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  2. 2. Mentors in Hypnosis brings together the best hypnotists in the world! Through these interviews the Mentors share with you their knowledge, wisdom and experience. Together they bring you Centuries of hypnosis. In this Interview we learn from Mentor Kenda Summers.
  3. 3. " Find so mebo dy who is to day, where yo u want to be to mo rro w! Mentor Kenda Summers exudes life and passion in and through everything she does! She started hypnosis as a therapist and then gravitated toward what she loves most: make people laugh! International Performing Stage Hypnotist Mentor Kenda Summers The Northern Entrancer is also a Certified Master Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner. Although her roots were in clinical hypnosis, Kenda Summers has found her true passion in stage hypnosis and has never looked back. She has taken the stage world by storm, and in 2013 she performed in Chicago, Daytona Beach, and Las Vegas, as well as in and around Canada. In a very short time she has established herself as one of the prominent female stage hypnotist in North America today and is looked up to by many as Mentor in Hypnosis, especially for stage shows. You can see and feel her passion, professionalism and love for the stage and her volunteers as she performs. Kenda Summers>Kenda Summers show is clean, classy, genuine, and is guaranteed to leave you glued to your seat, and laughing till you go under.
  4. 4. Eugen Popa: Iyou have someone who just starts practicing hypnosis today, what do you think would be the best thing to tell, orto advice, orto teach such a person? What would be the best thing to help someone who starts in hypnosis? Kenda Summers: This is something that I quote and I just love this: Find somebody today who is where you want to be tomorrow. The most important advice is find somebody who is out there making it happen, you need guidance, you get to a point and I reached this point very early in my career, where it kind of plateaus. I wasnt sure what I was doing wrong, I wasnt sure of how I could improve things, so I sat down on my computer and did a little Google search, and a wonderful person was Sean Michael Andrews, so ... (a lot of people might know us together as The hypnotizers, we do do a show), and I did a Google search, I wanted to know who the best in the industry was, and one name kept appearing, time and time again and it was Jim Wand, and I sought him out from Canada, it took me a very long time to be able to establish a relationship with him, where he would take me on, but once that happened, my journey was a lot easier, because I had somebody that I could say: Ok, you know what, this happened to me last night, what did I do wrong? and he was like: Ok, you know what, this is what you need to correct so the next night I go out doing it all over again, taking into consideration the advice he gave me, it just made everything night and day.
  5. 5. Eugen Popa: So basically you found a mentor. Kenda Summers: Absolutely! Eugen Popa: And that helps. Kenda Summers: Yeah, when you get older and wiser, you know, there are no barriers, just no barrier, but I dont have youth on my side, so if I was 20 years old starting on this, I would have gotten years and years to figure all out, Im impatient, I want to be fast tracked, so, if you want to get the success, you know, you need that mentor, you need somebody guiding you.
  6. 6. Eugen Popa: What do you do when you get stuck, Imean, you know, you start doing yourhypnosis show, youre up there on the stage and youre doing all that you need to do, but theres that one guy, ora couple of people on the stage who are just not ... you know... you are trying to do whateveryou need to do, and things have theirown flow, and at some point you find yourself like: What should Ido now? Im stuck. What do Ido next? What do you do then? Kenda Summers: Ill tell you a story. This is my best show and my worst show, all in one. It was very early in my career, I went to. it was a a fundraiser, and as soon as I walked in, the atmosphere was really different. And I went up to the bar to get a glass of water and the lady said to me: You know what, youre not gonna be able to hypnotize anybody here, we dont believe in this stuff. So I was thinking: Uh, well, welcome!, you know, negative, negative, negative.
  7. 7. So I went up on stage, I called for volunteers and I had such a hard time getting volunteers, finally I was able to get a decent committee, I started my hypnosis induction and one of the girls ended up having a really, really incredible abreaction on stage, so, at this point, I was like, pulling teeth to try to get people to came up, finally got my committee, she has an abreaction, its in the middle of the induction, she is sobbing and crying and it is terrible, and people are starting to pop out. So Im getting them to count backwards from 100 and to continue relaxing, and Im trying to deal with her. It was very early in my career, and the one amazing piece of advice and all the professional development that I took came back to me, what Sean Michael Andrews said to me: When anybody is having an abreaction, you get them to relax, you get them to focus, you get them to look at you, to see your face, and you tense your breathing. So I pulled her off the stage, I had everyone in the committee counting, and I got her to look at me, I took her back down into hypnosis, brought her out , got her to relax, sent her back to the table But you know what, Eugen, everybody was so freaked out by that time, everything ..the energy in the room had changed, and I ended up loosing every single person in my committee except from one girl. So I did an entire hypnosis show with one person: she danced, she sang, you know, she was absolutely fabulous! I was exhausted, but you know what, as I was saying, it was my worst show but also my best show, because I learned so much! I learned so much!
  8. 8. Eugen Popa: What is the best attitude when you are working? Kenda Summers: Oh, Gosh! For me is positive, and energy and you know what, thats the thing that really drew me to stage hypnosis most, Eugen, is, you know that, for one hour, those people sitting out in the audience, theyre not thinking about their divorce, theyre not thinking about their money problems, theyre not thinking about their dying father, they are looking at you, youre making them laugh, youre taking them away from everything and what a privilege and a graciousness that we have as a gift, and thats what I like doing.
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