josef fiala -oboe concerto in b major-oboe solo

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JOSEF FIALA CONCERTO in B flat for oboeor flute and a plano M editedby Himie Voxman

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CONCERTO in B flatfor

oboeor fluteand




editedby Himie Voxman


3 Josef Fiala* wasborn in Lochovice,nearPfibram in westernBohemia,and died in Donaueschingen,I July 1816. by as to the year of his birth. The date of 1749 or 1750 is suggested Piersolon the basis There is someunceftainty of court fecofds and the date givenby Fiala'sson, Franz. Netolitzky von Fiala's early music study ias from his father, a teacher and serf in the serviceof Countess her. Josefs duties there father and son were obligedto accompany Prague, moved to Netolitz. When the Countess were of a menial nature, not at all in keeping with his talent on the oboe. He receivedinstruction on that instrument ftom Johann Stiasny,a noted Czechoboist,and on cello from Franz JosephWerner. -;;;;;eG from Praguewit! a with his prospectsand escaped Fiia, his father becamediscouraged d F;; party sent Ui ttre Countessand were returned and imprisoned.She cook. The two were captuteOUy a search ptison, ordered that Fiala's front teeth be broken but io prevent him from playing the oboe. The head of the trim in return for music instruction for his son.Whenthe befrienOeO however, did not catry out her wishesand trigh nobility (already familiar with Fiala's talent) learned of the Countess'plan, they were able to securehis reieuse impirial decree- after two yea$-in prison accordingto soinesources. by Fiala,s career then took him to Vienna (where he was said to have been a student of J. B. Vanhal), the Wallentein Court, Munich, and the Archbisiiop's Hofkapelle in Salzburg.Here he becameintimate with the to Mozarts. There arg numerousreferences Fiali in the lelters of the Mozart family. Wolfgangpraisedhis wind compositions.In his later yearsFiala turned increasinglyto the cello and viola da gambat and he ,titer leaving his position in Salzburg, was activein Vienna, in St. Petersburg, finally in Donaueschingen, wherehe diedin 1816. fo.t.flute or oboe and bassoon,symAmong Fiala's compositionsare string duos and quartets, a Conc.ertante instruments, and numerous diveftimenti for winds. The cover pageof the phonies, concertos foi various wind manuscript lists only oboe principale asthe solo instrument.The solo pait however,lists aboe Principaleo Flauto. The concertois obviously more suited to the oboe. for The editor rvishesto itt.nt the Fiirstlich Thurn und TaxisscheHofbibliothek in Regensburg providing the migofilm on which this edition is based. n The pianoreductionis by R. P. Block of Iowa City, U.S.A'

H. Voxman Iowa City,Iowa June 1980 and Hofkapelle ItsWind rA fascinsting thesis, "TheOettingen-Wallerstein doctoral life of account Fiala's is foundin JonR. Piersol's of The Music," University lowa,1972.

in Concerto B flatAllegro assaiJ. FIALA

Oboe or Flute

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@ World Copyright 1980 by Nova Music, London


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