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Mastery Journey Timeline Jazmyn Oquendo Full Sail University Public Relations, MA

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Page 1: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Mastery Journey TimelineJazmyn OquendoFull Sail UniversityPublic Relations, MA

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Personal Development Plan

1. Define my goals2. Prioritize3. Set a deadline4. Understand my strengths5. Recognize opportunities and threats6. Develop new skills7. Take action8. Get support9. Measure progress

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Reflection on Framework Prep & Progress

It is beneficial to know what’s trending in PR Industry

Find out who is excelling career wise in the field as well as influencing peers and the media

Choose your major wisely when your entering college, this will provide you a clear understanding of what you desire to do in PR

Research PR agencies, find out what type of qualities they seek within a potential candidate and what services they offer

Apprenticeship will help you gain notoriety and hands on experience you will need to prosper

Look for a mentor that will take you under their wing and show you the ropes

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Public Relations Master of Arts Courses

Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership

Public Relations in a Digital World Writing for Interactive Media Legal Aspects of Media Innovative Public Relations Tools and

Resources Social Media Metrics and ROI

Market and Consumer Research Analysis Media Relations Events Marketing and Production Reputation Management Strategies The Online Media Room Public Relations Final Project & Thesis

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Mastery: Personal Development & Leadership

We face challenges day to day when trying to accomplish a goal or complete a task, this course will help me to analyze my capability to excel in my passion. I believe learning new skills and understanding my intelligence will cultivate the powers of mastery and transform my life’s task.

Goals:1. Incorporate the strategies Robert Greene mentions in his book Mastery in my techniques

while learning new concepts Identify my strengths and craft my weaknesses by using SWOT analysis

2. Use social intelligence by engaging with my peers in the program and connecting with the Full Sail environment

Involve others in my helping me through this journey and accept feedback

3. Widen my vision by looking outside the creation of standards and conventional thinking Watch tutorial on Lynda.com on Becoming a Leader

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Public Relations in a Digital World

This course will help me to see the impact my profession has on the world and how Public Relations, Media and the World-Wide Internet are used hand in hand on a regular.

Goals:1. Educate myself on at least 2 PR agencies and learn about the services they

provide and their strategies Start with two of my favorite agencies or the leading agencies in the industry

2. Learn about how social media platforms are advertise to reach the public Research what’s trending within the networks

3. Research strategic objectives that guides employees efforts Synthesize All Forms of Knowledge (e.g. The “About” on Full sail Student Portal

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Writing for Interactive Media Having strong writing skills are the basis of being a mastery in any field particularly

Public Relations, this course will help me strategic structure to deliver in multimedia methods.

Goals:1. Think like a writer and explain a story in a way that captures the audience attention

Put myself in the shoes of an author writing a adventurous novel2. Create and experiment with methods that will provide a service to the public through

media platforms Generate polls for my target audience

3. Practice unique writing strategies that can create a visual representation when reading or talking about the subject Use the Writing Center at Full Sail for suggestions and tips when writing about various


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Legal Aspects of Media

Having strong writing skills are the basis of being a mastery in any field particularly Public Relations, this course will help me strategically structure to deliver in multimedia methods.

Goals:1. Learn ethical and legal boundaries

Widen my vision to gain global understanding of the do’s and don'ts in the industry2. Engage in ethical dealings with news media

Connect with specialist discussing public opinions through Twitter or Tumblr3. Practice and use code of ethics for PR, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

provides Internalize the details to codes by using EBSCO Host on Full Sail to read some journals and


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Innovative Public Relations Tools and Resources

There are various emerging platforms that I will need to be knowledgeable about to help aid my mastery.

Goals:1. Learn about publicity tactics

Research how to create media buzz2. Explore the fundamentals of how media platforms share content

Focus on content relevance3. Use Lynda.com courses to gain insight on the integrated approach to the resources

most consumers use Take notes to keep for my reference

Page 10: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Social Media Metrics and ROI

Exploring metrics and analyzing data using reporting tools can factor who my target audience is and have creative Public Relation Campaigns.

Goals:1. Research how metrics are incorporated in campaigning

Review the metrics of one of the leading agencies, see results2. Create surveys to get an idea of what topics interest people the most

Analyze surveys and use them to conclude peeks of interest3. Seek requirements and budgets to create ideal tactics

Watch video on YouTube called Social Metrics - Social Media Marketing

Page 11: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Market and Consumer Research Analysis

Creating the appropriate communication tools that will be effective to my objective will structure my demographic

Goals:1. Find out the common markets for consumers

Research what is viewed by popular demand in media2. Discover the growth rate between public and independent firms

Compare and contrast data from firms3. Read and revise previous press releases from top agency firms

Seek local releases in the PR campaigns that have generated buzz and launched, I will research databases using Full Sail’s library

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Media Relations

Understanding my media community and the best way to engage with them in a professional manner will help me achieve future public relations goals

Goals:1. Embrace the power of non-linear presenting

Use a unconventional casual pattern of events during presentations to convey many points

2. Find techniques to illustrate idea Play my strengths by free flow writing and using my resources with the social

platforms I have to seek information (e.g. Papaly.com and Feedly Reader)3. Use my interpersonal skills to be relatable to my target audience

Play my strengths by using my socialization skills to connect with my peers

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Events Marketing and Production

This will allow me to explore my imagination and creativity skills with generating buzz in my role as a specialist.

