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Branson PM MOPS Newsletter for the month of January.


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    Mission Control: Where Super Moms Get Their Ideas January 2010

    Where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them. Matthew 18:20

    The Reason for the SeasonThe Reason for the SeasonThe Reason for the SeasonThe Reason for the Season

    There is quite a lot wrong with me.

    Oh yeah, Im not perfect. Alert the

    media. I eat too much, watch too

    much trash TV, lose my temper too

    often with my children, and I blame

    my husband for things that arent

    really his fault when I am feeling im-

    patient, anxious or hungry. And those

    are just the things I could think of

    without much reflection or soul

    searching. Im sure that if I applied

    myself I could fill much of this news-

    letter (and then some) with a list of

    my shortcomings.

    So, it stands to reason that I should

    have a pretty substantial and con-

    crete list of New Years resolutions. I

    dont. I have come to realize that the

    ways in which I really need to trans-

    form are rarely the ones that make it

    to that yearly manifesto we call New

    Years Resolutions. Yes, it would be

    great if I lost some weight, or took

    control of my temper, or became a

    more discerning watcher of less tele-

    vision. However, when I take an hon-

    est look at why I might resolve to

    make improvements in these areas, it

    really is all about me. I want to look

    good to impress others. I want to be

    a model parent so that others, in-

    cluding my children and husband,

    will admire my skills.

    In short, I want to feel good about

    myself. And while this might be a

    great motivator to start building more

    positive qualities into my life, it will fall

    woefully short of insuring a lasting,

    meaningful change in the core of who I

    am. Why? Because it all depends on

    me. If I sincerely want to be a better

    person, I need to take an honest look

    at my faults and then remember the

    real reason for the season. We often

    use that phrase, the reason for the

    season, to remind ourselves and oth-

    ers about the true meaning of Christ-

    mas: remembering that we have a Lord

    and Savior, Jesus Christ, who gave

    everything to save us. In light of His

    amazing sacrifice, all that we do should

    be done with the aim of honoring and

    glorifying Him. So, I think we need to

    take this phrase many, many steps fur-

    ther and start applying it to every sea-

    son of our lives. If I truly want to

    change for the better, the reason for

    that change needs to be for the ulti-

    mate good. My desire needs to be that

    the goodness and light of God with

    shine brightly through me and draw

    others to Him, and not that others will

    notice and admire me.

    Inside this Issue: Reason for the Season ~ 1

    Results Are In- 2 Service Update ~ 2 Space Team - 2

    Upcoming Events- 3 Mentor Mailbag ~ 4 MOPS Dates - 4 Sir Speedy - 4 Craft ~ 4 Cartoon ~ 5

    Congratulations - 5 MOPS Classifieds- 6 Rocket Science ~ 7 Next Meeting - 8

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    12th 12th 12th 12th

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    The Space Team Coordinators: Tennille Michel ~ 417.335.4807 Mary Blackwood ~ 417.335.5437 Finance: Meoldy Alms ~ 417.561.2602 Publicity: DeAnna Sheets ~ 417.880.9936 Prayer & Care: Amy Wilhoit ~ 417.336.9822 Hospitality: Jen Cooper ~ 417.496.6133 Renea Daniels ~ 417.339.3335 MOPPETS: Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381 Jenine Conway ~ 417.239.0632

    Service Coordinator: Teresa Boyd ~ 417.634.0381 Craft Coordinator: Hollie Holderfield ~ 417.263.0484 Small Group Coordinator: Kelly Skoglund ~ 404.819.6527 Mentors: Carolyn Loften ~ 417.336.5487 Peg Welte ~ 417.335.2525

    Small Groups Leaders: Jordan Miller ~ 417.230.5072 Sarah Matthews ~ 417.334.58.12 Sara DeLawder ~ 417.230.2811 Stacy McNeill ~ 417.336.1111 Kara Swofford ~ 417.336.1937 Maryann Riveros ~ 417.336.8706 Vanessa Hogan ~ 417.335.3785 Kathy Morgan ~ 417.339.4108 Kim Matthews ~ 417.230.6409 Kami Biedenstein ~ 417.348.0695 Tami Guerin~ 417.880.7370

    The Results Are In. . . . MOPS Poll 2009

    This month we had 48 moms respond to our results are in survey. Heres what they had to say!

    Which do you eat at Christmas?

