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    One Johnson & Johnson PlazaNew Brunswick

    New Jersey 08933U.S.A.

    Telephone: (732) 524-0400Fax: (732) 524-3300

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    J&J headquarters

    at One Johnson &Johnson Plaza in

    New Brunswick

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    History of Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson's commitment to innovative health care products has resulted inconsistent financial performance. The Company has 76 consecutive years of sales increases;25 consecutive years of adjusted earnings increases; and 47 consecutive years of dividend


    Johnson & Johnson, employing approximately 114,000 people worldwide, is engaged in themanufacture and sale of a broad range of products in the health care field in many countriesof the world. Johnson & Johnson's primary interest, both historically and currently, has beenin products related to health and well-being. Johnson & Johnson was organized in the Stateof New Jersey in 1886.

    Johnson & Johnson is organized on the principles of decentralized management. TheExecutive Committee of Johnson & Johnson is the principal management group responsiblefor the operations of Johnson & Johnson. In addition, certain Executive Committee membersserve as Worldwide Chairmen of Group Operating Committees, which are comprised ofmanagers who represent key operations within the group, as well as management expertise

    in other specialized functions. These Committees oversee and coordinate the activities ofdomestic and international companies related to each of the Consumer, Pharmaceutical andProfessional segments of business. Operating management of each company is headed by aChairman, President, General Manager or Managing Director who reports directly to, orthrough a line executive to, a Group Operating Committee. In line with this policy ofdecentralization, each international subsidiary is, with some exceptions, managed by citizensof the country where it is located.

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    Mission Statement

    yThey will delight their consumers, treating

    each person who contacts them as if the

    person is their only consumer, providingcustomer with a response which is evidence of

    their interest and that leaves him with the

    clear understanding that the customer isimportant to them.

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    Consumer service centre

    y Johnson &Johnson Consumer Service Centre staff

    is committed to providing exceptional service to their consumers.


    They will be contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week either personally or byvoicemail.

    y They will be empowered to resolve any dissatisfaction that consumers have about

    their products and services.


    They will send a response, where appropriate, to email and telephone contactwithin two working days and written contact within three working days of its


    y They will provide consumers with replacement or alternative product or monetary

    refund in instances of product dissatisfaction .

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    Corporate logo

    y Type: public

    y Industry: major drugs, health care, soaps,Shampoos.

    y Founded: 1886

    y Founders: Robert Wood Johnson1, James woodJohnson, Edward mead Johnson

    y Headquarters: New Brunswick, NJ, U.S.y Area served: worldwide

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    Continue Key people: William c. Weldon

    (Chairman) & (C.E.O)

    Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, Health careproducts.

    y Revenue:US$61.9 Billion (FY2009)y Operating income: US$15.7 Billion (FY2009)

    y Net income: US$12.3 Billion (FY2009)

    y Total assets: US$94.7 Billion (FY2009)

    y Total equity: US$50.6 Billion (FY2009)

    y Employees: 118,700 (2009)

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    Images of founders

    Robert wood johnson-1 James wood Johnson

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    Images of founders

    Edward mead Johnson

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    Johnson & Johnson Pacific Pty Limited operates across Australiaand New Zealand. Products sold in these countries represent

    most of the consumer products available on a global basis. Theseproducts include:

    Baby & Kids: JOHNSONS Baby, JOHNSONS Junior andJOHNSONS KidsBeauty: JOHNSONS Adult, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Aveeno,JOHNSONS CottonCoughs, Colds, Sinus and Allergy: Actifed, Benadryl, Codral,Sudaclear and Sudafed

    Oral Care: Listerine, REACH Floss and ToothbrushesHealthcare: BAND-AID brand, JOHNSONS First Aid, Stingoseand PurellGastrointestinal: Mylanta, Imodium and Glycerin SuppositoriesEye care: Visine

    Smoking Cessation: Nicorette

    Company Overview

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    J n J products

    Consumer products

    Prescription productsMedical devices & diagnostics

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    Consumer productsConsumer products

    y Products from their Consumer companies stand at the readyto improve the quality of everyday life. They offer productsand information targeting baby care, skin and hair care, oralcare, nutritionals, pain relief, topical care and much more.Creating meaningful innovation in health care within theConsumer business franchise relies on a research strategyequally rooted in technology and consumer insights, inkeeping with their vision: BRINGING SCIENCE TO THE


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    Prescription Products

    The Pharmaceutical segment ofJohnson & Johnson invested $4.6

    billion in 2009 on research &development. The majority of thatinvestment was in five therapeutic

    areas: cardiovascular and metabolicdisease, immunology, infectiousdiseases, neuroscience and oncology.

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    Medical Devices & Diagnostics

    Johnson & Johnson medicaldevices & diagnostics businessesprovide doctors, nurses andhospitals with the technologies theyneed to restore the joys of life to

    people who suffer from some of theworlds most pervasive and chronicdiseases.

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    Johnsons Baby Shampoo is one of those wonderful products that most willremember fondly from childhood. Johnsons is a name that everyone knowsand can trust. Johnsons Baby Shampoo leaves baby's hair smelling cleanand fabulous and feeling just as soft as silk. Johnsons Baby Shampoo ispackaged in a clear bottle and the shampoo itself is honey colored. It containsa 'no more tears'formula. This product is soap free, hypoallergenic and

    dermatologist tested. To use simply wet baby's hair with a little warm waterand then gently massage with some of the shampoo. Work into a lather andthen rinse well. It rinses away very easily. It is very useful because thisshampoo has a unique formula, which does not cause any irritation in theeyes of little kids while giving bath or while cleaning their hair with thisshampoo. It is made particularly for children, and that is why it does not comewith the strong chemicals and very gentle on the hair and the skin of children.

    Johnson baby shampoo

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