kainexus webinar - congratulations, you have lots of employee ideas! now what?

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Mark Graban VP of Customer Success [email protected] Congratulations, You Have Lots of Employee Ideas! Now What? Dr. Gregory Jacobson Chief Product Ocer [email protected]om

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Hosted by Gemba Academy - recording available soon. Many Lean or Kaizen initiatives are focused on getting front-line employees to identify problems or opportunities for improvement, along with a potential idea or countermeasure. Some managers, unfortunately, think their employees won't have many good ideas. This is hardly ever the case! Your employees have a lot of great ideas. So let's say you've started to solicit ideas and you're now overwhelmed. In this webinar, Mark Graban and Dr. Greg Jacobson will share stories and tips on how to cope with this situation and to thrive, based on their own experiences. They will cover topics such as: - how to discuss ideas constructively with employees - how to prioritize ideas (and if that's even necessary) - how to assign responsibility for improvement work - how to create time for improvement - how to track improvements More about KaiNexus: http://www.kainexus.com


  • Mark Graban VP of Customer Success [email protected] Congratulations, You Have Lots of Employee Ideas! Now What? Dr. Gregory Jacobson Chief Product Ocer [email protected]
  • Housekeeping Ques%ons/Polls Please ask them! Use Webinar Panel Ques%on Box, or Email to [email protected] Slides & Audio Enlarge screen as desired Master volume on computer Recorded Version This webinar will be available online within 3 days Presenta%on notes will be shared in PDF format An email will be sent once its ready
  • About Gemba Academy Producers of Online & DVD Based Lean & Six Sigma Training 500+ Videos (and growing) Subscrip%ons available for Individuals & Organiza%ons
  • Mark Graban VP of Innovation & Improvement Services [email protected] Congratulations, You Have Lots of Employee Ideas! Now What? Dr. Gregory Jacobson Chief Product Ocer [email protected]
  • Dont Let This A Flood of Ideas
  • Turn Into This
  • Or is this our starting point?
  • Can we turn it into this?
  • Or, better yet, this?
  • And then prevent this?
  • Starting This Journey toward a culture of con%nuous improvement It will not happen overnight (or in a month) It takes discipline and consistent leadership If you do it right, youll get a ood of ideas Nice problem to have!
  • Characteristics of a Culture of Innovation & Improvement Eective Leadership Systematic Methodology Enabling Technology
  • The Right Amount of P
  • This is Not a Cycle Strive for perfec%on over %me Get be]er over %me Dont expect to start perfectly. Dont. Plan Plan Plan Plan Plan
  • In the beginning
  • Note: # of people involved = 12
  • (Manufacturing) Note: # of users grew from 16 to 100 over this timeframe
  • (Healthcare) Wave River Desert Note: # of users was 372
  • Your Employees WILL Ask How do we know our leaders wont get bored with this?
  • Preventing an Idea Drought 1.Discuss ideas construc%vely with employees 2.Priori%ze ideas (and if that's even necessary) 3.Assign responsibility for improvement work 4.Create %me for improvement 5.Track improvements
  • Discuss
  • Ask In the Right Way Engage and inspire people Dont just demand improvement Dont set quotas or targets Dont just ask for cost reduc%ons
  • Audience Questions Whats the way to mo%vate the people to do a Kaizen idea? How do you approach or manage the employee WIIFM factor? (i.e., What is In it For Me?)
  • Problem and Idea
  • Be Collaborative Dont just accept or reject Make sure the right problem is understood Discuss the proposed countermeasure Brainstorm alterna%ve countermeasures Coach, dont nitpick
  • Positive Cycles Discussing Ideas Implemen%ng Ideas Genera%ng Ideas
  • What to Do with Bad Ideas 1. Blow o the idea and dont talk about it 2. Just tell the employee idea is rejected 3. Talk about why its not being done now 4. Implement something that at least par%ally addresses the underlying problem Worse Better
  • Key Point Communicate, communicate, communicate Face to face In team huddles Electronically
  • Prioritize
  • Why Prioritize? What is the problem statement? We have too many ideas, so we have to choose: The most impacmul? The biggest cost savers? The easiest? Those that help us achieve this years goals?
  • Low Effort High Effort High Impact Low Impact KiboshPossible Implement Challenge
  • The Problem With PICK If something is high eort, do we: 1. Put it on hold? Cast it aside? Kibosh it? OR 2. Find an alterna%ve thats less eort?
  • Key Point If we: Distribute the improvement workload more and Find smaller, simpler things to implement Then: We dont have to priori%ze as much
  • Assign
  • Shift the Model Manager Implements Them All Everybody Implements One
  • Shift the Model Or, at least, many people implement a few each Manager Implements Them All Everybody Implements One
  • Assigning Improvement Work Who can: Inves%gate? Collect data? Brainstorm countermeasures? Get input from others? Test countermeasures? Evaluate countermeasures?
  • But Im Scared What if all of my people arent capable? Its the managers job to develop them They can likely do more than you think Recognize diering capabili%es in your team
  • Key Point Dont let the manager be the bo]leneck Dont let a key sta member be the bo]leneck
  • Create Time
  • From Excuse to Problem We dont have %me for improvement Is that an excuse? Stop and give up Is it a problem? Figure out how to solve
  • Intentionally Create Time Nobody will cri%cized for taking 20 minutes away from their regular work to work on improvement work. I assure you of that. Transplant Ins+tute Chair
  • Toyotas Answer If we have an idea and our leader thinks its worth working on, theyll approve over%me for us. TMMTX Tour Guide (Hourly Employee)
  • Key Point Its onen easier to create a li]le bit of %me for many people than it is to create a big block of %me for one person
  • Audience Question How do you balance do the work and improve the work? Right now there is a sense in our environment with KaiNexus that OIs must be worked on, but we also have to do the work each day
  • Track
  • Track Ideas Our biggest problem is we forget to follow up on ideas. We cant worry about sustainment un%l we get implementa%on
  • Audience Question How do you ensure that the project champion makes it a priority to implement & complete the project? We have implemented a employee sugges%on program for the past six months, and have been successful, however the "struggle" has been to get the designated project champion to ensure that the project is completed.
  • Track Results Categorize and Quan%fy Safety Quality Customer (Pa%ent) Sa%sfac%on Employee Sa%sfac%on Cost / Revenue Time Savings
  • Audience Question We have successfully implemented a Quick and Easy Kaizen program. The problem I run into is in the submipng the problem and tracking the savings. Is it common for employees to say how much %me they save for each of their ideas? And do organiza%ons onen %e a dollar to the %me savings? Are their pimalls I should be aware of? (example: Sally makes $12.00 an hour. She improved her process by one hour a day, so the total %me savings is $12.00 an hour with an annual savings of $12.00 x number of work days len in the year.) Are their dierent ways to calculate the savings?
  • Key Point You must show progress at rst & over %me More improvement, more quickly = more impact Progress = more ideas = more improvement
  • (Manufacturing 1st 60 days) Note: # of users grew from 16 to 100 over this timeframe
  • (Manufacturing 6 months) Note: # of users grew from 16 to 240 over this timeframe
  • (Manufacturing 9 months) Note: # of users grew from 16 to 457 over this timeframe
  • 360 150 lost OIs x $620 per OI = $93,000
  • (Healthcare 60 days) Note: # of users grew from 7 to 265 over this timeframe
  • (Healthcare 180 days) Note: # of users grew from 16 to 467 over this timeframe
  • Make ideas ow like a river
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