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1. overcoming digital exclusion Jason Gordon 25th June 2015 2. from literacy to life 3. divide widening harder to find and get jobs pay higher prices for goods & services unequal access to public services that are increasingly moving online increased social exclusion 4. video 5. digital inclusion matters to everyone 6. overcoming the barriers 1. No physical access 2. Economically disadvantaged 3. Low digital skills 4. Print disabled 20% of the population 7. assistive technology can help screen readers screen magnifiers text readers 8. negative correlation with disability and earning power people who need assistive technology cannot afford it= higher proportion of disabled people among lower socio-economic groups people who cannot afford assistive technology are more likely to need it = 9. social business model unique technology customised for you 10. well take care of the tough stuff 11. Customer Journey 12. Because of the diversity in Croydon its vital that our services are accessible to as many of our citizens as possible. Browsealoud is a great complement to our sites design and technical accessibility features - at the touch of a button, our website content can be translated into multiple languages and read aloud in a very natural-sounding voice - and its free to users, running within the browser without them needing to download any extra software. Its really quite impressive. Now, more people than ever are empowered to access our services independently and participate within the community. Tom Steel, Web Manager, London Borough of Croydon 13. Jason Gordon Business Development Manager tel: 028 9442 5394 email: [email protected] web: www.texthelp.com twitter: @Th_JasonGordon