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A Semester with Julia

A Semester with Julia

About me Senior at Pace University Majoring in Business Management/ ArtStudied commerce and art history at University of Otago, NZJob experience in marketing, sales, graphic design, customer servicemusic industry mgmt and international educationPrevious service experience with Autism speaks, NYC Cool Roofs and Department of Conservation, NZ


Coffee I like the mocha mint coffee.I like the pumpkin spice coffee.I like the french vanilla coffee.I like the hazelnut coffee.I like the coffee mate pumpkin spice creamer.I like the coffee mate girl scout caramel coconut creamer.I like the coffee mate girl scout thin mints creamer.

ShoppingI like to go to BJs.I like to go to Target.I like to go to Bed Bath & Beyond.I like to go to the Christmas Tree Shop.I like to go to Waldbaums.

My Dog SydneyI like to relax with Sydney on the couch.I like to relax with Sydney on my bed.

Adventures with JuliaOur second week of class was Julias birthday! She turned 20!

We walked through city hall park and got Baskin Robbins

We tried to go to the National Sports Museum, but it wasnt open anymore! So we went to the Museum of the American Indian.

Museum of the American Indian

Hanging around the room!When we didnt head out to places, we hung out in our classroom. Some of the things Julia liked to do was play online jigsaw puzzles, play pacman and look at coffee online!

A semester togetherThis semester with Julia has been great!We went on many adventures and learned a lot from each otherJulia showed me her sass and her assurednessI helped Julia learn some things in powerpointWe were a great team throughout, and I know I enjoyed it!

Our favorite part of the semester was.


Watching mine and Julias relationship grow..and learning how to get the best drinks from Starbucks!

What a great semester!!!!