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  • IVF and PGD
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  • In Vitro Fertilization First test tube baby Louise Brown - 1978 According to CDCs 2010 ART Success Rates, 147,260* ART cycles were performed at 443 reporting clinics in the United States during 2010, resulting in 47,090 live births. There are 5 clinics who do ARTs in the Kansas City area.
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  • STEPS OF IVF 1. ovarian hormonal stimulation 2. retrieval of egg
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  • 3.Fertilization ICSI 66%
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  • 4. Selection of embryos for transfer
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  • 5. Transfer of embryos
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  • Embryos not transferred are destroyed or frozen in liquid nitrogen - 50% death rate in thawing process
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  • US Average IVF Success Rates, 2003- 2009, data according to CDC/SART The use of ARTs doubles the risk of birth defects
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  • Selective reduction 2-3 embryos are usually introduced into the uterus. If the parents only want one child, but more embryos implant, many choose selective reduction. This has become a commonplace procedure, even for those who conceive naturally. A potassium chloride solution is injected into the babys heart, he dies, and then later is born with the other baby.
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  • PGD One cell is removed from the embryo. Genetic analysis of its DNA is done. Embryos who have the desired traits are introduced into the mothers uterus. Undesirable embryos are destroyed or used for research purposes.