    Turkey 33.3% Ham 43.8% Other 22.9% Christmas Tree

    Real 12.5% Artificial 87.5% What color lights are on your tree?

    Multi-color Lights 36.9% White 60.4% When do you put your Christmas tree up?

    Before Thanksgiving 27.1% After Thanksgiving 72.9%

    I hope that the changes I do make this year

    will have less to do with how great I can

    make me, and everything to do with how I

    can show Gods greatness working in my

    life. May your 2009 also be filled with your

    growth in Him and His mighty blessings in

    your lives!

    by Stephanie Martinez

    EV Free MOPS Newbury Park, CA

    Service UpdateService UpdateService UpdateService Update

    We were able to make 18 blankets for

    the womens crisis center. Thank you

    to all the women who helped me make

    the blankets. Also we are continuing

    to watch kiddos and develop relation-

    ships for teen PAT group. We will

    start serving once a month at the cri-

    sis center in January. ~ Teresa

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    Dont forget to bring in Dont forget to bring in Dont forget to bring in Dont forget to bring in your community cash your community cash your community cash your community cash

    and harter house receiptsand harter house receiptsand harter house receiptsand harter house receipts

    Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . . Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . . Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . . Wouldnt Miss It For the World. . . . .

    Jan 1st-Jan 15th~ Thousands of butterflies fall around you like snowflakes while holi-day music fills the air. Don't miss this breath-taking holiday experience that the whole family will cherish for years to come. Jan. 16th~ Fourth Annual Ice Sculpting Competition - Titanic Museum Within hours professional and amateur ice carvers transform 250-pound blocks of ice into dazzling creations. This free family event will showcase the talents of ice carvers from across the country. Jan. 22nd ~ Robot Workshop - Discovery Center Springfield, MO Cost is for parent/child duo, plus cost of robot-$15 members/$20 non-members (Robot-Turbo 3000 $ 15) ages 6+ (www.discoverycenter.org) Jan. 23rd~ Discovery Center Garage Sale 7 a.m.-3 p.m. Proceeds from sale will be used for exhibit maintenance. You can also get involved by donating items to the sale on Friday, January 22 from 9-5 p.m. Items that can be do-nated include gently used household goods, toys, tools, baby items. Please no cloth-ing. After the sale all items will be donated to Salvation Army. For further information call Charlotte or check the website. (www.discoverycenter.org or 862-9910 Ext. 713)

    Jan. 23rd~ Discovery Science Club! 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

    January topic is Amazing Animals. This club is designed for children ages 6-12 and one accompanying parent! Learn new science, build a project or 2, get to see "behind the scenes" areas of the museum or special equipment, and lots more! Different top-ics, activities and projects each month! Cost-$20 per member parent/child duo, $25 per non-member parent/child duo. Non-refundable payment due at time of registration. Registration due 5 days prior to program. (www.discoverycenter.org or 862-9910 Ext. 713)

    Jan. 28th~ Signing of the Vietnam Peace Accord A candlelight ceremony will be held at 6:00 pm at the Veterans Memorial Museum. All are invited to attend.

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    Special thanks to Sir Speedy who takes care of all of our printing and copying needs.

    Visit them online at: http://www.sirspeedy.com/



    January 12th February 9th (MOPS & POPS) February 23rd (BONUS NIGHT)

    March 9th April 13th May 11th

    Craft for January Craft for January Craft for January Craft for January Hollie has a great craft planned for January.

    We will be making a Votive

    Candle Holder with Upper Case Living saying on


    Some days, especially during the winter I get so de-

    pressed and down when I feel like my job as a mom is

    mundane. I do the same things over and over; laundry,

    dishes, taking care of the kids, etc. I have always loved

    my life but sometimes wonder if there is more or if I am

    missing something. Did you get these feelings as a mom

    and if so how did you deal with them? Do you have any

    scriptures that I could turn to during those times of sad-


    Of course, Ive felt that way. I think with each stage of life, I had boredom. Then, you

    begin to live the, If only syndrome: children older, husband helped out more, we had

    more money, etc.... As Christians we sometimes live in only the human side and forget that

    we have the Lord to change our attitudes. Believe me, He is waiting to guide you through

    each day. No, He doesn't get tried of you asking everyday for the same thing. Remember,

    however good or bad a situation is, it will change. ~ Carolyn

    *Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men