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Ventura blvd. November 2010 Jaguar Land Rover: An overview

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This document is designed to provide you with an overview of the Jaguar Land Rover Group and an insight into the global Jaguar brand.


Page 1: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Ventura blvd.

November 2010

Jaguar Land Rover: An overview

Page 2: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Jaguar Land Rover Group

Overview 04

Philosophy 05

Global network 06

Financial information 07

Key people 08

Brand & product framework 09

The Jaguar Brand

Heritage 11

Current line-up 13

The Marketplace

Competitive landscape 16

Comparative sales figures 17-19


Current Communication

Agency relationships 22

Advertising 23

Digital 24

Social Media 25

Sponsorship 26

Environment 27


Media coverage 29

Bibliography and links 30

About William 31

Page 3: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Jaguar Land Rover Group

Page 4: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is a business built around two great British

car brands that design, engineer and manufacture in the UK.

Jaguar, founded in 1922, is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of luxury sports saloons and sports cars. Land Rover is a world-

renowned manufacturer of premium 4x4s based in the UK.

JLR is owned by the Indian firm, TATA Group, who bought the firm

from the Ford Motor Company in 2008 for a reported $2.5bn.

Employing nearly 15,000 people with a large manufacturing base and

headquarters in the Midlands, JLR is an employer of choice supporting a large number of supplier organisations across the UK

and Europe.

At present all Jaguar and Land Rover models are built in the UK (with

the exception of the left-hand-drive Land Rover Defender which is produced in Spain). JLR operates a complex and costly export model

to distribute products to markets across the world. Because of this TATA announced in May this year it has plans to open a Chinese

manufacturing plant for Jaguar Land Rover.

JLR Group: Overview

Page 5: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Our philosophy is about creating cars that are as great as they possibly can be. This ethos extends to our people. From the heart of our engineering operations to the glamour of our showrooms, our people are at the heart of our success and it’s their ideas, beliefs and ambitions that truly drive us.

” Jaguar Land Rover Careers

Page 6: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

JLR Group: A global network

172 countries


Jaguar Land Rover operates in

vehicles sold last year

2,238 franchised dealers globally

Page 7: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

JLR Group: TATA Motors financials

£2.26bn Revenue Quarter ending June 2010:

(Boosted heavily by Jaguar Land Rover sales)

£399m Quarter Profit:

Page 8: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Phil Popham Director of Global Sales & Opps,

Jaguar Land Rover

JLR Group

Jeremy Vincent CIO

Jaguar Land Rover

Des Thurlby HR Director

Jaguar Land Rover

Kenneth Gregor CFO

Jaguar Land Rover

David Betteley Director of Financial Services

Jaguar Land Rover

Phil Hodgkinson Director of Product Dev.

Jaguar Land Rover

Mike Wright Executive Director

Jaguar Land Rover

Colin Green Managing Director

Land Rover

John Edwards Global Brand Director

Land Rover

Gerry McGovern Design Director

Land Rover

Mike O’Driscoll Managing Director


Adrian Hallmark Global Brand Director


Ian Callum Design Director


Victoria Morris Global Comms Director


Jonathan Carrier Global Product Strategy &

Market Research Manager Jaguar

TATA Carl-Peter Forster CEO

TATA Motors

JLR Group: Key people

Page 9: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Range Rover Evoque

Out 2011


Compact 4x4


Midsize 4x4



Range Rover Sport

Luxury Midsize 4x4

Range Rover

Flagship Luxury 4x4




High-performance Saloon


Coupe & Convertible XKR

High-performance Coupe &



Flagship Luxury Saloon


Out 2011

JLR Group: Brand & Product Framework

Page 10: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

The Jaguar brand

Page 11: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

The Jaguar brand: Heritage

Jaguar is a British car brand that operates on a global scale.

Encompassing a rich history in motorsport and in popular culture, Jaguar is considered by many to be quintessentially British. Founded

in the 20s, Jaguar is marks its 75th anniversary this year.

It’s likely Jaguar’s British image stems from a long-standing

relationship with both the Royal Family and the British Government. The XJ model in particular, has long being a favourite of British

politicians, with current Prime Minister, David Cameron most recently taking delivery of the all new XJ.

Page 12: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Where Jaguar sat in the 60s with its purity and beauty, the world today is visually very aggressive - Jaguar can’t afford to be too subtle.

Ian Callum, Jaguar Design Director

Page 13: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Award-winning sporty saloon,

starting from £29,900

High performance coupe and

convertible starting at £62,500

Luxury flagship saloon, starting

from £53,900

The Jaguar brand: Current product range

Page 14: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

With 22,000 XFs on the road in the UK, the growing popularity speaks for itself… at the end of 2009 our order book was nearly full with customers wanting an XF.

