jokes for kids: 21 clean and funny jokes for kids!

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21 Jokes For Kids Here are 21 Clean, Hilarious, and Funny Jokes for Kids! Perfect to enjoy with your little ones! By Lizzy Burbank

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Here are 21 clean and funny jokes for kids, for you and your little ones to enjoy. These are courtesy of Lizzy Burbank, author of 2 children's joke book (Jokes for Kids Series). Perfect for long car trips or rainy days, these jokes are great for young children.


  • 21 Jokes For KidsHere are 21 Clean, Hilarious, and Funny Jokes forKids!Perfect to enjoy with your little ones!By Lizzy Burbank
  • Why do some people eat snails?They dont like fast food!(hehe)
  • Two guys were lost in the desert and gettinghungry.What are we going to do? one asked.Make sandwiches, I guess.
  • A hamburger went to the gym.What can I do for you? asked the instructor.I want you to supersize me, the hamburger said.(lol)
  • Two kids brought their pets to school for show-and-tell. Johnny had a mouse and Danny had acat.When it was Johnnys turn, he told the teacher hedidnt have anything to show.Why not? the teacher asked.Because Dannys homework ate my homework!
  • The teacher turned to the skeleton in the classand said: Im sure you can answer this nextquestion.Its a no-brainer.
  • What did the zero say to the 8?Looks like your belt is too tight.(rofl)
  • Jokes for KidsWant tons more funny jokes for kids like these?Check out Lizzy Burbanks Jokes for Kids eBook! Packed with299 of the most hilarious and funny jokes for kids!Jokes for Kids:299 Funny and Hilarious Clean Jokes for Kids
  • A mathematician baked his first cake, and it cameout perfect.How did you do it? a friend asked.It was as easy as Pi, he answered.
  • A young mom and dad are walking home from ashopping mall.Suddenly the mom looks in the stroller and says:Thats not our baby!No, the dad replies, but its a much nicerstroller!
  • A goldfish was sad when his girlfriend left him.Dont worry, son, his dad said, there are plentyof fish in the sea.Sure, dad, but were in an aquarium!
  • What do you get if you cross a dog with a giraffe?A pet that chases airplanes!
  • What do you get if you cross a dog with a giraffe?A pet that chases airplanes!
  • A man goes to the doctor with a big bandage over bothears.What happened to your ear? the doctor asks.I was ironing my shirt and the phone rang, the mansays.And what happened to the other ear?Just as I put the iron down, the phone rang again.
  • A young tree was going off to college.Good luck, son, his dad said. Dont forget yourroots.
  • Say these fast three times:Sluggish slimy slugs sail silently.Which wrist watches are Swiss watches?Barbie baked big butter biscuits.
  • Why is Cinderella a lousy fielder?She keeps running away from the ball.
  • Why does a conductor stand with his back to theaudience?He has to face the music.
  • Whats the difference between a bell and a ring?A bell can ring, but a ring cant bell.
  • What did the sneaker say to the chewing gum?Youre a bit too clingy.
  • What goes up and down at the same time, butnever moves?A staircase.
  • Doctor, my wife thinks shes an elevator.Well, bring her in and Ill take a look.I cant, she doesnt stop at this floor!
  • A neutron wants to buy a battery in a hardwarestore.He asks the owner: How much for this?The owner says: For you, no charge.
  • Where do orcas go for the holidays?Who knows, but they have a whale of a time.
  • About Lizzy BurbankLizzy Burbank is an aspiring childrens author who has written two childrensjokes book (Jokes for Kids, Volume 1 & 2), as well as a few childrens picturebooks. She lives in New York and spends her days writing and teaching hertwo children. Here are links to two of her latest works:Jokes for Kids:299 Funny and Hilarious Clean Jokes for KidsJokes for Kids:301 Clean and Funny Jokes for Kids