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S Hans Rosling Global population growth, box by box Juan E. Segovia

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TED SPEAKER: Hans Rosling: Global population growth, box by box


Hans Rosling

Hans RoslingGlobal population growth, box by box E. SegoviaSHans RoslingHe was born in Uppsala, Sweden in 1948 Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute. (Sweden)Besides being medical doctor, he is also statistician and public speaker.Juan E. Segovia

About The SpeakHe talks about how world population has changed from 1960 to 2010 and how he thinks the population will change for the next 50 years. He also proposes mechanisms to overcome the growth population over the years and to level different economic classes.Juan E. SegoviaIntroductionHans have a great introduction by saying that at this time, he wont support his thesis with digital technology but with boxes instead.This wins the audience's attention so people are engaged with the speech.

Audience AttentionDuring the speech Rosling are fully engaged with his materials. Juan E. SegoviaMoving the boxes constantly, adding more objects such as toys and relating those physical objects to their explanation gives total audience attention to the speechDynamism I give Hans Rosling a 5 because he transmit energy and his speechs activity is constantly changing by adding new things every time. He is well prepared making a good dynamic in his speechUsing not only Key notes but physical objects gives the audience total attention and understanding for the topic he talks.5/5Juan E. SegoviaTips from Reynolds or Nancy Duarte He uses a lot of materials to support his thesis He has a strong direction of his speech and always keep the main idea relevant so he dont deviate to other thingsKeeps audience engaged

Juan E. SegoviaWhat Ive LearnedKeeping an idea simple is the best way to not deviate to others things that doesnt belong to the speech.A good speech an keep the audience entertained but the materials and tools help to keep the people engaged.How I move and talk will transmit the audience what I might want to share with them.

Juan E. SegoviaComparison to Sir Ken Robinson

Juan E. Segovia9SimilaritiesBoth talks about themselves at some point Hans Rosling starts his speech by telling when he was at high school.Both keep audience engaged and refers to the speech with funny anecdotes.Hands movements is highly used in both speakers along with facial gestures.

Juan E. SegoviaContrastHans Rosling uses more tools to keep audience engaged meanwhile Robinson is only supported by his jokes.Hans goes directly to the main idea meanwhile Robinson uses more anecdotes and jokes that might deviate the thesis

Juan E. SegoviaTipsIs important to entertain the audience but more important is that you focused on what you are talking.Using physical tools along with keynotes will give a nice support for your thesisSome times a simple box can represent a million peopleJuan E. SegoviaJuan E. SegoviaPublic Speaking OnlineWEEK 2 SLIDESHOW: TED Talk Evaluation Presentation