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  • Life in Motion

  • What moves you? The thrill of off-road adventure? The adrenaline rush of

    competition? On the road, on the trail, or on the racetrack, you can count on

    Kenda quality. Our products are engineered for maximum performance and

    value across a wide range of interests and applications.

  • 4For 50 years, Kenda has been a name people have trusted for their tire needs.

    Since 1962, Kenda has been offering high quality rubber products for cars, light trucks, bicycles,

    motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, golf carts, lawn and garden, wheelchairs, and agricultural

    vehicles. Operating in Asia, North America, and Europe, Kenda distributes its products in over 150

    countries and employs more than 8000 people. In 2010, Kenda was named the one of the worlds

    largest tire manufactures.

    Kenda has continually upgraded its manufacturing equipment in order to improve production

    efficiencies, and in doing so, all seven factories have acquired ISO 9001 certification. Kenda

    understands that only the best operations will yield the highest efficiencies, which allow Kenda to

    stay at the forefront of todays competitive market.

    Kenda Corporate Headquarters

    Kenda has a new web site and new URL, The change better reflects the fact that Kenda is an international brand producing tires for multiple applications. Designed to be cleaner and easier to navigate, through the use of new digital tools and utilities, the site also features information regarding Kenda sponsored athletes and teams, product development, and other Kenda tire news.

    The new site also serves as a gateway to Kendas social media efforts via Facebook ( and Twitter (

    Kenda USA

  • 5 Mountain Bike tiReS 32-33 Kommando 32 Karma 32 Klimax Lite 33 Kozmik Lite II 33 Kadre 33

    BMX tiReS 34-39 Konversion 36 Kontact Elite 36 Kid Block 37 Kassette 37 Kompact 38 Small Block Eight 38 K-Rad 39 Kiniption 39 DiRt JuMp tiReS/uRBan 40-41 Kranium 41 K-Rad 41 Kiniption 41

    StuDDeD tiReS 42-43 Klondike Wide 43 Klondike Standard 43 Klondike Skinny 43

    CoMMuteR Bike tiReS 44-49 Kwick Roller Sport 46 Kwick Tendril 46 Kwick Bitumen 47 Kwick Trax 47 Karvs 48 Kwest 48 Klassics 49 tuBeS/VaLVeS 50

    kenDa aCCeSSoRieS 51

    kenDa appaReL 52-54

    DiStRiButoRS 55

    appLiCation CHaRt 56-57

    GLoSSaRY 58-59

    intRoDuCtion 4 CoMpounDS/teCHnoLoGY 6-11 RoaD RaCinG tiReS 12-17 Volare Tubular 14 Super Domestique Tubular 14 Domestique Tubular 14 Kountach 15 Kaliente Pro 15 Kaliente 16 Kriterium 16 Kriterium Endurance 16 Kadence 17 CYCLoCRoSS tiReS 18-21 Slant 6 20 Small Block Eight 20 Happy Medium 20 Kommando 21 Kwicker 21

    LeGenDS SiGnatuRe SeRieS tiRe 22-33 John Tomac Signature Series Slant Six 24 Small Block Eight 24 Blue Groove 25 Nevegal 26

    Brian Lopes Signature Series BBG 27 El Moco 27

    Eric Carter Signature Series Nexcavator 28 Excavator 28 Happy Medium 29 Hans Rey Signature Series H-Factor 30 Telonix 30 Tinker Juarez Signature Series Dred Tread 31 24Seven Race 31

    We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of information we publish. All specifications are subject to technical changes, no reliability for printers error. Actual weights and measurements may vary from those published herein. For MSRP please check or contact Kenda USA at 1-866-KENDA USA. For all other pricing contact


  • 6Kenda manufactures bicycle tires in eight different rubber compounds, each with its own degree of hardness, referred to as durometer and measured on the shore A (sA) scale.

    DuaL tReaD CoMpounDDual Tread Compound (DTC) is a combination of two different rubber compounds: L3R Pro and Stick-E rubber. The L3R Pro compound has a durometer of 60sA and is used in the center of the tread surface and part way into the transition knobs. A harder compound in the center will allow a faster roll with increased durability. The shoulder knobs are made out of the Stick-E rubber compound, which has a durometer of 50sA. This softer compound has slow rebounding characteristics which allow the tire to conform and flex with the ground giving maximum traction. DTC rubber is most commonly found on cross country mountain bike, cyclocross, and performance BMX tires due to its rolling speed and grip.

