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Joan Miró. Miró was born April 20, 1893 in Barcelona, Spain. He was a catalán sculptor, designer, and painter. In 1911 he got sick and stayed at his parents’ farm. The farm was his biggest inspiration. He decided to be an artist. The Farm 1920-1921. Vegetable Garden with Donkey 1918. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Joan Mir

Joan Mir

Mir was born April 20, 1893 in Barcelona, Spain

He was a cataln sculptor, designer, and painter.

In 1911 he got sick and stayed at his parents farm. The farm was his biggest inspiration. He decided to be an artist.

The Farm 1920-1921Vegetable Garden with Donkey 1918The Spanish word for farm is granja.In 1912 he began attending the Francisco Galy art school in Barcelona. This painting is El Granjero (the farmer) from 1914.

En 1915 he stopped his studies at Francisco Galy art school and spent 6 months in the army.

On februrary 6, 1917, he had his first art exhibition with 64 works of art. No one bought anything.

Self-Portrait 1917Portrait of E.C. Ricart 1917Joan MirPortrait of E. C. Ricart, 1917

This portrait of Mir's friend and studio mate, E. C. Ricart, blends intense, fauve color with collage elements. The powerful, flat patterning is characteristic of the artist's early style.

In his works of 1913-17 the most important are the influences of Czanne and the Fauvists: objects are close to each other and shine with bright and broken colors; striped patterns make up a kind of decorative ornament

7In1918 Mir changed his art style to detailed elaboration.

Ciruana the Path 1917Waggon Tracks 1918

Approximately in 1918 Joan Mir enters the so-called detailistic phase

Jacques Dupin, Mirs biographer, called this period poetic realism.

Landscapes, painted in Montroig, where the artist spent the summer at his parents farm, have deep perspectives which are full of methodically painted details: The Vegetable Garden with Donkey, The Wagon Tracks.

8His first international exhibition was in 1921. It was not successful, but author Ernest Hemingway bought The Farm.

In 1921-22, he created The Farm the highest achievement in his poetic realism.

9In1923-1924 he began his surrealist style. After going to bed hungry one night, he had strange dreams. These hunger hallucinations were part of his inspiration at this time.

The Tilled Field 1923-24Catalan Landscape (Hunter) 1923

Two pictures that followed, The Tilled Field and Catalan Landscape (Hunter), testify to the artist's quick evolution from observation and imitation of the real life to unconventional and symbolic realization of mental images. Realistic forms are forced out by distorted shapes stretched, swollen, twisted; by abstract geometric shapes - cones, circles, triangles, and lines Remembered dreams, especially those seen when he had to go to bed hungry, become a source of inspiration. He confessed later that hungry hallucinations were his muse. 1925 Andre Breton (one of the founders of surrealism) said Mirthe most surrealist of us all.

Ladders Across a Blue Sky in a Wheel of Fire 1953French poet, essayist, critic, and editor, chief promoter and one of the founders of Surrealist movement with Paul Eluard, Luis Buuel, and Salvador Dali among others.

111926-1927 Mir created his own style. It was more abstract and artificial.

Person Throwing a Stone at a Bird 1926Clouds and Birds 1927a 1928 trip to holland was a source of inspiration.

Dutch Interior 1928Potato 1928He was a sculptor too

La DefenseMore sculptures

Gothic Personage-Bird Flash 1974Located in Barcelona, SpainAnd more

And more!

MoonbirdOiseaux 1968

Joan Mir died in Palma, Mallorca december 25, 1983. Today his paintings sell for $250,000 to $17 millon.