” Jaguar UK

Page 15: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

The Marketplace

Page 16: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

The ‘Challenger’ Brands Jaguar faces increased pressure from newer luxury brands from Toyota, Nissan and Honda who undercut on price and exceed in reliability surveys. Lexus and Infiniti are particularly prevalent in the US and Russian markets, and Nissan’s Infiniti brand has recently launched in the UK and Europe.

The Incumbent Rivals

Jaguar’s closest rivals both

on price and product are

German brands BMW,

Mercedes and Audi,

competing on a global scale.

Local Domestic Brands In the US, Jaguar faces some competition from domestic premium brands including Ford’s Lincoln and GM’s Cadillac.

Super Luxury British Brands In terms of brand image and positioning, Jaguar also competes with more high-end British luxury brands such as Bentley, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce.

The Marketplace: Competitive Landscape

Page 17: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

UK Sales Figures (September 2010)





0 5,000 10,000 15,000

Jaguar may have the smallest monthly sales figures,

but they have the smallest product range but

command the highest average price.

Source: SMMT

The Marketplace: Quality, not quantity in UK?

Page 18: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

U.S. Sales Figures (October 2010)





0 5,000 10,000 15,000

Source: SMMT

The Marketplace: Sales weaker in the U.S.

Page 19: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview



Source: Reuters

The Marketplace: Sales growing rapidly in China

up 129% up 45% up 177% up 38%

Page 20: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

We believe that as the society here matures, the Chinese luxury market has a very bright future.

” Lorenz Glaab, Jaguar China

Page 21: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Current communication

Page 22: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Global ATL advertising agency

Euro RSCG won the global Jaguar account from

Y&R in 2005. The account is run from both London

and New York and covers the European and North

American markets.

Media planning, buying & sponsorship

Most recently implemented Sky cricket


DM & BTL agency

Wunderman provides for the strategic development

and execution of all direct mail communications in

the UK market, together with response handling, full

data services and contact centre management for

both retail and business to business marketing.

Current communication: Agency relationships

Page 23: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

TV / Cinema Press

Direct Mail

“This is the new Jaguar” - current

“Gorgeous” - 2006-2007

Current communication: Advertising

Page 24: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

iConfigurator iPhone app Build, spec and customise the complete Jaguar

range on your iPhone

Jaguar Magazine iPad app “Explore Jaguar’s world in a whole new


Jaguar ‘Driven

Intelligence’ iPhone app News, features and content in

partnership with The Telegraph

Consistent global websites



Current communication: Digital

Page 25: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

@JaguarUKPR Twitter

“The Jaguar UK press office

bringing you the latest news,

images and more.”

Jaguar Facebook page

“Pictures, film, news, chat,

welcome to Jaguar on


153,609 fans 2,537 followers

Jaguar YouTube Channel

Videos, discussions,


655 subscribers

Total views: 619,770

Jaguar is active across the usual social channels, engaging with customers

and journalists through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Current communication: Social

Page 26: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

England Cricket Team

Official Vehicle Supplier

‘Jaguar at the Berkeley’ Boutique

Pop-up showcase for the new XJ

Jaguar and Team Sky

TEAMORIGIN Americas Cup Sailing

Racing at Ascot and York

Current communication: Sponsorship

Page 27: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Events & Motor shows

Dealerships Jaguar ‘Racing Heart’ Track Experience

Current communication: Experiential

Page 28: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview


Page 29: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

JLR Group Media coverage

Page 30: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

Jaguar Global

Jaguar Media Site

Jaguar Interactive (North America)

Jaguar UK homepage

Jaguar UK Twitter account

Jaguar Facebook page

Jaguar YouTube channel

Official Jaguar images (all high-res)

Jaguar Racing Heart Track Experiences


OICA – International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers

Jaguar 360 – Environment & Social Reporting

Ultimate Destination – JLR Careers site

Victoria Morris LinkedIn profile

Jonathan Carrier LinkedIn profile

Bibliography Useful links

Page 31: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

William Smith is a Brand & PR strategist with

experience in the UK and United States.

He recognizes the importance of building a consistent

brand and has worked with world-class clients including

KPMG, Skype, AstraZeneca, Expedia, Oxfam,

Eircom, General Mills, Corky McMillin and DFDS

Seaways, as well as helping a number of smaller brands.

William believes that online and offline brand behavior

is not mutually exclusive, and that by aligning what a

brand says with what it does, it actually add value to

peoples’ lives.

About William.


Page 32: Jaguar Land Rover: An Overview

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