    R2C CoMpounDRoad 2 Compound (R2C) is Kendas latest performance compound for road cycling. Like the DTC compound, R2C is comprised of rubber with two different shore A measurements. The center compound is a 70sA giving the compound the fastest rolling speed of any Kenda tire, while the shoulders utilize the L3R Pro compound with a 60sA. This compound was designed with the performance rider and racer in mind based on the feedback from international professional cyclists.

    natuRaL RuBBeR CoMpounD Natural Rubber Compound (NRC) is a low rolling resistance blend of natural and synthetic rubber compounds that allow Kenda tubulars to provide a smooth, quick, and agile handling. NRC is slightly softer than the R2C, with a 65sA and further improves the quality of Kenda tubular tires.

    RaCe StiCk-e RuBBeRRace Stick-E Rubber is a tire designed for race conditions with a compound that takes grip to a whole new level. With a 42sA, the RSR compound is super soft and sticky for a variety of surface types and conditions. The soft compound provides not only superior grip, but also works as a small degree of independent suspension as each tire knob flex and reform on the trail surface. Designed to further complement Kendas rubber compounds for downhill and slalom tires, RSR is perfect for European World Cup conditions as well as the local gravity park.

    What are the differences in kendas rubber compounds?

  • TECH


    StiCk-e CoMpounDStick-E is Kendas original all mountain and downhill rubber compound. The 50sA rubber still provides sure grip for a wide range of trails and conditions while lasting longer than softer compounds. In addition to being used as the shoulder compound on DTC tires, Kenda also offers tires in complete Stick-E compound for the all mountain rider who wants a balanced tire life with a sure grip.

    L3R pRo L3R Pro is the performance work horse of Kendas rubber compounds. L3R Pro is found on anything from road racing to mountain bike tires. At 60sA, the L3R Pro compound is a fast and solid performer, while holding the title of Kendas lightest weight rubber compound.

    HaRD RuBBeR CoMpounDHard Rubber Compound (HRC) Designed as a complement to the endurance training tires, the Hard Rubber Compound is a quick rolling long wearing rubber compound that still gives a comfortable ride without feeling too hard. The HRC is a 70sA compound for maximum tread life and speed.

    StanDaRD RuBBeR CoMpounD Found mainly on Kendas K-Generation tires, SRC combines the best attributes of low rolling resistance, extreme durability and tread longevity into one universal package that benefits riders of all disciplines.

    kenDa uSt (uniVeRSaL SYSteM tuBeLeSS)Kenda is certified by Mavic to build tubeless tires to the UST (Universal System Tubeless) standards. Tubeless tires offer decreased rolling resistance for easier pedaling. By eliminating the tube, lower air pressure can be achieved and the chances of pinch flatting is eliminated.

    neW! SeaLant CoMpatiBLe tiReSCT is the modification of existing Kenda tire technologies making them now compatible with fluid based tubeless conversion systems. No longer are riders bound to weakness of a tube that can be punctured nor do they need to worry about a tubeless tire adding undue rotating weight.

  • 8Tire casing is the fabric that the rubber compound adheres to. The fabric of the casing can be made in varying thickness and threads per inch (TPI). Generally, the higher the TPI number, the more supple the tire sidewall will feel and flex. This means a more comfortable ride compared to that of a lower TPI casing. The casings can be treated and reinforced with various materials in order to achieve different degrees of puncture resistance and ride qualities.

    iRon CLoakKendas best puncture resistant material, a blend of Aramid fibers, is laid up on the tire casing from bead to bead. Not only does this provide puncture protection underneath the tread of the tire, but it also reinforces the tire side walls minimizing slashes or tears; with a minimal addition to the overall tire weight.

    iRon CLoak BeLtA thin strip of Kendas best puncture resistant

    material, Iron Cloak, built in directly underneath the tread rubber only, for added puncture

    protection and minimal weight. Iron Cloak Belt lets you rest assured that your tires are durable,

    but light and super supple for the ultimate in riding performance.


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    CaSinG aDDeD pRoteCtionCAP or CAP PLY as it has been referred to is an added layer of material that is under the tread area and runs from bead to bead. Generally used in Kenda Premium Downhill Tires as a puncture resistant material designed to prevent pinch flats.

    iRon CapA layer of material that runs from bead to bead under the tread to prevent flats. IRON CAP combines some of the technology from the high-end IRON CLOAK material without all the added cost.

    iRon Cap BeLtUtilizing the same protective material that is

    in the full Iron Cap protection but limited to just under the tread surface, offering added

    puncture protection at a minimal cost and weight addition. Previously known as PRC2.

  • 10

    k-SHieLDA layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire under the tread area only. Designed to prevent punctures