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  1. 1. #VelocityConf @VelocityConf @timoreilly Its Not About Technology Tim OReilly Velocity May 27, 2015
  2. 2. #VelocityConf @VelocityConf @timoreilly If you take a flat map And move wooden blocks upon it strategically, The thing looks well, the blocks behave as they should. The science of war is moving live men like blocks. And getting the blocks into place at a fixed moment. But it takes time to mold your men into blocks And flat maps turn into country where creeks and gullies Hamper your wooden squares. They stick in the brush, They are tired and rest, they straggle after ripe blackberries, And you cannot lift them up in your hand and move them. It is all so clear in the maps, so clear in the mind, But the orders are slow, the men in the blocks are slow To move, when they start they take too long on the way - The General loses his stars, and the block-men die In unstrategic defiance of martial law Because still used to just being men, not block parts. From Stephen Vincent Benet, John Brown's Body
  3. 3. #VelocityConf @VelocityConf @timoreilly In this fast-paced event, you'll hear from business and IT leaders who are successfully reinventing their organizations to boost profits and create a culture of optimization, performance, and continuous delivery. You'll learn how to use IT-driven innovation to respond quickly to opportunities, reduce time-to-market, and gain a competitive advantage over businesses that follow more traditional practice.
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  8. 8. Lyft driver dynamic view of passenger concentration by neighborhood @conference @timoreilly Data exposed to workers, not just managers Most importantly, workers have agency: they choose when and how long to work Uber surge pricing makes a market to match supply and demand
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  14. 14. @timoreilly This is technology used to give workers super powers Dick Tracy: 1946 Star Trek: 1964
  15. 15. #VelocityConf @VelocityConf @timoreilly a culture of optimization, performance, and continuous delivery
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  18. 18. @timoreilly The secret to high performance and satisfactionat work, at school, and at homeis the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world.
  19. 19. @timoreilly even in low-cost settings, leaving employees behindwith bad jobsis a choice, not a necessity. Drawing on more than a decade of research, Ton shows how operational excellence enables companies to offer the lowest prices to customers while ensuring good jobs for their employees and superior results for their investors.
  20. 20. #VelocityConf @VelocityConf @timoreilly Technologies can treat people like Steven Vincent Benets wooden blocks, or they can recognize, anticipate, and take advantage of their humanity.
  21. 21. #VelocityConf @VelocityConf @timoreilly This is the great challenge of the 21st century