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  • Journalism/Film Editing

    Blessedness Onaiwu

  • Sleep is For Billionaires -Robert Williams

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Characteristics of an ENFP

    Helper Friendly Easily liked People Person Brain Storm well Strong Values and viewpoints Ability to make strangers feel like old friends

  • Journalism and Film editing

  • Journalism Assessments 10 helpful tips for students who are thinking

    of entering the journalism field Inspiration, Education, Job Opportunities, Location, Competition Process,

    Timing, Pay, Relationship and Risk vs.Reward

    She Hits Harder Now Lisa Ling 5 Questions To Ask Before Making A

    Documentary -Why?Unique? Relevance?End?

  • Film Editing Assessments

    To appreciate the art of film editing

    The Six Things You Must Know to Make it in the Film Industry Reputation, relationships, attitude.

  • Mr.Tosan Aduayi- Founder of Trendy AfricaTrendy Africa is a multimedia company set up to promote positive attributes of the given community and country. Trendy africa was first just a website but but soon it burgeoned into a website and magazine to reach areas less developed than others.

  • Documentary

    The Promised LandWhen the subject of immigration is brought up, people typically begin to think of ways to slower the rate increase on the borders but only few think about what attracts people to America. Other countries perceive american different ways, for example, some middle eastern countries are so envious of America that their bitterness burgeons into profound hatred, causing them to commit heinous acts of violence. But contrary to this jealously, African countries worship the concept of going to America and collectively believe the saying that money grows on trees. I plan on using my Nigerian heritage and unique perspective to show the comparisons and contrast between African countries and America.

  • Sleep is For Billionaires -Robert Williams