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Headshots A headshot portrays a person as they are. noun. 1. a photograph of someone's FACE, especially a promotional photograph of a model, actor, or author.

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Watch this powerpoint on lighting for headshots.


  • 1. Headshots noun. 1. a photograph of someones FACE, especially a promotional photograph of a model, actor, or author.A headshot portrays a person as they are.

2. Headshots Headshot photography is a highly specialized field.It is visual communication composed with lighting,angle and pose. 3. Natural light 4. Posed? Standing? Sitting? Colegrove prefers to shoot headshots with themodel STANDING, not sitting. He says the personsnatural energy flows better that way. He also says that none of the four headshots abovewere posed, but achieved by engaging thesubject in conversation and thought. 5. Candid headshots You may be asked by your editor to go to an eventand shoot headshots of the main speaker for yourcompanys files. This shot of ICE director JohnNorton was taken around a year before it was usedwith this story. 6. Lighting Split Loop oRembrandt ButterflyIf you cant remember those, try a mnemonic device like:Some Like Real Butter 7. Split lighting Splits the face in half, with one side lit and the other in shadow. Gives dramatic effect. Light source is 90 degrees to one side of subject, possibly slightly behind them. 8. Loop lighting Creates small shadowof subjects nose ontheir cheek. Shadow of nose andcheek do NOT touch. Light source slightlyhigher than eye level,30-45 degrees fromcamera, dependingon your subject. 9. Rembrandt lighting --Triangle of light on cheek. Dramatic effect Subject turns away slightly from light source. Light source should be above head to make nose cast shadow on cheek. Eye on the shadow side should have a catchlight. 10. Butterfly lighting Light source above anddirectly behind the camera. Creates little butterfly shapeunder the nose. Good for shooting olderpeople because it de-emphasizes wrinkles. Please useto photograph me. 11. CatchlightThe light in the babys eyes iscalled a catchlight.You need to ensure that atleast one eye has a catchlighto give the subject life.Without the eye of thesubject catching this light,the eyes will appear darklifeless. Darlene Hildebrandt 12. Other Headshot Tips Focus on the eyes. Fill the screen. Use a tripod. As a general rule, your camera should be at thesubjects eye level. 13. References Colegroves website Six lighting patterns every photog should know 14. effects