Goals:1. Find creative ways to prepare unique events

Think outside the box when creating events to attract target audience2. Learn how to brainstorm ubiquitous ways to create an event within an event

Conducts surveys, ask the people what type of events would they attend if they were interested

3. Explore event marketing software's that assist with detail oriented subjects Review tutorials on Lynda.com that teach how to use software's to promote

Page 14: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Reputation Management Strategies

I will be able to manage my reputation effectively for the success and longevity of my career, this is what a true Master does. This will help me maintain social intelligence.

Goals:1. Use Robert Greene’s insight of crafting the appropriate persona by creating an image

that suits me Be true to who I am and how I want the public to view me in my profession

2. Practice being flexible with my characteristics Mingle and blend into all types of environments

3. Watch videos on Public Relations specialist and examine their outward appearances Seek inspiration and visual training through interviews or public appearances from PR industry

leaders using research methods on YouTube

Page 15: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

The Online Media Room

Media Outreach plans are very effective when dealing with social networks, this course dives into how to integrate with the online media methods being taught.

Goals:1. Review and research topics on how to strengthen a corporate web presence

Learn the theories and concepts on successfully maintaining web presence

2. Capitalize on media and mobile platforms effectively Use www.mediashift.org from Full Sail’s school resources to

3. Get a proper understanding on how to incorporate media outreach Research articles providing information about media outreach through EBSCO host in Full Sail’s library

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Public Relations Final Project & Thesis

The groundwork has been done! This course proves that I have obtained the secret to mastery with the tools and resources offered in the program.

Goals:1. Start creating my own website and illustrating a brand that could be used to target my

audience I plan to publish a portfolio using www.wix.com or www.weebly.com

2. Discuss in depth the PR industry and its purpose in media Share with family, friends and colleagues my journey through my Masters program, and give

them background about what I’m doing and how I’m working towards achieving my goals3. Network with professionals and present a skills portfolio

Seek internships that pin point specific skillsets I want to gain to help my career

Page 17: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline


• Cathy Hughes• Oprah Winfrey• Ted Turner• Robin Roberts• Pat Tobin

Page 18: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

My Top 6 PR Industry Leaders

Amber Rowland: Principal at the The Rowland Agency LLC Rosette Pambakian: Vice President of Global Communications & Branding Gracie Blackburn: Manager at College Networks for ESPN Danika Daly: CEO of Danika Daly PR Kai Wright: Global Consulting Director/ Lecturer Brooke Hammerling: Founder of Brew Media Relations

Page 19: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Mastery Journal Blog Interview Subjects

Amber Rowland Twitter: @amber_roland Phone: 650-814-4560 Website: www.therowlandagency.com

Rosette Pambakian Twitter: @RosetteP Website:

https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosettepambakian Gracie Blackburn

Twitter: @Gracie_ESPNU Phone: 973-588-2000 Website: www.coynepr.com

Danika Daly Twitter: @DanikaDalyPR Phone: 646-820-1136 Website: www.danikadalypr.com

Kai Wright Twitter: @kaiwright Website: www.kaidwright.com Email: [email protected]

Brooke Hammerling Twitter: @brooke Phone: 310-464-6348 Website: www.brewpr.com

Page 20: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Monthly Goals

Get acquainted with using social media networks for educational development within PR topics

Continue to discover my calling and avoid the false path

Seek apprenticeships and internships to build my portfolio

Self motivating by trusting the process I am going through while taking each course and believing that there’s end goal

Page 21: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Involvement in School Activities

Gaining “real world” experience consist of always being “in the know”. I plan to actively involve myself in the various organizations that I feel will help enhance me educationally, culturally and skillfully. I will use my school resources from Full Sail Connect profile to network with other students that are studying my field of interest.

I have also created a Twitter page where I follow PR agencies and specialist in the field and examine their everyday life and duties

Thus far, I have joined a few to assist me with the start of my Mastery Journey including the following: Entertaining Network Society Women of Full Sail Black Student Union Entrepreneur Network (ENET)

Page 22: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Using my PLN as a Platform for my Digital Portfolio

Social Media Networks have become a simplistic way to engage and connect with industry professionals

My PLN expands on a daily basis because as I read blogs and post on my news feed, I seek more research for knowledge basis on other professional resources and post a personal inspiration outlook on innovative companies I could potentially use for framework.

Page 23: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Innovative Companies

ESPN BET (Black Entertainment TV) Ketchum TIME Magazine OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Page 24: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

Networking with FULL SAIL Community & Public Relations


I plan to find Full Sail graduates of the Masters program of Public Relations and get insight from their experiences.

I believe that being bold and courageous by introducing yourself to people and telling them about your interest and aspirations can open up many doors and informative conversations. Full Sail’s faculty are very resourceful and I will use that to my advantage.

Page 25: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

My Ideal Mentor Qualities“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” — Isaac Newton

• Inquisitive

• Open Minded

• Relatable

• Truth Seeking

• Insightful

Page 26: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline
Page 27: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline


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Page 28: Jazmyn Oquendo Mastery Journey Timeline

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