.

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Roman Gods

• The Romans worshipped many different Gods. Jupiter, the King of the gods, protected Roman lands. His wife Juno was worshipped by married women. Mars was the god of war. Venus was the goddess of love. Diana, the moon goddess, guarded young girls and young animals.

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Roman Gods

• Neptune, god of the sea, sent earthquakes and terrible storms. Vesta was the goddess of Roman homes. Her priestesses tended a holy flame in a temple in the Forum in Rome.

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Facts about Italy

• Italy is slightly bigger than Arizona.• Almost 20% of Italians are over 65 years old.• The average Italian family has 1.27 children.• The city of Naples gives its name to the pizza.• The Italian flag is inspired by the French flag

introduced during Napoleon's 1797 invasion of the peninsula.

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The national emblems of Italy

• The national emblems of Italy are the eagle, the lily and the laurel wreath. Each are beautiful creations of nature.

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The Italian Coat of Arms

• Italy’s current arms date back to 1948. At the centre is a white star with a red border stemming from arms of previous kingdoms. The tips pointing downwards symbolise Italy as a united state.

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Italy made football history when they won the

2006 FIFA World Cup for the 3rd time!!!!!

Come on the Italians!!!!!!!!!

World Cup Winners!!!!!

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The highest mountain in Italy

• Name: Mount Blanc• Height: 4,807m /

15,774ft• First Ascent: 8-8-1786

by Jacques Balmat and Michel-Gabriel Paccard.

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Mount Blanc

• Monte Blanc also known as "La Dame Blanche" in the Alps, is the highest mountain in western Europe

• The mountain lies between the regions of the Aosta Valley, Italy and Huate-Savoie in France

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Longest river in Italy

• The Po is the longest river in Italy. It is situated in Torino, Italy. It is 650 km long. The river is a beautiful geographical site in the north-west of Italy.

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The Mona Lisa

• Mona Lisa is a 16th century painting by Leonardo di Vinci, and is arguably the most famous painting in the world. Few works of art have been subject to as much scrutiny, study or mythologizing.

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Leonardo Di Vinci• The Mona Lisa was

painted by Leonardo Di Vinci and is owned by the French government. It hangs in the Musee Du Lourve in Paris. The painting, a half-length portrait, depicts a woman whose gaze meets the viewer's with an expression often described as enigmatic.

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The national sport of Italy

• Football is the national sport of Italy. Italy has many top-class clubs such as A.C. Milan and Inter Milan. They also have many world-class players such as Luca Toni and Fabio Cannavora ( shown right ).

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The Patron Saint of ItalySaint Francis of Assisi is the patron saint

of Italy.

Facts about Francis : • Born: 1182 in Assisi, Italy• Died: 3rd of October 1226 in Porziuncola, Assisi.• Main shrine: Basillica of San Francesco d’Assisi • Feast: 4th October• Patronage: Animals, merchants, Italy, the

enviornment and cub scouts

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