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Iterative Design 101 Penn State Web Conference - 2014 Developme nt

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The web is this magical place where everyone has opinions on what isn't working and why. The call for website (and, let's face it, primarily homepage) redesigns comes from all sides at the most inopportune times. Instead of embarking on a massive project where scope creep and HIPPO's will eat your soul, start making small, goal-oriented, data-driven changes to content and IA. The results may surprise even the most vocal of HIPPO's.


  • Iterative Design 101 Penn State Web Conference - 2014
  • @shelleykeith Director of Digital Communications University of Mary Washington o10 years .edu oSmall biz ecommerce oProject management oStrategery oProcess and purpose oMe designer
  • HiPPO: a definition Highest Paid Persons Opinion
  • Low Hanging Fruit oFitness for use o navigation o content o relevant imagery o10-second test oSearch engine friendly oAnecdotal feedback, user tests, analytics oF-pattern
  • F-Pattern Test
  • Lets talk iteration
  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Admissions Landing Page 1st iteration
  • Iterative Design 2nd iteration
  • Iterative Design iteration 3
  • Iterative Design - Now we're getting somewhere
  • Another Iteration.
  • You cant predict what the final result is going to be. You can only make small course corrections. The final thing is the result of the process. Lori Packer (@loripa)
  • Always Be Iterating
  • Helpful Links. LOLZ.
  • Helpful Links. Realz.
  • Actually helpful.
  • My Thought Process o The web is your largest, most utilized and most versatile communications tool. o Use the resources you have to gain maximum value. o Blogs, social media, student generated content, campus event coverage, traditional media coverage, etc. o Content, content, content.
  • Working with HiPPOs. oFocus on measurable goals. Define success. Evaluate constantly. oUse your data. Promote your wins. Build capital. Be the expert.
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